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  1. Thanks bluedragon, The history of it is sketchy to say the least. My mother told me it belonged to her grandmother's 1st husband who was definitely Thomas Whyte. It was then handed down to my maternal grandmother who then gave it to my paternal grandfather as he "liked the fitba". They have all since died so I'm relying on bits of information from what my mother can remember but because it wasn't her actual grandfather there was less interest in its history. Thanks for taking the time to research it. I guess we'll never know exactly where it came from but Stirlingshire and Juvenile seem most likely given all you've uncovered.
  2. Thanks very much for your contributions guys. I made an assumption SJFA was juniors as that was the logical thinking (and the 1st thing Google said!) The button on top of the cap I have looks almost identical to the one in the auction photo. He was known locally as Tam and the Slamannan connection to Stirlingshire makes sense. Either way it's just nice to know a little bit more about where it might have originated from.
  3. bluedragon, It is a juvenile cap after all!!!
  4. That's really interesting, thanks for the information bluedragon. I'm making an assumption it's a Junior International cap but wasn't sure if it was youth or juvenile cap. My family seem to think it's more likely to be a junior one though. I've since found out his name was Thomas Whyte! I'm not sure where he was born but I believe he was local to the Falkirk/Slamannan area and assume he played locally. He was 20 years old when he got married to my great grandmother in 1905 meaning the cap would have been awarded when he was either 18/19 years old which is why I don't think it's a juvenile or youth one. I know that name still isn't on that list of players so I'm stuck now!
  5. Hello, 1st post here, I'm trying to find out more about the cap in this image. It was awarded to my great grandmother's 1st husband who's name was either I'm led to believe John or James Whyte. The history is a bit sketchy, hence my post. If anyone has anymore information on what game it was awarded for for or which club he represented I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.