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  1. So basically what he was doing for us before just with a little playing thrown in.
  2. Might need "The Rawlings" to put some money in for that signing
  3. God that seems so very very red, not like us at all. Think they could have broken it up with white socks but instead we have a huge white carrot to do that. I don't like it.
  4. I see Brentford are ditching the Brentford Model and re-opening their academy. We copied them (badly) and now they copy us.
  5. Friendlies Walking Football European Nations League in that order.
  6. The Jeffries Years - the best of times . If I had a time machine.......
  7. Macron are terrible. As was our home shirt last season - a Falkirk shirt should never be that close to THEM!
  8. Now I could be wrong here as it's going back a bit but did we not used to have an events offshoot of the club organizing the gigs in the early days and made a load of money on gigs like Elton John but got burned when the likes of Ronan Keating played and fell well short of what we needed so now it's all organized by the promoters and proper gig events companies and we just get a cut or a stadium hire fee? The stadium is a great venue and location for these big gigs so long may they continue to come and regardless óf the deal it's still much needed revenue.
  9. My distinct memory of him is that the simple distribution was exactly what he couldn't do time and time again. I used to despair and shout at his inability to complete a 5 yard pass - so he was effectively rubbish at it......in my eyes.
  10. The academy at it's height was sustaining the whole club, not just itself. Transfer fees, add ons - the money was rolling in, we've obviously lost all that now and there is zero return on any of the players we've recruited in recent years , some of them would/will have to be paid to go. Agree that the divestment from our own academy and joining the FV one was probably the death knell but it required to be scaled down in the slightly barren years (not shut down) and the BOD at the time must have thought this was the best option. It's a long , long road back.
  11. I was so proud to watch that team full of our academy players swashbuckling to Scottish Cup semis and a final. Fast forward and I'm ashamed of our recent rag tag bunch of jobbers stinking the place out and serving up some of the worst football in our history with one of our lowest league position ever.. Wonder what happened?
  12. Not sure, I will have a look, Australia is an island so I will probably just bump into him down the shops (Inbetweeners joke)
  13. I have always seen HSW as a comical character from his mantras about Phil Rawlins evil plan to destroy the club & buy it for peanuts , asking advice on H&S from ARCO, to playing with a sweeper in 2022, to FFC going part time next season with 13 or 14 full time contracted players on the books but i feel he has really jumped the shark with this Leakgate nonsense. He needs a long break like EdiBairn is having.
  14. It was Thursday here in Oz when it was announced.
  15. Small squad can be done as long as you don't suffer a lot of injuries and with our pitch that could potentially happen. Leicester were fortunate to avoid this & would have had a very decent U23 squad to them assist also.
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