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  1. Not onlly is there one team in Glasgow. There's only one Jags in Scotland.
  2. George Shaw it 4 against Dundee i'm sure in a 6 - 3 win. Might've been 6 - 2.
  3. If that's it, which i assume it is, then it's a cracker. Much prefer the white shorts with the hoops.
  4. I will second that 'old suede head'. Briliant for the Jags.
  5. No. It's the effect that some pile of shite with no morals has on people. You just don't get it. Must be the glue you're sniffing.
  6. Dungdee /Septic. Also not a good combo apparently.
  7. You'll find out when wee pump youse 4 times mate.
  8. OF neighbours to which one half you lot bent over for Lawwells lap dogs. How did that work out?
  9. Rudden's pish mate. I told you lot in January that he'd be playing in the Championship next season. Love to see you lot relegated. Scumbags!!
  10. We've already had a Pogba and that was more than enough!
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