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  1. A few years ago, a boy did Ride the North on a fully panniered french postie's bike. The thing weighed a ton and I'm sure a three spread hub My mountain bike is single speed
  2. Probably suits your needs better. I like the gravel bike for off road, but not sure i'd fancy it as a long touring bike.
  3. Old post, but yeah I have. Mostly for a max of three days. I use a mix of Alpkit and Apidura packs and Salsa Anything cages on the forks rather than panniers. Other than a bit off wobble from the saddle pack if poorly packed it's fine. I'm either carrying a Laser Comp tent or a tarp. Stands up to off-road no bother.
  4. Hope weighorstsnut is doing ok. Been signed off work for two weeks. Head is up my arse. Ex has decided that I can't see the kids then referred me to child maintenance for the max amount. All despite me having had the kids more than the agreed days and never missing a payment in 8 years. It's brutal.
  5. Met a few ex players through work stuff. Scott Severin seemed sound. Lee Mair seemed a bit Herbalife. Alan Main was brand new despite rumours suggesting otherwise. The legend that is Hamish McAlpine gave me a Tannadice tour and introduced me to Jim McLean which was an amazing childhood memory.
  6. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tam-courts-set-dundee-united-27183198 Apologies, didn't notice post above
  7. Or as it's known to the locals, Stoney.
  8. Not sure if you can put pigs anuses in beef ravioli.
  9. Just curious. I see some bookie has stopped taking bets due to money going on McGhee.
  10. Flo Hoti to Dunfermline and Louis Appere to Ayr United on loan according to Twitter.
  11. I have no idea how anyone could read the online output of the Alba moonhowlers and think "that's the party for me". Did they not poll at less than 1% recently, yet consider themselves a credible alternative to the SNP? They will self implode soon.
  12. Finnish international keeper incoming according to The Courier.
  13. I don't consider myself to have long covid, but to suggest that it's "feeling a bit tired" is a bit of an over simplification. My resting heart rate is still significantly higher than it was pre-covid, some months after having it. I can't do the level of excercise I am used to. In fact, I was happy to do a 40mile loop on the bike today as that's the longest I've managed since, when pre-virus a bike ride would normally be 70-90 miles. Given how differently the virus plays out in people, it's not a stretch to think that the lasting effects will to. Certainly for some, it goes beyond "a bit tired for a few weeks".
  14. They were in good voice and fair play, but there was a definite bit about up the RA. I'll never understand that as the majority of the GB are too young to have known anything of it. Also top points to the members who gave my 10 y/o daughter that finger when she gave them a thumbs down. She doesn't understand. She just thought you were an opposing team. That drum can get in the sea. Well done to to Celtic, you beat us fair and square.
  15. Thought things were tailing off a bit in South Aberdeenshire but it's fairly ramping up again
  16. No, I didn't see the alleged incident but was made aware of it as I was in hospo after the game.
  17. I've been aware of it since Saturday, but didn't comment on it until I saw it was in the press.
  18. How am I being silly? The police are taking it seriously enough to investigate.
  19. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/8048560/aberdeen-funso-ojo-probed-attack-fan-tannadice-red-card/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=scottishsuntwitter&utm_source=Twitter&s=09#Echobox=1637704805-1 Apologies for a link to the Sun.
  20. Prepared to stand corrected, but not what I heard.
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