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  1. Ah right thanks for clarifying.
  2. Naomi Klein once said pundits should get fixed terms then punted out of public life
  3. looks kind of dead, last post a year ago?
  4. Looks like quite a substantial update, might reinstall and start a new game
  5. You're not being harsh, particularly since we have known for some time that any glowing 10/10 review is because money's changed hands.
  6. Just seems strange if it's such a small group that they attract such a strong response from both republicans and centrist/right democrats.
  7. Is it just me or does the gamekeeper in the logo look like Trump in profile?
  8. what are your criteria then for the 7 you mentioned?
  9. Was talking to my wife about this - she and the writer are right, men have no idea how much this factors into every decision women make when they're out and about. My wife says every time she's walking somewhere and a man is coming the other way she does a quick assessment of how likely he is to be a threat and then crosses the road, goes into a shop, pretends to be on her phone if she thinks there's a chance of getting hassle. I couldn't imagine living my day to day life like that. Shite state of affairs.
  10. Well they learned after taking the last one out to sea while it was still transmitting.
  11. Someone once described all these folk who are very pro brexit despite being brought up in other counties like Lilico, Hannan as Ladybird Book Britons which I quite like.
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