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  1. That's not unusual. I could quote much higher figures for mud loss. Makes a sandwich from the catering bill fall in to insignificance.
  2. Surprised the operator of your new platform doesnt frisk yous for stolen goods. Fucking scum.... To be fair, when I was offshore, the camp boss used to offer up sandwiches for the lads going home. Better than rubbish from WH Smith and its already been billed for as part of your daily living allowance (which is peanuts).
  3. Great thread! Own a Titanium Omega Seamaster which has huge sentimental value, a Tag Carrera and a Rolex Submariner. Servicing costs more than the car! My daily watches are a Vostok Amphipian (which gets noticed more than the above) and Seiko SK's on NATO straps. Diminishing returns when you spend money on watches. A Seiko will keep time as well or better than any "premium" brand.
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