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  1. Remember when we used to have Scottish Cup runs? Remember when we used to get to finals .....not that long ago. But a conveyor belt of incompetent deluded power mad fools who think they know how to run a football club have run us into the ground and we can't even compete with an average Raith Rovers side in a one off cup tie. And at the same time they have destroyed the infrastructure of the club leaving us with no sellable assets in the team for the first time in many years but instead a load of sub standard journeymen no one else wants. Very best of luck to the Patrons & FSS sorting out this complete & utter clusterfuck - the only way is up .......surely.
  2. How slowly will one have to drive through? Suppose it depends on the movie but imagine if it's The Hobbit, I think my engine would overheat. Never mind I will ask HSW , this will be one of his theories.
  3. Thanks......not just my avatar but my hero also. An extremely funny, clever & talented giant of Norwegian music & Deathpunk. Rest In Denim Hank.
  4. The evil genius that he is ..........probably going to steal a few nuclear submarines and hold the world to ransom after that.
  5. Not heard your other great theory for a while , the one about the Rawlins trying to run the club into the ground to pick up the shares for next to nothing and sell it on for a mega profit. How's that one going?
  6. To think at the Q&A our esteemed board members sneered and ridiculed the recruitment by previous regimes. Recruitment is without doubt much worse under the current lot - hung by their own words .
  7. Pretty sure at the Q&A Rawlins said it was a long term project and gave me the impression winning the league this season wasn't that important. If that's the case then Sheerin is nice and comfy in the not so hot seat and his attitude can be explained. The major issue with this, and maybe Phil doesn't realize having no affiliation with the club, but fans have been watching FFC be honking season after season for years now and have ran out of patience.
  8. Couldn't recall him playing much in the season we finished 7th so had to look it up and was surprised he played 13 games (and 15 games the next season). He was an ever present in our relegation season, our 1 game in the League Cup & 1 game in the Scottish Cup , plus of course our European run in 2009/10. If you are trying to give him credit for the best ever finish then you need to give him credit for the "disaster" that followed.
  9. I've nothing but bad memories of him, an absolute disaster at crosses which is kinda fundamental to goalkeeping. I've no doubt he had some good moments but all I can remember are the bad ones.
  10. Let's not forget May tried to resign at Christmas but Craig persuaded him to stay on til we were properly doomed. May was a disaster and George Craig's mate, the rot is Craig's fault completely.
  11. Craig, Deans (Hamish) & Craig Campbell - The Unholy Trinity..........there are no bigger villains' in our history. Gary Deans is an incompetent arrogant buffoon but he's not in their league of destruction.
  12. Completely agree. Fans rarely all agree on anything (apart from Holt Out , Deans Out). Fan investment is fine and probably essential but a controlling interest is not healthy. I wonder how these clubs go raising investment if things go pear shaped with the likes of relegation.
  13. Surely Deans has brought the club into disrepute and opened us up to ridicule from the rest of Scottish football & beyond, as a result of his arrogant condescending performance. If he doesn't see his position is now completely untenable he is even more deluded than I thought. He's actually now toxic.
  14. Wearing a t shirt with GD's arrogant condescending words is an endorsement of the fool, at least that is how he would see it. A glorification of Deans , vindication of his arrogance and support for him - at least that is how I would see it. Maybe something like "That's an insult not an answer" with a picture of the hopeless um...er...um buffoon & 'GET OUT" below would suit better.
  15. What an unnecessary use of colour ink cartridges.
  16. The message I got from the Q&A (other than all the cringey stuff) was that the BOD were not that bothered about getting promoted this season as it was all about the long term project. I could back this if there was any signs of progress and we were actually in the Championship. Being in League One is a disaster for Falkirk, financially (for the club) & mentally (for the fans) . Get us out by any means that's your immediate job, then start your long term project.
  17. That's a really low bar to be fair and nothing to crow about. The question is - is it really?
  18. The last couple of interviews I saw he looked like a man severely under pressure and not handling it very well. It's only recently things have turned badly for him and I was surprised to see him melting so quickly. His inane ramblings and nervous tick where he rubs the back of his neck are not good signs, he does not seem like he is cut out for managing a full time football club with (some) expectations. To me he is basically an untried youth coach, no track record worth talking about - yet another gamble by our BOD and it looks yet again like they got it wrong. M&M, the Brentford Model, Sheerin.......surely just the law of averages dictates you get it right at least once.
  19. To me we are just following a logical course, a downward spiral as a result of years of having the same people and their appointees & cronies in charge of the club. As I think you said also, I fear this meeting will be a charm offensive with many falling for it again but if ever there was a time to "Sack the Board" it has to now - look where they have taken us to and no one can have any confidence in them anymore surely?
  20. Can't see them sacking Sheerin after 10 games as in doing so would be admitting yet another huge error in a long list of recent fcuk ups. They are too arrogant & self important to do that....................again................at this time.
  21. I genuinely reckon Hughes thinks he's better than managing Falkirk in the third division and I think he's right. Those thinking Rice would also come as his assistant are living in the past and deluded. Or if it''s the 2 of them as co-managers that won't happen either, both having been their own man for many years now. The reason we have shit players and an unproven manager is mainly down to Holt and the BOD, but also relative to our new found status as Div 3 stalwarts. Give ém hell next week.
  22. I'm the opposite , I go into a mini football shutdown during the international break as I hate it. The current set up is dreadful , too many games and too many breaks - the season only got going a few weeks in September and went into a break, now here we are again.. I only watch the tournaments now as at least there is excitement , I mean who on earth wants to watch England v Andorra - what is the actual point of that game.
  23. Out of interest what was Spock's first name? Was it Brian?
  24. And the ability to persuade target players to join your club. It's all in depth presentations these days , slick & professional. Even more important if you are languishing in a lower league. Wonder what ours is like. Or you could just chuck 2 and 3 years contracts around like confetti.
  25. Deans is a populist.....like Boris Johnson. All over it when there's good news, hides during the bad news and says what he thinks folks want to hear when we've been wronged.
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