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  1. 1. Bobby Linn, goals goals and more goals. 2. Lewis Milne 3. Mark McGuigan 4. Ross Forbes 40 yarder 5. I know this isn’t in league 1 and I can’t vote for my own team, but the only thing that springs to mind is Robbie Thomson’s save against the pars when it was 0-0 in the first half... 6. Bobby Barr. p***k. 7. Ricky Little. Pretty much every game he had played arbroath have had clean sheets. 8. No players stick out here 9. Arbroath away, 2-0 win. Fantastic day. 10. East Fife
  2. Won’t be as good as this, but don’t see it being far off it.
  3. Twice you’ve said this now, what makes you think this?
  4. Fair enough, Gullan played well where he was on Saturday. Yet I just like Flanagan more than Matthews, even though it seems all rovers fans think he’s a shitebag.
  5. The lineup, that in my opinion, is the best with the injuries we have: Thomson Gillespie Murray Davidson Crane Gullan Barjonas Wedderburn Flanagan Buchanan Nisbet
  6. Enjoyable game to watch yesterday. Anyone know what the attendance was?
  7. They're roughly 10 and 11 years old, doubt they will be allowed to make the 3 hour trip on their own.
  8. Yes Mcglynn cares about the club and you can't argue against the fact that he's passionate. Injuries have played a big part in our league campaign and this has effected his starting 11, but I still highly doubt him. I'm confident that we will take the 3 points tomorrow, yet if we don't go up this season I don't think Mcglynn is the man for the job.
  9. He would do better than Mcliesh, would lose 2-0 instead
  10. Dumbarton Pre Match interview from Mcglynn was very interesting, I’m wanting to know what others think about it. He always mentions how fantastic the players are in training and how much work goes into the preparation during the week for the match at the weekend. If the players played as well as they do in training, we should be in the premiership by now.
  11. This is a joke should’ve called it off about 1 o’clock, on the bright side I don’t have to watch us get bullied by forfar in the snow
  12. Brechin straight down Stranraer relegation playoffs Stenny to pull off a miracle Airdrie finish 7th Dumbarton to go on a win streak
  13. The singing section went well... emptiest section in the stand
  14. Mcglynn will change the keeper yet again and then we will draw 1-1
  15. Both absolute shockers, I don’t rate gillespie as a right back
  16. Wouldn't surprise me if the crowd is under 1000 for this game
  17. Depends on how many of them all turn up on average, they aren't doing anyone any harm just standing at the back.
  18. Seen many people saying they should get season tickets, they have been season ticket holders for many years, they have just begun sitting with each other recently. It's maybe a coincidence that McGylnn asked for a better home atmosphere?
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