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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I really don't get it when the Scottish diddy clubs celebrate qualifying for the Europa League as if they have won a trophy. All that ever happens is that they are eliminated after one round to some minnows from Eastern Europe or Benelux (including what happened to us) , way before the actual tournament begins and they actually make a loss from the whole "adventure". Killie will be no different, another on the list of European embarrassments. Good luck though.
  2. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Oceanic thread for this pish
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Fair point , almost as many as there is Kiwis.
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    To add to his crime, I just want to point out that this is a double negative.
  5. The Falkirk FC Thread

    And why wouldn't you.
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I'd say last season we were anything but cautious , indeed the strategy to sign 15 odd unknown players ,unproven at our level , was rather risky if not reckless - and it was this that absolutely deposited us in DIV 3.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    HOUSE CALLED !! Now what do I win? #Edi-Bingo
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I kind of agree with EdiBairn here, I mean what possible interest has a US-Far East consortium go in us, we are hardly an investment. Unless of course they are looking to buy cheap and sell high once the development around the stadium is complete. Which would mean sod all money getting spent on the club whilst they tough it out waiting for the price to go up. I've seen this scenario at quite a few English lower league clubs - always ends in heartache. If the current owners truly have the club in their hearts then they will allow the fans to buy out their shares and tell this American dude to take is dodgy Far East mob as far away from us as possible. (I also think the feeder club thing is either a smokescreen or made up).
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Robson bashing. That's a full house for me ! What do I win ? EdiBairn Bingo is fun.
  10. The Falkirk FC Thread

    It's like "EdiBairn Bingo" !! Now we have the "Margaret's only an unpaid volunteer" line again. It's him alright.
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Shrewd move having a Mickey Mouse Academy , I know a place where they will pay top dollar.
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Classic Mystic Meg EdiBairn predictions on show here , with sprinkles of the bleeding obvious. It's him.
  13. The Falkirk FC Thread

    https://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/2019/05/09/player-update-2/ It's hardly a club statement - it's an update on players which is what they call it. There is no statement - no apology , no acknowledgement that the strategy went badly wrong & no plan for the future. All of this might still come but don't hold your breath. Contrast this with the statement from the Pars' BOD - that was compassionate, heartfelt , informative, realistic, & potentially inspiring (I say potentially as it doesn't inspire me as I don't care for them but might well inspire THEM) - oh and timely. Craig Campbell - what a useless cowardly tosspot
  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    True , but it was one game v Trinidad in a friendly so I am not sure how much credence a buying club will put on that. As I said I'd be astounded if Rotherham get over 2M now they are relegated, maybe they will get add-ons but that won't help us. I could be wrong I suppose & hope I am - but he can sign for someone for nothing in 7 months, that is a bigger factor than his international friendly match cap .
  15. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I really don't understand why it wasn't even an option - also add to the it the fact that outside businesses offered to pay for it. According to Peter Houston , Margaret believed in the academy & chased Elite status vigorously. Craig Campbell came in and said we need to bin it.