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  1. In these cases I'd suggest quartering them and welding one bit to each home
  2. Just a minor change from me otherwise I think this post is good to go.
  3. The lockdown is rubbish for not seeing family but I am quite enjoying the slowed down pace of life.
  4. Well I mean I subscribe to the sack and blacklist the majority of our commentariat view but sure if it's between him and Robert Peston or whoever.
  5. They're already on the list for using coronavirus as cover to sack folk
  6. One thing I've seen observed is asking why on earth political correspondents are leading the stories, I've no idea who the health editors are for virtually any new organisation, surely this is their hour? I don't really care what Robert Peston thinks at the best of times but especially not now.
  7. he's such a little turd compared to his mother.
  8. This. I've no idea where she finds all this washing. I've recently realised my habit of hanging my clothes on the floor is contributing to this. I put stuff in the basket when it needs washing but she'll hoover up anything that's clean that I wore the day before if it's on the floor by the bed.
  9. Wish this forum had a remindme function like reddit cos the idea no c**t is going on a holiday for years after this is for the birds.
  10. Shite, misplaced optimism after a couple of days of decline:
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