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  1. Is it not just another facet of the centrist mindset of 'I hear how you'd like to radically fix a problem but have you considered doing it... less effectively at some indeterminate time in the future?'
  2. Do you think Udo Kier ever gets stopped by folk hurling abuse at him because they think he's George Galloway?
  3. The worst thing that can happen on youtube is you follow someone who I dunno grows their own vegetables or something else similarly innocuous and then they get red pilled and you have to stop watching them.
  4. Because if you watch one of these gateway drug I'm-just-asking-questions videos The Algorithm™ will detect this and start pushing Ben Shapiro videos at you and you ignore them but they're there in your recommendations day in day out so just the once you click on one then a month later you're in a Fred Perry shirt wondering why none of your family will talk to you.
  5. Hahaha. If you're not au fait with the various pseudonymous twitter accounts who have spent the last decade running rings around anyone who actually earns a living being a political commentator then don't bother talking to me.
  6. This seems like a very opportune moment to recommend adding blocktube to chrome/firefox as it wrecks the fascist algorithm of youtube once you keyword block some common phrases https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/blocktube/bbeaicapbccfllodepmimpkgecanonai
  7. At least it was trained marxists and not some amateurs who just watched a youtube video about marx or something, all printed out fake diploma of certified marxism on their wall and shit
  8. Capital cities and financial centres are positive feedback loops in terms of where jobs, infrastructure spending and consequent further boosts to jobs and tax take come from but that's not what a unionist wants to talk about when they depict it as an area that sprung fully formed from the ether and was ever and always will be the thing that carries the rest of the country.
  9. I liked it when Lawrence Fox said he'd been cancelled and couldn't get any acting work and someone asked him why there was nothing on his IMDB between 2012 and 2017
  10. you have as much skin in the game as a Japanese tourist whose purchase of a See You Jimmy hat gave £1 of VAT to the exchequer.
  11. But it's only one statistic relating to one example of the problem people have with it. There are a lot of strong opinions who have misgivings about this change, and it's not all about "the rapists will come in and attack us". You're oversimplifying the issue, and trying to shut it down with one piece of evidence. It's an important piece of evidence, but it's not the be all and end all. It's relevant to all problems people have with it. Do you think a bigger or smaller number of men will sexually assault women inside female spaces compared to outside female spaces? If we must keep women safe from even the perception of this so no trans people can go into the ladies toilets this must surely also mean that no men can go into city centre pubs, parks, public transport, multistory car parks or wherever else terrible crimes of this sort can be committed. Or is that silly?
  12. David Starkey's been openly racist since 2011. You could very charitably say he'd forgotten this and was hard done by for sending a tweet before the interview that killed Starkey was broadcast. You can't say the same about him liking a tweet of a row of school girls in a sports team where one is refusing to take a knee and is being described as the original tweeter's 'hero'. Rebecca Long Bailey was a top-down victim of Starmer's declared zero tolerance to antisemitism (laughably exposed for the hokum it was when one of his side did it and didn't get sacked).
  13. I always use it because it's all that needs to be said. The anticipated horde of rapists in dresses didn't materialise. We can relax.
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