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  1. My distinct memory of him is that the simple distribution was exactly what he couldn't do time and time again. I used to despair and shout at his inability to complete a 5 yard pass - so he was effectively rubbish at it......in my eyes.
  2. The academy at it's height was sustaining the whole club, not just itself. Transfer fees, add ons - the money was rolling in, we've obviously lost all that now and there is zero return on any of the players we've recruited in recent years , some of them would/will have to be paid to go. Agree that the divestment from our own academy and joining the FV one was probably the death knell but it required to be scaled down in the slightly barren years (not shut down) and the BOD at the time must have thought this was the best option. It's a long , long road back.
  3. I was so proud to watch that team full of our academy players swashbuckling to Scottish Cup semis and a final. Fast forward and I'm ashamed of our recent rag tag bunch of jobbers stinking the place out and serving up some of the worst football in our history with one of our lowest league position ever.. Wonder what happened?
  4. Not sure, I will have a look, Australia is an island so I will probably just bump into him down the shops (Inbetweeners joke)
  5. I have always seen HSW as a comical character from his mantras about Phil Rawlins evil plan to destroy the club & buy it for peanuts , asking advice on H&S from ARCO, to playing with a sweeper in 2022, to FFC going part time next season with 13 or 14 full time contracted players on the books but i feel he has really jumped the shark with this Leakgate nonsense. He needs a long break like EdiBairn is having.
  6. It was Thursday here in Oz when it was announced.
  7. Small squad can be done as long as you don't suffer a lot of injuries and with our pitch that could potentially happen. Leicester were fortunate to avoid this & would have had a very decent U23 squad to them assist also.
  8. And therin lies the crux. Whilst I appreciate wholesale changes are required (again) , it seems that since the BOD closed the academy it's been a massive clear out/reboot pretty much every window, certainly every summer. Remember we couldn't afford the academy, wonder how much all those pay offs and signing on fees have cost while at the same time losing any transfer fees and add ons for young players sold. And of course dropping like a stone in the leagues and waving goodbye to cup finals and semi-finals and the money lost with that. A much wiser man than me could do the sums but I'd wager there would not be much in it. Well done Campbell & Lang - How To F*ck A Football Club 101.
  9. "By those actings of Mr Campbell it is clear to us that both Messrs McKinnon (and Taylor) were directly or indirectly induced, or attempted to be induced on behalf of Falkirk FC, without consent of Greenock Morton, to terminate their respective contracts of employment with a view to offering employment by Falkirk FC."" It's CraIg Campbell again. He could not have F*cked us over more if he was an undercover Dunfermline agent. He closed our academy, set us on a downward spiral of never ending jobbers with his shit Brentford Model, threatened to sue fans over copyright of the badge (which we didn't own), got us fined for tapping up a useless manager who was a total failure , accused us all of being racists, alleged he'd had death threats from fans.......etc etc. He's the single biggest enemy in our history.....not Hartley, not Deans, not George Craig - no one else did more damage in such a short period of time.
  10. I've told him this umpteen times, he doesn't listen/read/take it in.
  11. I remember the anti-legendary EdiBairn seriously arguing that the U20 team costed a million quid a year to run (that's some mini-bus) as he desperately swallowed Lang & Campbell's propaganda and then took it to another level. Weird that he completely disappeared save for a few aliases at the time who also subsequently disappeared. Wonder if he was actually Craig Campbell, there is no one that's spouted his level of pish since.
  12. Is there guy that works down there swears he's Elvis?
  13. Sounds to me like they should be sponsoring Livingston.
  14. Wow ....you can really see how we burned through all that cash we were swimming in at the time and now have none of. Can anyone remember those heady days where we changed a full team of players every window. Still cheaper than bringing through our own young players eh?
  15. It will never happen but Ian McCall is exactly what we need. I'd offer him whatever he wants to come. But he won't
  16. Completely agree. I questioned the revisionisms with Hartley was getting all the blame, he most definitely has some if it. The execution was indeed horrible
  17. So why has he not done anything remotely similar before Falkirk or since Falkirk if it was all his idea. It was Craig Campbell idea and was part of his Project Premiership presentation.
  18. Hartley still getting ALL of the blame for this despite it being a club decision to go for young upcoming unknown players in the hope of selling them on for big money. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/falkirk-axe-renowned-youth-academy-11724613
  19. I don't think investment is the right word, give us some money so we can pay some right duffers to piss off is more accurate . What Is an Investment? An investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. Appreciation refers to an increase in the value of an asset over time. When an individual purchases a good as an investment, the intent is not to consume the good but rather to use it in the future to create wealth.
  20. As Rome burned, Nero went on the telly to talk about Rangurs
  21. For many years we could not obtain a loan which was probably a good thing as we'd be in bigger trouble now. Wonder who ,considering the current noise coming out of the club re finances, would be willing to give us that kind of credit, other than the Provvie. I just remembered the concerts used to bring in a heap of cash and we've been denied that money in the last few years due to Covid. Hopefully now that regular cash stream kicks back in and helps towards things like a new pitch.
  22. Folks say ah well other sides manage okay on it but they will play there twice a season. Falkirk play on it and train on it , it has to me causing injuries to our players. It has to go but we are potless after years of paying off crap managers and signing on fees for hunners of jobber players, so it's here to stay for years yet
  23. Thanks, confirms a couple of things I have been saying over the last few months. 1. It will be difficult & expensive to move on all the under contract unwanted players, despite someone on here telling me it will be relatively cheap & easy - based on I suspect no knowledge of the situation. 2. We won't be going part time next season based on the above, despite someone else on here continually listing it as an option.
  24. I very rarely watch Falkirk these days which is why I never comment on the players , I just comment on the BOD and their many many mistakes over the years. I did watch the last 2 games on stream and have to say I can't believe the massive drop in quality even since a couple of seasons ago. Losing to Montrose 0-3 at home with a whimper seems to me an insult to the club and the many great players over the years, I would never have thought we'd sink so low. No disrespect to Montrose but before I left the UK to come to Oz I watched us in a Scottish Cup Semi Final boss Hibs (at least for the first half). How has this happened. Oh yeah....I hate Craig Campbell, Margaret Lang & Gary Deans. They are why we are where we are, not down to anyone on the current BOD.
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