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  1. Think it’s a massive boost us winning all these pre season games, hopefully now going into the cup we can be slightly confident of a couple of wins. A bit of optimism about the upcoming season doesn’t go amiss either!
  2. Anyone able to shed any light as to why Brad Spencer wasn’t in the squad today lads?
  3. 3-0 before half time is great, anyone able to shed light on how we’ve played. Not able to make the match this evening due to holiday!
  4. Slight feeling this going to be a recurring theme this season, long year ahead.
  5. Pars fans getting wide over the signing of Fernandy, won’t be like that when you put your club back into administration trying to sign him next summer.
  6. Anyone able to give an opinion on Ross Munro, just signed a short term loan with us.
  7. Ross Munro officially announced, what’s the consensus?
  8. Anyone else notice his appearance in the back of the photo with Kieran MacDonald from the pre season training shots, maybe that will give an indication?
  9. At the end of the day we’ve got to be as optimistic as possible, it’s not easy accepting that this is it but it is and we can’t escape that. It’s been said a lot but none of us were awfully happy when Nisbet was offered a contract following his trial games as the one I watched against the Pars he was absolutely brutal. At the end of the day it’s only a trial and if McGlynn sees something which he can use him for I’m all for giving the boy a chance I suppose.
  10. Better stats than Nisbet before he joined to be fair
  11. Good news followed by not so great news. Was desperate to see Grant join Ross and Regan in midfield but unfortunately not to be, wonder where he’ll go now? Airdrie still on?
  12. In the midst of this what’s Kris Doolan up too, understand he’s the wrong side of 30 but still an excellent first touch. Anyone know what offers he’s had?
  13. Got to agree with this, I understand from the point of view that the players are joining the townies, however, it’s not like they’re Rovers fans so in a money making business surely a move to a higher ranked outfit where you would most likely earn more money is reasonable. Plus I suppose getting a “high five figure sum” for Murray and around the same in compensation for Nisbet pushes us into a slightly better position
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