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  1. I know he moans a lot but he's dead right. I give management both barrels in these surveys but really as well as dealing with the grievances of the workforce they should be asking themselves why folk only say what needs said when it's anonymous.
  2. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs however indirectly
  3. David Cameron is a c**t, an occasional series
  4. Ehhh I bet that's more 'the BBC didn't commission my show'
  5. You can do all of that now for no difference in price m80
  6. Hello yes I'm a transparently unpleasant person with wings brainworms and should definitely be the leader of a political party.
  7. Knowing what I know about what happens to people being all superior to waiting staff I'm happy in the knowledge Kincy has drunk a few brandys that the barman dipped his cock in first.
  8. Joanna Cherry, buoyed from her court victory, is pompously threatening to sue anyone who calls her a transphobe on twitter just now. This absolutely won't blow up in her face when the English court disagrees with the Scottish court tomorrow.
  9. I dunno, look at any town centre on a saturday morning, or the verge of any major road. I wouldn't say travellers have a monopoly on litter.
  10. Yeah it's a rubbish state of affairs. Parallels with Pakistani/Bangladeshis in Northern England.
  11. Probably doesn't help dispel this uneasiness that because travellers keep to themselves the only interactions other people have with them are antagonistic. Certainly true for my own experience.
  12. I bet you're one of those wanks that actually phones up to get a no purchase necessary entry on a chocolate bar competition
  13. Just heard him on the radio there being interviewed by Kuenssberg and he was fluffing even her softballs. Sounded like a schoolkid who forgot the exam was today, which he is.
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