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  1. Yes of course. You are right again. It's amazing how great you are.
  2. I said one word that is no longer tolerated by the PC brigade. It wasn't racist or sexist nor vile. I won't repeat it obviously. I apologise for the use of it but not to the poster it was said to.
  3. It was one word. If you're offended, so be it. It was nowhere near as bad as the post one of your lot put up about hitting a woman & kid.
  4. Vile? You're a wee cry baby. Running to the mods cause shitty wee town team got well and truly pumped. Roon ye.
  5. You really are a fud. I'll bet you're a spotty 12 year old.
  6. It's up there with the Scotland one. From the 90s i think, white with orange & purple flashes.
  7. He was excellent for the most part. Looking forward to watching him this season.
  8. Not onlly is there one team in Glasgow. There's only one Jags in Scotland.
  9. George Shaw it 4 against Dundee i'm sure in a 6 - 3 win. Might've been 6 - 2.
  10. If that's it, which i assume it is, then it's a cracker. Much prefer the white shorts with the hoops.
  11. I will second that 'old suede head'. Briliant for the Jags.
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