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  1. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    Heseltine suspended for saying he'll vote lib dem https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/20/tory-party-suspends-michael-heseltine-for-backing-lib-dems
  2. Twitter

    I just don't get why folk can't just use an unambiguously inoffensive word in place of one where there can be doubt about intentions. It's not hard. I don't understand what is lost to people by doing this.
  3. Twitter

    If it is a matter of opinion rather than fact, he probably has a very strong case to sue for wrongful dismissal. He won't do this.
  4. Twitter

    No, you have suggested there is nuance on an issue of employment when there is none. I'm not writing off anybody.
  5. Twitter

    The BBC were correct to sack him. He undertook to abide by a code of conduct and then grossly misconducted himself. The racist intent is irrelevant.
  6. Twitter

    I'd have to disagree again. Most employers will have a code of conduct setting out the perception principle in detail. Employees can't claim ignorance as a defence, otherwise folk who really do mean it could wriggle out of trouble every time.
  7. Scotland First Country To Introduce LGBT Lessons

    Fuckin hell. Get these c***s in jail.
  8. Twitter

    I'd have to disagree here. As was discussed at length with Danny Baker for just about any employer in the 21st century, sackable racist conduct is determined based on the perception as opposed to the intention of the person who said it. Being sacked for saying it with no hostile intentions is a very painful lesson indeed, but its one anyone with a scintilla of common sense can avoid.
  9. Twitter

    I have no time for the idea salt o the earth characters should get some special dispensation to use racist terms. I think it's very risky territory to somehow conflate thoughtless use of language with some sort of assault on the working class. It's 2019. Everyone has the sum of human knowledge accessible on their phone. It's such a simple adjustment to just not say these things, there's really no excuse.
  10. Twitter

    I suppose my thoughts would be that it wouldn't be clear to a Chinese person whether the person saying 'chinky' meant it as a racist insult or not so it makes little difference and both should invite criticism.
  11. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    It seems to be a scrap for the 6th, with about 5000 votes in it but it could fall in almost any party's favour. They probably have a 1 in 4 or 5 chance.
  12. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    The Girl with All the Gifts Netflix zombie film. Very good, taught plot, small cast. Spare script, unsentimental. Glenn Close is formidable. The music and general ambience reminded me very much of the TV show Utopia, though I couldn't find anything to suggest the crews of either had much crossover. 8/10