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  1. The keeper actually sticks out his leg in an attempt to trip up Easton, you can just see it on the highlights if you look closely.
  2. I actually thought at half time that Kelty should maybe have been another goal up at half time given how well they had played, but the fact of the matter is that they weren't, obviously. Tbh some of my thinking was based on the fact that I thought that they would need another goal because Bonnyrigg are too good a team not to find a way back into the game and they came very close to getting a point out of the match. It's advantage Kelty but there's possibly a few twists and turns to come yet.
  3. I've only seen your team once this season and that was the Friday night match against BSC and your team played very well that night, although BSC made it a tough game I thought. I've seen Kelty several times and I think if they play to their best it will be a close match.
  4. You got any predictions for the score? I'm predicting a 1-1 draw.
  5. I don't think anyone is denying that money is the main factor when changing jobs, I certainly wasn't. I was trying to explain that it is possible that not all of the players signed by Kelty in recent seasons has been purely for the money and nothing else, as many had been implying. Your comments above seem to agree with this, as you say that money is only "generally" the most important factor.
  6. Don't think Kelty fans are denying that they have a backer. They have though been trying to explain that the club raises good sums of money over and above what the backer may be contributing, to the extent that the club would survive if and/or when they don't have a backer. If "all else being equal" 80-90% would choose the best paid offer, does that mean it's not all about the money if 1or 2 people turn down the best paid job?
  7. Lots of opinions about the reasons for players signing for Kelty, most of it surrounding money. The fact is that only the players, and perhaps some close family members, know all of the reasons for signing for the club that they choose to join. Money is obviously one of the main reasons, but not the only one in most cases. People change jobs for many reasons and footballers are no different.
  8. Ta. Could be although Bonnyrigg, BSC, Brora, and Brechin could all have a say in that!
  9. Thanks. You've got the name wrong though, it's Kelty HEARTS!
  10. He was a good lad. I do remember him leaving work to go to Canada. I watched him play a few times and I thought that he was quite good.
  11. It was Jordan, he played left back. One of the games I was at was the Scottish Cup replay, with Kilwinning which turned out to be disappointing as I thought you had a good chance of going through.
  12. I did say originally that the Haws were the better side over the 90 minutes and that included the second half. I was actually disappointed in Camelon as they've had good teams recently and I thought that it was going to be a tighter game than it actually was. An ex-workmate of mine played for you 2 or 3 seasons ago so I went over to a few of your matches hoping to see your team win. We have differing views of yesterdays match but I beat your team no I will and hope that they do well for the rest of the season.
  13. There's no doubt that the 5-1 score line was a fair reflection of the gap between the two sides on the day, particularly in the second half when the home team sliced through the Camelon defence on many occasions and could and should have scored more than the 4 goals that they netted. The keeper was looking a bit jittery before his injury mis-hitting clearances out of the park on a fair few occasions, saying aloud "utter garbage" after another miskick. His injury happened right in front of us and was self inflicted. It was obvious to all of us that he was exaggerating his injury to detract from his howler that led to the Haws scoring. The haws too have a young side. It seems odd so say that Tranent are far better than the Haws considering that the latter are ahead of the former in the league having played 2 games less, it may be the case that Tranent ultimately finish above the Haws at the end of the season but it's likely that it would be by a few points only.
  14. Thought that the Haws were the better side throughout today. Camelon's defence was poor in the second half and they found it difficult to handle Adamson who helped himself to a second half hat-trick. Keeper had a bad day too which didn't help.
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