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  1. Good luck to all west teams in the cup tomorrow
  2. He dislikes ever team think he’s a cricket supporter just read his posts with his various user names
  3. Does league games take priority over junior cup if so Talbot could be playing early round games in April
  4. The app does not work on a lot of phones maybe this is why lack of updates
  5. Only problem would clubs would not declare Covid-19 problems then the whole of football would be shut down again
  6. Darvel is playing first two home games at Troon
  7. Darvel’ s new pitch is looking good
  8. Think the SFA AGM is meant to be next week
  9. Does this mean that if one of the colts finishes bottom there will be no relegation or promotion and if one wins the league the highland gets automatic promotion
  10. I see Darvel have released 8 players and say the rest of the squad will be there next season
  11. How many clubs in the wosfl have been licensed or is it to early for official notification
  12. I think all the teams in the west who get their license will withdraw from the junior cup 38 league games Scottish Cup South of Scotland cup and possibly a West of Scotland cup is a lot of games especially if they get a run in any cup
  13. When can teams register new players if they are talking about starting season in July
  14. Maybe council planning took Darvel a while to get planning permission for lights
  15. Darvel have extended away dressing room and built new dressing rooms for match officials this season
  16. The new lock down might mean some teams want be ready for the licensing inspection in February or will the SFA change the date
  17. If the season finishes and the winners of all three leagues are licensed does all three teams play each other to decide who gets promoted to the lowland league
  18. Both teams,match officials and association have to agree to change of location or time of match so maybe not as easy as looking at forecast
  19. Maybe track and trace still late and notifying people.I received a tex from them on 12 October and told to isolate till 16 October maybe same happening with players
  20. Do they have to take the names of everyone at games and training like they have to do in pubs then if one person gets COVID-19 everyone has to isolate that was there on that date
  21. Darvel are installing floodlights so they might play some league games midweek which could free up a Saturday for the trip to Broughty
  22. Is those measurements after they turfed over ash track around pitch and extended it about 4 years ago
  23. Maybe they are hoping supporters will be back for return fixture Darvel will have had no income from the game but they Rob Roy might in the return
  24. About all my life my joined committee in 83 when 18 years of age spent over 30 years in it till family health meant I could not give the time so had to leave how long have you gave to your team
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