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  1. means no disrespect to Bin Men, but I was not employed to be one. . .

  2. Thinks that @GuinnessIreland have ballsupped their FanFinder comp! #FAIL!

  3. Met Max Evans at #Murrayfield yesterday in the last #SixNations game http://twitpic.com/4bk7qo

    1. drs


      Who is Max Evans?

  4. is hoping to see a Scotland try and Scotland not to be lifting the Wooden Spoon today. . .

  5. #Cheltenham betting over for another year - 3 wins in the last 2 days will do me. Roll on the #National

  6. #Zarkander in the first wins! Covers my bets for the rest of the day. Cheers @HonestFrank

  7. Support Red Nose Day - Honkus, add a #twibbon now! - http://twb.ly/f4eyYW - Create one here - http://twb.ly/f02AU3

  8. Cheeky week long coupon just came in! Cheers Porto! #Smiling

  9. likes how @rioferdy5 doesn't tweet when Wes Brown scores an og!

  10. is taking part in "Sport Your Trainers Day" today. . .

  11. Why can't the media read a set of accounts right. . . .#standard #queensaccounts

  12. is slowly but surely building up the distance in the swimming pool

  13. forgot just how good Ice Age is!

  14. is doubtful of the truth of a BMI test. . .

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