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  1. I hope you're wrong, he's been dragged up here and sold a pup just as much as we were. Nobody deserves to be defined by this shite for the rest of their career. It's always a slow day in Greenock.
  2. So that'll be a grand total of 21 days compo between the three of them. Thanks for clearing that up, you utter fanny. If there was a legally watertight notice or compo amount in the Contract then lawyers would have been called, as that's pretty much a legal slam dunk. All that's happened is Morton have sent a letter to the spfl. Speaks volumes.
  3. You just know he's going to be fucking awesome down there. Whether it's a case of levels, too far from home or a rotten atmosphere up here. Could well be a player who had a lot of promise and got well and truly lost along the way. He was shite here, but that's hardly been exclusive to him. No hard feelings if he picks up again.
  4. He tapped us up.... Beautiful. Laing will be standing in front of the judge, who will be holding up a model of the stadium. "Mrs Laing, can you show the court on the model where Mr McKinnon tapped the club?"
  5. That'll be a civil case then, theres no registration of staff contracts with a governing body, so little the spfl can do other than a slap on the wrist, which is exactly why nobody here can remember a club or manager ever being sanctioned. The SFA have even less to do with it. Since there's been no hint of a civil or employment law case being raised and the only thing filed has been a wee letter to the spfl which has no idea how to even handle it, you have to assume Rae has gotten fed up rolling around in his own shit and has gone off for a shower.
  6. If the spfl are going to drag it out, I hope they release the verdict the last working day before Christmas. Just to maximise the hilarity for someone.
  7. Thank you. Now you can take all your pals and feck off back to your own thread. Shows over.
  8. Still more than I was expecting in fees, at the time. And also, the Morton fans still seem a bit damaged. Has nobody offered them a hug?
  9. He hasnt grasped anything about context or interpretation but aye its a start. To be fair, he struggles with positioning and finding space. Context may well be beyond him.
  10. Was that for Stewart alone, or Chris Mitchell as well? Either way, it was hilarious. More than we could have sold him for if we'd wanted to.
  11. You'll need to pick a different Diddy. I'd go for Haber just for his complete refusal to do anything at all, despite being a reasonable player. Actual wage thief. I'd pull the shutters down on the full season. As we are likely going down bar a miracle.
  12. It'll be fun. I still chuckle at that decision. Development fee tribunals are wild things. This thankfully, is a legal based one. There will need to be hard evidence of wrong doing or it'll be another tear stained presser from Crawford Rae. If it goes against us, we'll at least have good leverage to force the board out. If it goes for us, we'll have to dig out Ainslie and go fishing.
  13. Does anyone actually hold the contracts of staff in the same way that player registrations are held by the SFA? If not, then would any breaches of staff contracts be a civil matter in the same way as any other standard contract? So other than a small slap on the wrist, I'm not seeing what could come of this.
  14. No, he didn't. He's just in before branch ton. They are now going to have to prove tapping a manager that their chairman has admitted giving them permission to speak to. They will also, somehow, have to prove we induced McKinnon to walk out on his contract. Which will involve the legal teams getting a look at the contract, and any clauses in said contract. Spicy. And none of that, even if proved, will involve compensation being paid. This will be points deducted, or a sanction on the club. If Morton want compo, they need to be after McKinnon, and that's firmly in tumbleweed territory at the moment.
  15. Haber could play every minute until the end of the season and fail to score. Genuinely not fucking interested and we are stuck with him, as Dundee don't want to be paying his wages. So we currently have players who can't play and try hard and players that can play but don't try. Brilliant. We need a hungry b*****d in defence, one in midfield and one up front. Don't have to be great, but a bit of talent and the hunger to actually use it. f**k, I'd take a Carl Finnegan.
  16. Relieved to hear we are still looking for strikers, at the very least it will keep the ones we have left looking over their shoulders.
  17. We need the entire squad to retire en masse with immediate effect if we are going to be able to afford a genuine squad overhaul to get us out of this shitstorm we are in. The more I dwell on it, the more five new faces seems four too short.
  18. Mitchell McGhee Brough Buaben Rudden. Fill the gaps with whoever else shows up to training and hope for the best. That's pretty much what we're doing, aye?
  19. He tries and he had scored. That makes him a better keep than Haber. The fact he's gone and Haber is still here has to be down to someone being unwilling to cancel the loan, as opposed to any actual abity that Haber has shown. Not hard to see really. It's not much of a choice, but I'll take the shite player that tries, over a shite lazy one that can't even trap a ball into him.
  20. They do, though his main concern would surely be getting the shite he has out, not bringing more shite in. Our best bet is somehow luring Haber into the trebuchet, firing him into the sea, and reporting him missing.
  21. To be fair, Turbineton has been the most seething of them all so presumably will have the longest cooldown period. He's just upset at Morton getting bought over as a feeder team. Bad enough being a sweetie team.
  22. I think we've bigger things to get riled about this season. To be both fair and honest, Grangemouth is nowhere near as bad as parts of Falkirk. Or Glasgow. Or a lot of places.
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