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  1. I don't play ball with the gatekeepers. They have no clinical training.
  2. I love that it says "avoid", like it's more of a guideline than a strict rule
  3. Kincardine outside boots in a sandwich board screaming at a mother and her sick child about potholes and weekly bin collections.
  4. Has she gone? I'll try to summon her: chocolate chip cookies are nice.
  5. 2 WELD WAWS AND WAN WELD CUP OO ARE YA OO ARE YA *Throws plastic chair across piazza* I think you will find that is spot on.
  6. Jeezo and there's me been holding my phone with my hand like an eejit all this time when I should have stuck a doorknob on the back of it
  7. Would 100% masquerade as a brexiteer for free sausages.
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