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  1. That's a really low bar to be fair and nothing to crow about. The question is - is it really?
  2. The last couple of interviews I saw he looked like a man severely under pressure and not handling it very well. It's only recently things have turned badly for him and I was surprised to see him melting so quickly. His inane ramblings and nervous tick where he rubs the back of his neck are not good signs, he does not seem like he is cut out for managing a full time football club with (some) expectations. To me he is basically an untried youth coach, no track record worth talking about - yet another gamble by our BOD and it looks yet again like they got it wrong. M&M, the Brentford Model, Sheerin.......surely just the law of averages dictates you get it right at least once.
  3. To me we are just following a logical course, a downward spiral as a result of years of having the same people and their appointees & cronies in charge of the club. As I think you said also, I fear this meeting will be a charm offensive with many falling for it again but if ever there was a time to "Sack the Board" it has to now - look where they have taken us to and no one can have any confidence in them anymore surely?
  4. Can't see them sacking Sheerin after 10 games as in doing so would be admitting yet another huge error in a long list of recent fcuk ups. They are too arrogant & self important to do that....................again................at this time.
  5. I genuinely reckon Hughes thinks he's better than managing Falkirk in the third division and I think he's right. Those thinking Rice would also come as his assistant are living in the past and deluded. Or if it''s the 2 of them as co-managers that won't happen either, both having been their own man for many years now. The reason we have shit players and an unproven manager is mainly down to Holt and the BOD, but also relative to our new found status as Div 3 stalwarts. Give ém hell next week.
  6. I'm the opposite , I go into a mini football shutdown during the international break as I hate it. The current set up is dreadful , too many games and too many breaks - the season only got going a few weeks in September and went into a break, now here we are again.. I only watch the tournaments now as at least there is excitement , I mean who on earth wants to watch England v Andorra - what is the actual point of that game.
  7. Out of interest what was Spock's first name? Was it Brian?
  8. And the ability to persuade target players to join your club. It's all in depth presentations these days , slick & professional. Even more important if you are languishing in a lower league. Wonder what ours is like. Or you could just chuck 2 and 3 years contracts around like confetti.
  9. Deans is a populist.....like Boris Johnson. All over it when there's good news, hides during the bad news and says what he thinks folks want to hear when we've been wronged.
  10. I'm still trying to get my head around how it got to Cove Rangers & Queens Park being our new rivals. Now folks are running scared of Hearts , not the big one the one from Kelty. Jesus wept, how did we get so low.
  11. While I agree that it's much too early to make judgements & dismiss Sheerin, the Jeffries comparison must come with a caveat. Jeffries had brought in some real quality players who had yet to click, where we are now with the current playing staff is not even in the same stratosphere. We can only hope they also click to be good enough to get us out of this league this season, although the amount of 2 year contracts are a worry.
  12. The "ridiculous money ball regime" was part of Craig Campbell's Project Premiership, as was closing the academy. Hartley was just the poor sod in the manager's chair at the time who had to deal with it. Still, at least it was all worth it.
  13. I watched the match for the first time in a while and thought, Nesbitt apart, Alloa were better than us in every position. Not just for work rate but also ability it seemed, which shocked me a bit. And their team included Conor Sammon FFS! Hopefully just a very bad day at the office.
  14. You're right, they cannot insist he plays but can recall him if not getting enough game time assuming there is a clause in the agreement. Recent example being Arsenal recalling Eddie Nketiah from Leeds early for that very reason
  15. Is the Arbroath cancellation now Falkirk's Grassy Knoll ?
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