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  1. aye they just eat up the fuel but worth it in my opinion. here is mine below - you can hang flags etc off the back of them and turns quite a few heads.
  2. yeah but immigrunts and taking back control cos of the bananas and things
  3. GB News biting off their noise to spite their face and as per usual, it is us fans who suffer.
  4. a two lane road via the Expressway to get to the stadium from those coming from the M8 east. In fact a third lane if you include Stobcross Road. Parking at SECC and whatever at the new stadium. Those coming from the West - two lanes through the Clyde Tunnel. Train Station at Partick. A dedicated bus lane pretty much all the way to the stadium or at least SECC from the city centre. A new bridge to be built linking Govan to Patrick. Easy access from Partick via the tunnel under the Expressway. Whatever the reasons are not to move it to the River Clyde area, existing transport links and access is not one of them! Hydro events can be easily co-ordinated.
  5. Looming energy crisis reported by every media outlet (regardless of their bias or agenda) attributed in part to Brexit's impact on supply chains and you still have some screaming at the SG. Priceless.
  6. haha Shilton declares his ongoing adulation for himself whilst posting a pic of him with some random woman
  7. Sell the ground at Mount Florida. It is a valuable piece of land in a largely residential area so flats etc would be built there. Keep Lesser Hamdpen there. Move the Main Stand bit by bit to one of the many brown field sights along the Clyde, within walking distance of the town - maybe before or just after Partick Harbour. Build a new stadium around the Main Stand, with stands closer to the park etc etc. I advocated that years ago and think it still stands as one of my better ideas!
  8. I am neither, and as my mum was a cleaner and we lived in a council house, I hopefully pass Detournment's criteria for having an opinion that counts on this issue. The marches should be banned or confined to a brown field site and they can march in loops as many times as they want. I wouldn't go along with some people's suggestions that they should only be allowed to march in parks as Glasgow's parks are on the whole fantastic and don't want to see the follower's carnage inflicted on say Bellahouston or Glasgow Green. in fact, why not march around a greyhound track with the punters in the stands? Say 25 times round and they can have a mock Catholic Church to go mental at every circuit. The punters can pay a small fee that could go towards the polis and cooncil for dealing with the aftermath.
  9. Like Last of the Summer Wine - a gentle stroll through the city ending up with someone going downhill in a bathtub.
  10. if you lived here you would appreciate first hand how it negatively impacts on the rest of the city with main road closures. More significantly, it is the countless acts of anti-social behaviour and sectarian shouting and singing from all ages and both genders who accompany the "auld men going for a dauner" that is more of the issue. That is what the people who live here have to endure each year, time and time again. But you don't live in Glasgow or Scotland and therefore you probably were not aware of that. Or as someone looking in, you are aware of that and are happy to see that sectarianism and bigotry still has the opportunity to manifest itself in likeminded people here.
  11. nope; this time the blame lies entirely with craft beer loving cafe society dwellers with their disposable incomes
  12. The Onion: Man who routinely uses tired, cliched terms to describe others does not find it tiresome when others do the same
  13. racism was chanelled into the Brexit debate and vote by Farage and others and this struck a cord with many voters - and largely those voters in England
  14. Gordon Brown in his one man obsession for first, relevance, and then a distant second for keeping the union together. "People are beginning to see that England is not the England that is being portrayed". In short - the UK left the EU because the majority of English people wanted this. Fake news! Scots recognise that English values are more aligned with Gareth Southgateand Marcus Rashford than “toffs and Brexit”, Gordon Brown has said. The former prime minister has launched polling results which indicate a significant alignment between the nations of the UK on equality, tolerance and diversity, as well as a desire for more, not less, cooperation between governments. “People are beginning to see that England is not the England that has been portrayed,” said Brown of the data from thinktank Our Scottish Future, of which he is a founding member. “It is far more diverse, far more tolerant, far more inclusive, and perhaps the politics doesn’t reflect that at the moment because of Brexit.”
  15. I've been counting down the days until I can go to some "shite hole in the sun", only 21 to go! Can't wait. I am starting to get quite intrigued as to where these "shite holes in the sun" are and what the applied assessment criteria is.....
  16. Matt is "screaming" cause the presenter said dick instead of disc. I hope at least Matt can breathe.
  17. just back from Santandar, Bilbao and San Sebastian. Was a very nice holiday, thanks very much. Was a little concerned with my pre-return test but all worked out okay. Not sure I fully self-administered properly my 2 day on return test - I was no way near as invasive as the clinic staff......
  18. she was banging on about how a Tory led Brexit has had a detrimental impact on Scotland's hospitality sector, on trade and exports, on University placements, and labour market. Absolute tin foil conspiracy theory nonsense. To paraphrase a fellow British nationalist of yours, look at your window and you'll see nothing has changed.
  19. Andrew is doing pretty alright for himself, thank you very much.
  20. Gallagher has been decent whenever he has played
  21. I mentioned on another thread that I consider we have had four great results and performances under Clarke - Serbia play-off, Netherlands (pre-Euro friendly), England and now Austria. Each of the first three great performances were followed by pretty rank performances and we haven't pushed on which has been hugely frustrating given a) the clear ability the team has shown on those occasions and b) the players we currently have. The Serbia performance and qualification would have seemed like the perfect platform but we were really flat and disjointed following on from that. Let's hope we now push on and follow up with a good performance and a win against Israel. Previous patterns suggest that may not be the case but here's hoping that this time it finally is an upward turn. Jury remains out on the manager.
  22. the significant drop in trade with Germany hasn't affected me one bit as far as I can see. More scaremongering.....
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