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  1. It’s not complaining that we lost to a better team. We will complain if we don’t get the 3 points each week.
  2. I’m sure you would feel the same way if it was the other way around
  3. BBC Alba behind, Nisbet puts the ball down and it told me it was 1-0 Raging
  4. We’re highly pessimistic about this, I can assure you that.
  5. Not sure what your injuries are like and how they might affect the game, but our current injury situation is dreadful. Not looking forward to this in anyway, can we just fast forward to the play offs...
  6. Quite evident use have been the better team this season and deservedly won the league. Don’t see your point about saying we haven’t been good enough, when it’s very clear we haven’t been good enough as we are the only full time team in the league and we are struggling for 2nd. Just to mention in case you didn’t know, use are coming straight back down, enjoy the celebrations whilst you can.
  7. Stenny are gone in my opinion and Brechin are clutching straws If it’s Brechin in the playoffs, I fancy them to stay up. Yet if it’s Stenny, I would think Edinburgh City will be in league 1 next season (Yes stenny tore us apart a few weeks back, I just don’t fancy their chances of survival)
  8. You also mention games that you didn’t go to. I remember in a thread once, you posted you hadn’t been to an away game since January 2017. You’ve been called a part time fan on here before, only wanting to join in.
  9. How does it mean nothing? We want, and need, 2nd place. Forfar are right behind us.
  10. Weather looking like it’s going to be horrible today, hope it doesn’t effect the boys performance. Stenny 1-2 Rovers
  11. He was 1 on 1 with Cuthbert and he hit it over the bar. I just remember him not having a good game, giving the ball away easily and he wasn’t a happy man.
  12. Raith Rovers 1-0 Hibernian 4th May 2016 Premiership playoff quarter final 1st leg San Starko Mainly just because Jason Cummings had an absolute mare of a night and it was a great laugh to watch Stubbs going mental at the linesmen and then Panayiotou scoring to give us the lead into the 2nd leg We all know what happened in the 2nd leg I won’t mention that...
  13. 10 mins to go, warming up 2 CB’s. Absolutely shocking. Shower eh shite.
  14. So disappointing, just need a wee stupid goal, C’mon Raith!
  15. A draw would be decent, awful first half. Still hoping for that win...
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