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  1. A few years ago, a boy did Ride the North on a fully panniered french postie's bike. The thing weighed a ton and I'm sure a three spread hub My mountain bike is single speed
  2. Probably suits your needs better. I like the gravel bike for off road, but not sure i'd fancy it as a long touring bike.
  3. Old post, but yeah I have. Mostly for a max of three days. I use a mix of Alpkit and Apidura packs and Salsa Anything cages on the forks rather than panniers. Other than a bit off wobble from the saddle pack if poorly packed it's fine. I'm either carrying a Laser Comp tent or a tarp. Stands up to off-road no bother.
  4. Hope weighorstsnut is doing ok. Been signed off work for two weeks. Head is up my arse. Ex has decided that I can't see the kids then referred me to child maintenance for the max amount. All despite me having had the kids more than the agreed days and never missing a payment in 8 years. It's brutal.
  5. Met a few ex players through work stuff. Scott Severin seemed sound. Lee Mair seemed a bit Herbalife. Alan Main was brand new despite rumours suggesting otherwise. The legend that is Hamish McAlpine gave me a Tannadice tour and introduced me to Jim McLean which was an amazing childhood memory.
  6. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tam-courts-set-dundee-united-27183198 Apologies, didn't notice post above
  7. Or as it's known to the locals, Stoney.
  8. Not sure if you can put pigs anuses in beef ravioli.
  9. Just curious. I see some bookie has stopped taking bets due to money going on McGhee.
  10. Flo Hoti to Dunfermline and Louis Appere to Ayr United on loan according to Twitter.
  11. I have no idea how anyone could read the online output of the Alba moonhowlers and think "that's the party for me". Did they not poll at less than 1% recently, yet consider themselves a credible alternative to the SNP? They will self implode soon.
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