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  1. "He's a big part of the plans for next season and stuff like that"
  2. What development team , how have we still got one of those??? Get rid if it now and the hundreds of thousands saved should be given to Mark Durnan & Paul Dixon to make sure they are with us for the rest of their promising careers.
  3. Jeez …..maybe football is not Doyle's thing. Perhaps British Bulldogs would suit him better. Still...those crazy japes eh, let's make sure we don't lose him in the window.
  4. Most of the major sins here were by Craig Campbell as you allude to. Crazy Maggie Lang was complicit but I see her more as a victim now, swept along like all of the BOD and MSG by CC's PowerPoints, spreadsheets & busted Brentford model he read about in a book. How those idiots allowed someone who freely admitted to not knowing how to run a football club …...errrrr....run a football club I will never know. CC murdered our academy because it looked good on a balance sheet - now we worship journeymen and beg clubs to let us keep their loan players rather than have 5 or 6 of our own in the squad. I know I harp on about this all the time but I have now seen a worrying trend from a new bunch - the "Äch we are where we are so the football is fine by me " brigade. No it is not and we should not let those in charge away with it. We are a shell of a club now and that has only happened in recent years. If we go up this squad is shit, and we just become perennial Championship strugglers.
  5. Let's just leave it to the professionals please, remember the last time she got involved.
  6. Yeah it's a real shame we did not get McCall as our manger. I mean we sent our best man to get him - Craig "I don't know anything about running a football club" Campbell. That McCall then thought we were a basket case of a club and said no is something of a mystery. Still , as you say , CC went on to recruit Ray and that went very smoothly and without any issues.
  7. The podcasts on the whole have been really good, the Jeffries and Totten ones I even shed a tear or two. Some choices of subject have been a bit weird though - Daren Dodds talked mostly about Hibs and it was pretty boring. I haven't heard the Ivo one but I'd consider him more of a Pars legend than the couple of seasons he spent at FFC. Deuchar came across as pretty thick and I too was amazed he went to medical school. Billy Brown, Yogi, Ian McCall, and Lord Stainrod would be my suggestions for the next ones.
  8. This thread sums up League One for me. Wake me up when we are out of it.
  9. If MC had ever got his hands on the keys to the club then he would undoubtedly be number one on that list but as it stands he is just a clown figure and a complete fantasist. The only ones he really pissed off in the end were his gullible Twitter disciples - but even that was funny.
  10. Who is the biggest knob to ever walk through the doors at Falkirk FC? As in who has caused us the most damage as a club. My top 5 in order: Craig Campbell Hamish Deans George Craig George Fulston Lex Miller / Andy Thomson
  11. How many academies could all that have paid for?
  12. I was actually summarizing what other Falkirk fans had said on this thread and offering my opinion (sorry for that) on why folks would go. I also gave kudos for the hardy loyal souls who will make the trip and I've done it to far off places in the past many times, but wouldn't anymore. We will see on Saturday how many of the 4000 or so regular match going Falkirk fans agree it's worth going to or not. When I first started watching Falkirk we were in the 3rd tier and pretty shit by the way - just like now. As for Man C , I don't mind them mainly due to a historical hatred of Man U , Liverpool and Chelsea - lesser of 4 evils , but I don't watch the EPL at all.
  13. Further exposing the myth that there was no talent coming thru our academy before the BOD binned it after no consultation with the fans. This boy went on to star for Scotland U16s scoring a double against Rep of Ireland last year. St Mirren have a great academy now after starting out with Progressive status under Project Brave just like us , but they stuck with it unlike us , reaching Elite status. They deserve to get a decent fee and a massive sell on clause from our young ex player. Still we have Mikey Doyle and he's a right laugh.
  14. Thanks , if a #### is what I think it is then you will certainly know one going by your avatar. As for attending the match , well I never said you shouldn't go - not sure the personal abuse is warranted tbh.
  15. Miles away, shit view, shit facilities, awful football , terrible weather - I don't know why anyone would want to go to this when there are so many much better things to spend time and money on but I take my hat off to those who are prepared to suffer through it all.
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