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  1. This corona nonsense is no bother for the Inverness fans will still bring less than 500 fans for it [emoji106]
  2. I’d agree one poor mistake, however, Ross Munro’s got more chance of one in him.
  3. Dumbarton 0-2 Falkirk East Fife 1-1 Montrose Forfar 0-1 Airdrie Peterhead 1-0 Raith Stranraer 1-2 Clyde
  4. [mention=75824]Easy Days for Raith[/mention] if you’re such a mystic, tell us who will prevail in the league!
  5. I think for this game McGurn has to play if fit, the experience of a commanding keeper is vital.
  6. Airdrie 1-2 East Fife Clyde 2-1 Dumbarton Falkirk 2-0 Peterhead Montrose 3-0 Stranraer Raith 2-0 Forfar
  7. Posted on the match thread but although Tuesday’s game is vital I can see a few more twists before the end of the season given the form of both ourselves and Falkirk, however not to underestimate the importance of a win on Tuesday not only to keep us top but to give us that momentum we seem to have lacked in recent weeks - I’m sure Falkirk will come with a desire to win so it’s imperative we match that all over the park.
  8. Huge opportunity missed but from what I’ve seen so far this season there will probably be another opportunity to take advantage off, however, this is all depending on Tuesday’s result, anyone who has followed the rovers for any length of time can tell you the chances of them coming back to win the league after a loss like that in a massive game is slim. However as a previous poster suggested there’s never any certainties in football other than that Tuesday’s tie - with the exception of the last game at Falkirk - is probably the biggest game of the season for both sides.
  9. Dundonald are probably one of the best teams I’ve seen at EoS level therefore it’d be a good move for Jack in terms of that he gets game time and good experience in one of the best sides in the league.
  10. Yeah I would definitely say that left back is a priority, in my original post I’d said a full back but if we were to get cover for Macca that’d be ideal, however, I’m not sure about a heavily inexperienced LB from Celtic coming into a title pushing squad.
  11. Anyone got any info on who the loan signing could potentially be, not sure what positions we’d be looking at unless it was a full back.
  12. Buzzing for it something to look forward too as well as the nail biting title race!
  13. Clyde 1-1 Falkirk Dumbarton 1-2 Raith Forfar 0-2 East Fife Montrose 1-1 Airdrie Stranraer 2-1 Peterhead
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