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  1. Finished now. Superb, can't wait for S2.
  2. Butchers burgers taste better and have been available this whole time tbh.
  3. At least we can profit from the climate catastrophe. Just kidding we'll shit it again and some Cayman HQed company will pump it all to the Cotswolds.
  4. At least these events prove what was hinted at in Supersize Me that there is something addictive in McDonalds food.
  5. I quite like how when we've decided a poster is no longer acceptable but they're still acting within the rules we act like a swarm of bees when a hornet gets in the nest, smothering it and slowly raising the temperature till it dies.
  6. I think the leave demographic was mostly composed of Facebook aunties and uncles tbh.
  7. I think this probably does a lot in the favour of the SNP but speaking about the parliament more generally I think it's always been viewed more positively than Westminster since its inception. The shite thing about 'look we're doing better than that lot' is 'that lot' can and are cutting off and stealing money wherever they can so that over the long term it will force poorer service provision on Scots, presumably so the stagnant incumbent government narrative builds. This of course gets dressed up as grievance when the matter is raised as it's happening. Anyway politics sub for this pish.
  8. Nothing wrong with that where it's due & I think it is due in some areas. It's so refreshing to see sources as disparate as Hugh Pennington and Common Weal being quoted in a broadsheet.
  9. Yeah I agree about the Tartan Halo thing but there's 2 things going on there in my opinion: We elect the parliament so we view it as 'ours' more than the UK one, even if as you say it really needs more of a critical eye. Unfortunately the press up here mostly blew their chance at this by being so hostile to the SNP for reasons I've explained elsewhere so we don't really get that, it's either confinued open hostility or unhelpful cheerleading (Daily Record & Sunday Posts are possible honourable exceptions). Like brexit is for conservatives, independence is the overriding issue for SNP. People will overlook all manner of bad things as long as they eventually deliver on the main goal.
  10. I'm not sure what it'll do to my career prospects to tell my boss and his boss that people who share Janey Godley voiceovers have the lowest most rudimentary sense of humour, little different to paying money to see Michael McIntyre.
  11. Really good article about Scotland's coronavirus experience, this is why I like the FT. https://www.ft.com/content/a3fe315f-610a-4086-a6bc-a466a7f33aa1
  12. Ah the Do you ever stop to think thread seems to be picking up the posts I'll just click on that and see what folk are talking about.
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