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  1. are you crazy? there was an egg thrown at Murphy. Murphy and Eddie Izzard were later jostled by a fringe indy lunatic. An egg and a jostle and you say it wasn't damaging?? Numerous families up and down the country were divided as a result of those incidents and haven't spoken to each other since.
  2. constitution, flags and sovereignty first above anything else. Socialist principles to the core.
  3. I don't agree with your assessment given the well known issue that certain football grounds act as a conduit for such songs and many fans know by singing them in stadia, as opposed to standing themselves on Buchanan St singing such songs, they will not face any penalty. But that is not the issue and no need for us to go over old ground. He said he would lead the process in pushing through a new act which would suggest that he felt a replacement act or stronger/better legislation was indeed needed (but not one in his view that would specifically single out those poor out upon bigoted football fans).
  4. James Kelly. Even by former cooncillor/Labour MSP levels he takes the cake for his levels of thickness (any time figures are involved in any of his questions his and everyone else's hearts must sink). His communication skills suggest he does trouble to string together words never mind sentences and his social media entries are something to be believed. But what stands out for me was his vocal and populist opposition to the Offensive Behaviour at Football.....Act, constantly with an announcement that he would work across all parties to replace it with something better when it was repealed. Then of course once he had his moment in the sun, couldn't give a flying feck about what people chant at football. Job done, profile risen. Am not quite sure what the situation was in Rutherglen - perhaps Labour were convinced he would win and not need the fall back of a list seat or what? In any case and am not sure how his constituents feel, but for me its very nice to see a long standing trough and gravy train man, who in my view has done absolutely nothing of positive significance in 13 odd years as an MSP, being shown the door.
  5. if ever more confirmation was needed of a (expected) good night developing for pro-Indy parties, it is the sight of Detournment trying to kick off currency arguments.
  6. with Starmer's Labour being one of the main flag wavers.....
  7. aye heard that. Kaye, who I must say has surprised me of late with her relatively hard hitting political interviews across the spectrum (and no sarcasm in that for once), struggled to sound convincing when saying "thats quite the journey" for the umpteenth time.....
  8. Wee Willie tying himself up in knots again by claiming to be a "democrat" whilst at the same time implying he wouldn't accept the democratic right of the country to see a second independence referendum should pro-indy parties receive a majority. He says he refuses to discuss "hypothetical" questions and situations such as a pro-indy majority and then in the next breath talks about the hypothetical situation of the LibDems getting more seats to push forward with their recovery plans. As with DRoss, Kaye Adams surprises me by calling him out on it and saying it sounds like he only believes in democracy if it his view of democracy. A far more stronger blow delivered (which resulted in Wee Willie starting off his rebuttal with a "but, but, but.....) than anything landed on Willie earlier on GMS....
  9. Ive noticed this also. The rear mounted shot is superb. I don't actually recall it being deployed that much in other shows or movies and am surprised given how spectacular it is, always accompanied by a slow mood soundtrack
  10. rear car would be hanging out if he didn't come as close as he did. I also always reverse in myself but you run this very risk of having a small gap to pack your shopping/open your boot. Hence the contingency otherwise known as the back door and back seat. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
  11. great query and an effective solution is admittedly beyond the wit of man* *if that man was a isolationist fuckwit such as Johnson, Gove, Davis etc
  12. re the X-Files, the monster of the week/stand alone episodes got so much better as the seasons went on and became the highlights whereas the over-arching conspiracy theory arc got dragged out beyond any sense/consistency.
  13. Should be more cyclists on city roads and less drivers. Would make cities more pleasant.
  14. a guy at my work trots out something similar on an almost weekly basis. I keep meaning to offer my commiserations on how life has dealt him such an unfair hand at this time - at least I have the opportunity to extend to you.
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