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  1. Craig Campbell's dream finally realized.
  2. No No No ! We couldn't afford the academy , it was going to cost ten squillion pounds a year to run and even when someone else was going to fully fund the thing, it would still have bankrupt us.
  3. Imagine a football supporter being optimistic about the coming season & hoping a returning player recreates his previous form. What a heinous crime. You're so right to highlight this.
  4. But he's not looking for the ones on the scrapheap, he's appealing to "the very best." That would put me off if I was on the heap. I have no problem with him using Twitter , although I agree the format looks amateurish. And even though I'm no expert on Twitter (I'm no Mark Campbell) I thought he might have tagged the club and used some hashtags to broaden his reach out with who ever follows him.
  5. I have always said Hartley does deserve some blame however the binning of the Academy & adoption of the Brentford model are part of the same strategy and this was Campbell , & completely backed by the board. The knock on effect of the destruction of our first team and overall damage to the club all stems from that point. Hartley is a smaller part of it but overwhelmingly the main culprits are Campbell, Lang, the rest of the BOD and the MSG.
  6. I'd like to see how they'd have got on with George Craig and then Craig Campbell in charge. They'd be stuck in the wilderness like us as well.
  7. Add to that: Things will be better once the Rawlins come on board. Still waiting to see any kind of significant influence or input - all I have heard is cheerleader pish from across the pond.
  8. Come , come.....when you get down as far as we are they just look at who is top at the time. There is no way in hell they have seen us play or do anything to merit an award.
  9. I agree with you , but there's many on here who won't
  10. Well at the minute there is no youth system and all funds are going to the first team and look at the state of it! The youth system can supplement the first team squad as it does at many other clubs. You give an example of one moment in time at Falkirk where this was not what it could be to make a sweeping generalization but I can easily point to other times such as when we had the Fultons, Wallace, Kingsley, Arfield, McGrandles , Murdoch, Alston, Mitchell, Sibbald and more come into the side from our youth system (in most cases via the bench initially) and make a significant difference.
  11. Well Leeds United operate with a squad of 19 in the EPL. They then dip into the U23s for cover as and when required. As the U23s play in their own PL league (which they won) , you don't have a situation where you have a load of players sitting about not playing football. That has to be the model. Of course we don't have an U23s side or any youth system as Craig & Margaret said we couldn't afford it and didn't need it. Although now we are employing a DoF and his 2IC to bring it back.
  12. But ..but......but... "M & M have Falkirk blood and gave us our identity back!" 🤣
  13. Ironically No. 7 was self inflicted and done to ensure No.3 wouldn't happen........we were told. "Project Premiership" anyone?
  14. I have no liking for people telling you they were right all along either. However - did strongly voice my concern about appointing 2 rookie managers with no track record or experience of running a team at what was an extremely important period in our history - relegated to Div 3 and needing to get out of it as soon as possible. I also said that well they have appointed the 2 of them so we have to get behind them and hope for the best. It's went better than I thought it would but even if we stumble over the line these 2 are not a long term or even mid term option. The football is woeful ad the tactics non existent. The single most important appointment at any club is the manager/head coach. Our BOD is truly staggeringly awful at this.
  15. Who would have thought eh? Not just appointing one complete rookie with no management experience or track record but two of them!! What a stupid gamble. The BOD are totally culpable here. Still....they have "Falkirk Blood".
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