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  1. arguably Leighton was at fault for the Brazil goal in the final game but McLeish or one of the central defenders was also culpable for ball watching - whereas Muller (I think it was) was on to the spill like a flash....
  2. firstly - really really sad news. secondly, I would need to see the match stats to this game but don't recall us getting pounded. Scotland played really well and whilst the Dutch were the better team it was hardly a pounding/backs to the wall. Goram played well as did the whole team but my main recollections are (I think!) Collins clearing one of the line with his arm and McPherson having the best chance of the whole game to score. Wouldn't say either of those two would be the barometer of the best of the best. maybe I am biased ha ETA - start the count of the moronic social media messages along lines of "I am a xxxxxx supporter but really sad to hear this.......' - as if being a fan of an opposition team means decency/sympathies/condolences being extended is a magnanimous exceptional gesture and needs to be highlighted....
  3. Proud but self-loathing. Cringe. Expat. Gammon. BINGO!
  4. yeah - that's your "me and mine" attitude prevalent amongst your "Milngavie" demographic. Yes, you say we may be a fairer, cleaner, outward looking, more progressive country, once again enjoying free movement of persons and goods within the EU, but there is the possibility I might be £10 worse off per month? No thanks.
  5. it wasn't off the cuff I agree, but neither is it enshrined in legislation. You saying the comment was used as a "political tool" is subjective - as for whether it can be "undone", well it depends from what. And of course the SNP can level criticism when say the Tories throw it back at them because they can point out the sheer hypocrisy of their stance. To many the comment is not a big deal particularly in view of the subsequent elections and average political life-spans of politicians. The comment is a big deal to you, fair enough.
  6. so honour, consistency, avoiding falsehoods and misrepresentations applies only to politicians in Scotland? The UK Govt has lowered that bar to beyond recognition, even happy to break international law and rip up the application of HR conventions on a whim. It's not whataboutery; it is looking at the current political environment of the UK voters making and within that context, why should anyone give two fecks if at the worse, NS or the SG are rowing back on their word from 9 years ago?
  7. Glen there leaving appropriate ambiguity as to why Plan A did not work.....
  8. what do you suggest should have been announced instead?
  9. the relaxed and confident "no" voters on here and social media:
  10. Good honest working class Labour men like Darling & Foulkes to illustrate the clear benefits of the status quo.....
  11. Countdown to the first "what currency" reference.....
  12. This is awful. Absolutely awful. Middle age English "bantz" at its very worst.
  13. Withe Gove and Truss furiously battling it out behind the scenes to determine which of their names marginally appears above the other in the opening credits.
  14. making the last 16 out of 24 is making it to the knockout stages. Scotland have never done that before. Scotland did really well to get to grind it out to get to Euro 92 (almost had to apply an algorithm at one stage to work out what we needed to see happens re points with Bulgaria/Romania/Greece or whoever it was in the group) and played really well in all 3 games when there. However ultimately we failed to progress to the knockout stages and that dismal record continues. Therefore you may not personally agree but it is perfectly reasonable for others to say their assessment of the greater achievement would be seeing Scotland finally break the group stage hoodoo at an expanded tournament.
  15. absolutely loved that final episode. Anakin/Vader flipping between Hayden Christensen/James Earl Jones' voice through a split helmet, and that exchange with Obi-Wan was for me the best SW scene to date - added to by that preceding lightsaber fight scene.
  16. yeah, shades of the worst of Voyager holodeck episodes there. A telepathic nebula meaning a ship in a bottle at 8 episodes in is a bit meh given the potential for a range of different stories and planets each week. I don't know, but I like it when they pitch up at a different planet each week and this episode seemed a filler. At least we don't (hopefully) need to keep returning to the M'Benga's feckin transport buffer/family drama story arc. In saying that I don't mind the potential story arc around The Menagerie Cage disfigured in a wheelchair - and normally I hate constant "flashbacks/forwards". Seeing the same image in a dream or vision constantly on loop bores the shit out me in any movie/show but this is one rare thread that intrigues me and really links the show to TOS.
  17. there is nothing inevitable about that at all and that relates to qualifying regularly for an expanded Euros never mind going on a run to the QFs or whatever.....
  18. The essence of Carmichael in three easy steps : 1. At the time of the leak, Mr Carmichael denied any knowledge, claiming in a TV interview the first he had heard of it was when he received a phone call from a reporter. 2. Paul Flynn MP claimed—"from a usually reliable source"—that an inquiry established to investigate a leaked memo about Nicola Sturgeon cost the taxpayer £1.4 million.* 3. Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael has admitted that he tried to mislead a Cabinet Office investigation into a leaked memo. The MP said he "enormously" regretted his involvement in the leaking of the memo. Evidence for a second day at a special election court, the Lib Dem MP was told that his response to the investigation was "calculated and intended to mislead". He replied: "Yes, truthfully I would have to say that." *The true cost of the inquiry was said to be much lower than that. Carmichael trailblazing and showing the current crop how it's done without fear of any reprisal or embarrassment. Deny, await an inquiry that will undoubtedly confirm your guilt (undertaken at huge public cost), and then just ride it out.
  19. how many crew are supposed to be on the ship? 400 or so? Where were they all during the siege?
  20. Sky reporters deployed to stations all over the country to confirm that rail strikes result in largely empty stations......
  21. Yeah its Beaverton - the Hillhead Bookclub in Glasgow does some of their stuff. It's really nice. However going my the choice of tipple on the return leg of the journey, I am (snootily) surmising that it wasn't Beaverton IPA consumed on the train. I however am most likely quite wrong : )
  22. maybe they were just body swerving you as they heard you refer to some drinks as "neck oils"....
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