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  1. On the players night out, Mendy filmed himself singing the chant and grabbing it. Then afterwards shouting “it is massive.” He publicly put this on his instagram story.
  2. Not defending the young boys, but Nando Mendy has sung this song himself. On his instagram story and other occasions. In my opinion, that chant has no racism in it.
  3. Hopefully around 700 hundred Raith fans tomorrow, yet I’m just absolutely buzzing to get humped.
  4. Any other Rovers fans going to the pub at livi north before the game?
  5. Bought my ticket today. Livi will win this so when we do lose, it won’t come as much of a surprise.
  6. Shouldn’t be ticketed, never going to sell out. Just making it more difficult.
  7. Dumbarton 1-1 Clyde East Fife 1-1 Airdrie Forfar 1-2 Raith Peterhead 0-1 Falkirk Stranraer 0-2 Montrose
  8. Airdrie 2-0 Forfar Clyde 2-1 Stranraer Falkirk 3-1 Dumbarton Montrose 2-2 East Fife Raith 3-1 Peterhead
  9. Gutted to not have a ticket for this game, got to stadium 5 minutes after they sold out.
  10. Whats the best pubs between Grahamston station and the stadium?
  11. Clyde 2-1 Forfar Dumbarton 1-1 Montrose East Fife 2-2 Falkirk Peterhead 2-0 Stranraer Raith 2-1 Airdrie
  12. Airdrie 1-1 East Fife Clyde 2-0 Dumbarton Falkirk 3-0 Stranraer Forfar 1-1 Peterhead Montrose 1-2 Raith
  13. Missed the Peterhead game at the weekend (Everyone said we were dreadful) that was the worst I’ve seen us play in a very long time, horrific.
  14. Rangers colts at home is the best draw surely. What’s everyone opinion on this cup now then? I want to win this cup really badly now. Some brilliant memories from beating Rangers and I wish for some great memories again.
  15. Clyde 2-0 Peterhead Dumbarton 1-3 East Fife Falkirk 2-1 Airdrie Montrose 1-1 Forfar Raith Rovers 3-0 Stranraer
  16. Airdrie 2-1 Dumbarton East Fife 3-1 Montrose Forfar 0-1 Falkirk Peterhead 0-2 Raith Stranraer 1-2 Clyde
  17. I don’t agree with many things that you come out with Frank, but this is very true.
  18. Dumbarton 2-0 Peterhead Falkirk 3-1 Clyde Forfar 1-1 Airdrie Montrose 2-1 Stranraer Raith 2-2 East Fife
  19. 2-0 up at half time. Seriously should have had this game dead and buried.
  20. Airdrie 2-1 Montrose Clyde 1-3 Raith East Fife 1-1 Forfar Falkirk 4-0 Peterhead Stranraer 1-1 Dumbarton
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