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  1. aha. rant away then. though perhaps attacking unrestricted free market capitalism in this environment is not a good mark to have on your file.
  2. As with the last time this came up it's a solution in search of problem. These things alongside apps like Nextdoor just heighten fear of crime compared to actual crime. Besides Amazon are now working with police forces which raises all kinds of ethical considerations absent from a doorbell that goes dingdong.
  3. IIRC he didn't quit and wasn't sacked, all very Schrodingerian.
  4. sure they're not just preparing the ground for a gotcha next year?
  5. A combination of publicly grumping about transfer budget, not getting more money, press saying his team picks and formations were shite made him do his usual of sticking to shite team picks and formations out of bloody mindedness till he got what he wanted in a move to Celtic. He's been dining out on beating Barcelona for quite a while imo while burning through his actual on field capital at some rate.
  6. implausible deniability.
  7. I think the only twist will be him staying past a fair few more embarrassing results. Say what you like about Rangers but they've clearly learned lessons from the Caixinha experience. I can't say I was too upset to see Lennon leave us when he had obviously decided to enter a self sabotage phase once again, but Celtic being blind to that, or thinking he wouldn't do it there because he's a Good Celtic Man raised an eyebrow.
  8. It's taken a while but the banter pendulum is swinging hard away from Govan.
  9. What's the story with the MS paint thread?
  10. Sure most of east Fife is second homes for us inspiring capitalistas* *except Catherine Calderwood
  11. I guess it isn't surprising there's been some upsets, I can't remember which year recently there was a decisive motion to introduce land reform and it was just ignored probably due to lobbyist masquerading as an MSP Fergus Ewing. I'm sure that was part of the reason the CWG started organising. Same with a motion on currency adoption iirc.
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