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  1. Scotland v Israel

    Like on the one hand, yass! But on the other, McLeish is getting a full qualifying campaign.
  2. Scotland v Israel

    Can you guys stop spoiling my stream? Ty.
  3. Starting XI v Israel

    I would say change Paterson but with who? Since we apparently can't find a single decent right-back out of over 5 million people (I'm a right-back, just putting that out there). Other than that, I don't see a reason to change anything from the other night.
  4. Scotland v Israel

    No, drawing after conceding a dodgy pen and/or a stupid deflection, or just plain getting humped, now THAT would be very Scotland
  5. Albania vs Scotland

    That really deserved a goal
  6. Albania vs Scotland

    Imagine trying to make anyone take you seriously with that tache
  7. Albania vs Scotland

    10 mins late but what a goal btw
  8. Albania vs Scotland

    False hope
  9. Albania vs Scotland

    SFA should get him on the books, he'd be right at home in the SPFL with penalty decisions like that
  10. Albania vs Scotland

    Fixed that for you
  11. Albania vs Scotland

    Yass, now we get McLeish for another year or two.
  12. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Where I can see highlights that actually show the dive? Somehow the incident seems to be missing from the SPFL Youtube channel's 9 minute long highlights, funny that.
  13. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    I enjoyed reading the 1st page of this thread
  14. Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.

    Is that too much freedom for you?
  15. Scotland v Portugal

    I never used to understand when people said they didn't care about the national team, but I think I'm finally at that point. I can't bear this pish any longer. It's not the fact we're shite, with a decent manager we could still be an ok team, it's the fact the powers at be seem to be doing everything in their power to make us as awful as possible. I can't see me watching another Scotland game as long as McLeish is still in charge, unless I'm really, really bored.