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  1. Bowie is my MP. Was delighted to see the job Monbiot did on him, and the Tories in general today.
  2. As much as I like my dogs, walking them in this weather is shite!
  3. I'll bow down to your superior knowledge of legislation and re-evaluate my past 20 years of a career as a health and safety advisor. Look up goal setting legislation v prescriptive legislation.
  4. It's down to the employer to conduct a risk assessment and put in place suitable control measures. That is not the government's responsibility, in exactly the same way that the government don't mandate the use of safety glasses or other PPE.
  5. That's entirely down to your old man's employer and hee haw to do with NS, in the same way that it's your old man's employers responsibility to implement every other piece of H&S legislation.
  6. Fair do's 👍🏼 I worked in China for a short time and the standard of work blew me away in terms of quality control (and that was what I was there to audit).
  7. A completely non argumentative post, but why is someone neither British or European not worth a decent wage? These far east factories are employing skilled workers, certified to ISO standards and often ethically audited. Personally, I'd rather have the best gear which kept me warm and dry, after assuring myself they weren't exploiting anyone.
  8. Fair play if I'm wrong. I have a pair of Munro sallopettes which are 100% made here. I'm not 100% against buying from the Far East, if the company puts due diligence in to their suppliers (inclusive of employee conditions). I've two old Patagucci jackets which have been repaired free of charge despite being made there. Not sure how my footprint would compare if if just chucked them and bought new twice.
  9. Cioch are the Skye company. Ridiculously expensive and a bit traditional looking. As far as I was aware Keela still make all their gear in Glenrothes?
  10. I don't get this. 99% of anything Goretex is going to be made in China. Arguably the biggest premium brand Arcteryx shifted production to the Far East years ago (bar a few products). FjallRaven have been open about where they make products for a long time. https://foxtrail.fjallraven.com/articles/tent-in-nature/
  11. Keela are about the only UK made brand that I can think of that are reasonably priced and not incredibly niche. I've a fair bit of Jöttnar stuff which is UK deigned, but China made (which I've no issue with in terms of quality).
  12. James English is a throbber. I used to watch his early podcasts and remember when he retold a story from one of his guests as his own story, almost word for word.
  13. Allan Main is still offshore. I worked with him for a bit.
  14. Not a big fan of The Stones, but it's a good tune.
  15. No ta mate, I'm just cracking on with work.
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