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  1. The top 2 teams getting promoted in league one is the structure in planning for the 2020/2021 season, not next season.
  2. Nisbet would then score 3 goals straight after that to put us into the final... 88th minute, 90+2 and 90+4
  3. Are you allowed to drink on these subsidised busses? Anyone know from past experience like Hibs away?
  4. Could really do with all the fans being loud and supporting the team tonight, all the players and Mcgylnn have made it clear that it helps them to perform. COYR.
  5. We will win 2-1 at Starks tomorrow and get beat 3-1 at Station Park on Saturday, even though I’m hoping for a lucky 1-1. I’m looking forward to seeing big crowds home and away for us, considering the subsidised travel is available. Everything is wrong with our defence though and Lyness isn’t a good goalkeeper, it has to be said. Crane can’t put a decent ball into the box as it always hits the first man and gets cleared. Davo can hardly move anymore, can’t turn fast enough or change pace. Bene and Muzza are not too bad, but having 2 decent players out of 4 at the back + goalkeeper means we won’t keep any clean sheets, meaning how do we stand a chance getting promoted. Just punt the ball to Nizzy and pray he scores each time.
  6. McGylnn said in his pre match interview for the Montrose game that Dingwall won’t make any appearances
  7. Beat Forfar twice, beat QOS twice, promotion [emoji1303] How hard can it be...
  8. Unlucky Brechin, though it’s quite nice to see use go down after you beat us on penalties... (Yes i’m still very annoyed)
  9. I’ve not typed McGuffie. Duggan in the middle with Gullan and McGuffie out on the wings. That’s why I will never be involved with football further than being a rovers fan...
  10. Lyness Watson Mckay Bene Crane Matthews Barjonas Wedderburn Duggan Gullan Rest Nesbit, Gillespie and Murray. Bring on Buchanan later on in the game. He was decent against Brechin but I’m not the biggest fan of him. Playing Watson is properly a dodgy idea, but to me this game doesn’t mean much and he always used to get played under Smith so give him a shot to boost his confidence. Also give Bowie more game time later on in the game, as he seems lively when coming off from the bench.
  11. Would be very happy to see McGlynn rest a few players for the playoffs
  12. Finishing third sounds more appealing. What about the final, if we get there, does the championship side get the home leg on the saturday?
  13. Does anyone know how it works with who gets to play at home in the first leg? Forfar on a tuesday/wednesday night doesn’t sound the best.
  14. Still very low. In terms of our home attendances, is that the worst this season?
  15. Is it only me hoping for QOS in the playoffs? If Dobbie is still injured, I fancy our chances against them. That’s hoping that all our injury problems vanish before we play in the final. Beating Forfar will be a challenge but I can actually imagine us edging it...
  16. Avoiding injuries is definitely a must. We can’t get anymore injuries before the playoffs or we are well and truly humped. As for the home attendance, I think this will be shocking. Possibly just as bad as the 4-2 win over dumbarton in December? That was around 900 overall if I remember correctly, probably just due to how cold it was. I feel as if the result against Stranraer at the last home game will play affect on the home attendance, also fans don’t really seem to bothered about coming 2nd or 3rd so may just save up money for the 4 playoff games. That’s hoping we actually make the final... I also don’t blame the Brechin fans who don’t attend this game. They are in some situation at the moment and can’t see much fans wanting to come. Boring game, 2-1 Rovers, Nisbet to score both.
  17. Half the injuries mentioned are quite recent, when the gap was already too big and league was over. I like McGlynn but I don’t agree with him here.
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