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  1. The White Tiger. Cracking Indian film about a poor guy infiltrating a criminal family. Maybe a bit weak and implausible in the last act but a solid 9/10.
  2. Cursed numbers return https://www.ipsos.com/ipsos-mori/en-uk/support-scottish-independence-falls-back
  3. Noticing someone's hit the activate button on all the Ian Blackford killed Charles Kennedy articles. A bit premature if you ask me.
  4. Pato


    It's OK for the likes of you and me to do that, I feel like it's a bit unprofessional for a fellow journalist to do so. Particularly one so ill suited to casting stones what with all the big windows in his French house.
  5. Pato


    Did he not call Carole Cadwalladr a crazy cat lady or something as well
  6. I'm surprised to hear hibs fans are getting angry on the COVID thread, I would have thought a lifetime of grimly sucking up whatever curveballs fate throws at you in the full knowledge you're powerless to influence anything would be the perfect training.
  7. It's a real trolley car dilemma but it's funny as f**k how Lennon's once again running a club into the ground so I can't say it's particularly upsetting the Rangers are winning. And their numbers are just insane, you can't help applauding them.
  8. Took me a moment of frozen consternation to work out where that had gone wrong there but I don't mean he's brought abuse on himself I mean he's gone into his own wee internet bubble and is losing his mind. Things that should not make someone furious are making him furious. He needs to log off.
  9. The funniest thing about Neil Oliver is he's done this to himself by being extremely online.
  10. Growing old drifting right works when right means a bit less regulation, a bit more laissez-faire economics. Wobbling around a stable political average. It doesn't work when people can't have a house/kids till they're 40, can't retire till they're 67 (& in a few years time 68? 69? 70?). You can't sell capitalism to people who can't acquire capital.
  11. Right time to really up the jinx stakes. I think Hibs can get over 60 points by the end of the season.
  12. Big bunch of doubting Thomases calling draws!
  13. Just jaw dropping eh. At just the moment when people are finding out the reality of brexit and most open to going with someone who can come along and say 'vote for me and I'll sort all this out' they're keeping radio silence in case it riles the EDL vote.
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