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  1. I've no issue with lobster. A swift stroke of a knife sorts that out quickly before it goes in the pan. Ravioli though...boke.
  2. Jesus. Calm your tits. Calm my tits? I'm not spouting off calling a stranger an idiot for loosing his life in the hills in circumstances unknown to both you and I. If a bit of compassion for someone is me needing to "calm my tits", then I'll take that every time.
  3. My Hillwalking pals and I were discussing this yesterday. The general consensus was that the boy no doubt underestimated the difficulty and was a bit of an idiot tbh. He was found around Carn Mairg which from memory is the 3rd one and craggy on one side. Prob got disoriented in fading/no light and fell. That's some statement calling the guy an idiot. You've no idea if he sustained an injury or an issue with his health. He also left an expected return time, which would suggest he knew the terrain. His timing was reasonable for a fit runner. I've walked off the hills in the dark many a time, which obviously makes me an idiot too.
  4. Did a homebrew pale with Sabro a wee while ago. It's a cracking hop with a big hint of coconut about it.
  5. I was working on an oil platform when they boarded and did their thing. It was impressive to say the least!
  6. Halti head collar worked on my puller. Walked him on that for a while until he got the jist and he's good on a normal collar and lead now.
  7. Decent weather up the Lairig Ghru this morning. It closed in fairly quickly on the tops mind you.
  8. Photo from my lunch stop during yesterday's wander. Probably one of the most snapped views in the Cairngorms, but it never disappoints.
  9. Yup, built a watch from scratch (pics a few pages back). It's not particularly difficult if you have the right tools and a steady hand (placing the hands is the only tricky bit). I don't know about the "experience" Kartel offer, but I'd imagine that they would be able to oversee a full build, as all the bits they stock will be compatible and it's a stock movement. I'm away to do a dial swap (when the new one arrives) on one watch and a hand swap on another. It should only take about half an hour to do both.
  10. Replying to an old post, but that's not a Radio Room dial. Radio Room dials have an offset red or black cross across the face.
  11. My wee dogs had a great play with this big dog today. It appears that size doesn't matter a jot to dogs!
  12. Massively overly simplified, but I read an article lately (England and Wales based only if I remember correctly). 42% of marriages in the survey/poll ended in divorce. It then broke the sample down to those surveyed who only stayed together due to kids/religion/financial or other societal pressures. The take away was that happy marriages are in the minority. Personally, I've been married once, completed that game early and will never play it again. Also, despite some individuals thinking to the contrary, my two kids are happier with Mum and Dad apart and are flourishing for it. A split marriage doesn't equate to a split in parental responsibility.
  13. Didn't watch the game on PPV as had other things to do today. Early doors, but everything MM is saying is giving me a good feeling about United just now. A few more signings needed I think, but he is definitely doing well coaching the players at his disposal just now.
  14. Sad times. I'm the next town down from Stoney and use the rail service regularly to head to work in Aberdeen and also to visit family in Dundee. The staff on the train have always been sound. Thoughts with their family and friends.
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