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  1. We’ve won the league, he’s a great player. Very happy with that.
  2. Cove and Inverness again is pretty boring. Looking forward to getting the train through to Dundee though.
  3. http://www.raithrovers.net/39852/rrfc-player-fund-we-want-your-opinion.htm Thoughts?
  4. A league 2 away day with a train journey of course and hopefully a nice a wee win. Can we actually progress this year instead of getting beat by cowdenbeath and cove?
  5. I would be delighted with this signing, huge threat going forward.
  6. Is he actually away or is this all rumours and speculations?
  7. His time is up, you can clearly see the struggle when he tries to turn quickly or change pace. Also, as someone else said earlier, he’s just a long ball merchant. It’s not like he’s going to improve on his ability to play next season, announce him as a coach or something. Or just announce something at least...
  8. This has definitely been answered already and to be honest I can’t be bothered to read through it all to find out. Is this the plan for the season coming meaning that no teams will be relegated from the championship and 2 teams will be automatically promoted from league 1?
  9. All rovers fans dream has came true (not promotion back to the championship) but Flanagan’s contract being terminated. Alongside Wedderburn and Buchanan not getting a new contract. Would have liked Wedderburn to stay but not fussed about Flanagan or Buchanan.
  10. Gullan gone now, sad to see because even though he never got much game time, from what he played he was a great player. We should’ve given him more of a chance and even tried to give him contract.
  11. Don’t know what to think about tonight’s game, very nervous. Hopefully get a win to take to Dumfries on Saturday, and then hold out for a draw. No way we will keep a clean sheet in either leg, not with our shaky defence. Hate to wish injury on a player but I hope Dobbie gets injured very early in the game, make things a lot easier for us. Just give the ball to Nizzy and pray...
  12. Mcglynn said in his interview that it is likely we will have the same squad as Saturday.
  13. I’m sure i’ve seen most of them go for seasons now, just in smaller separate groups. It all started when they must have just decided to stand together for Pars and make a racket. Spoke to one of the lads on Saturday and he was telling me that most of them are season ticket holders and go to every away game that they can. Now that you’ve mentioned the Hibs thing, I remember a few people moaning about them but major.
  14. Apart from the smoke bomb on Saturday, because the one at Pars wasn’t even them, what other stick have they been getting (As I haven’t actually seen anything on here) I personally think that their great, away atmosphere will always be created, but they’ve put an atmosphere back into Starks Park.
  15. If we don’t get beat on the Wednesday, I will make the trip to Dumfries and will be looking forward to the 4 hour train journey... Everyone worrying about Dobbie, as they should be, but we have king Kevin Nisbet. Just delighted to actually be in the final, proper up for it.
  16. Yes the flare is illegal and they shouldn’t be used, but I didn’t see the damage in it yesterday. As he set it off he seemed to just put it on the floor and everyone moved back. I also agree with everyone else saying that the stewards were shocking, very unorganised.
  17. Fantastic, good atmosphere and a good result. Moving onto the final!
  18. Slightly weird one, 5-1 win away at Dumbarton. Mcglynn’s first game back in charge, a brilliant atmosphere throughout the game and Vaughan scoring after 22 seconds. Dumbarton is a good away day when the result goes in your favour. Of course, 2-0 win away at Arbroath, atmosphere was fantastic and the free kick from Danny Armstrong was magnificent.
  19. This feels like a final for me, even though if we manage to get through this we would still have to play another 2 games against a very good sides either way. Anyways, if all our fans could stand together (behind the goal) and make some noise it would be better for us and the players. I don’t like it when there’s fans spread out and in different bits of the stadium, we should all be standing bunched up. 1-1 is my prediction for half time and full time, Nisbet and Baird getting the goals of course. Forfar to take the lead but we shortly bounce back and it will be a nervy second half!
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