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  1. apologies if already posted and there is an assumed reason in that I bet the "actor" is just as much as an insufferable p***k as the "character" he is playing:
  2. it does if Labour lack the conviction to follow up on a what, 2 year suspension (?). the fact that they are not expelled and are apparently indefinitely suspended merely confirms SLAB/Labour are actually content with the coalition internally but compelled to make a token gesture of displeasure publicly.
  3. so you are the one that still uses this.....
  4. UK not one to shrink from international commitments* *please ignore any recent breaks of international law and the likely option to fund an increase in defence spending through failing to meet the 0.7% commitment on development aid
  5. to paraphrase someone on twitter reacting to this - "get the gyms open ya tramp"
  6. No retreat baby, no surrender.....
  7. many "fans" take note of the score and then gleefully claim that "normal service is resumed".....
  8. not so much just a liar, but he allowed an enquiry to fully run its course at an estimated cost of £400k to the tax payer in full knowledge that he was the culprit. reckon shameful and shameless.
  9. agreed. he had no conviction or composure when further up the park and seemed to be a little lost at times when attacking
  10. McCormack and Rhodes last to hit 20 and above and we are going back to what, season 16/17. Since then Scottish players to get into double figures in the championship would be confined to Fletcher, Martin, Paterson and maybe Russell.
  11. none of the small teams are pleasant on the eye but they are increasingly well organised, disciplined, very defensive minded, and fit along with the ability to break away and create/score the occasional goal against bigger teams. Such teams are difficult to break down for any team, regardless of the attitude of the opposition - you can see that with most "smaller" professional teams who employ the same tactics in domestic leagues and in European competition. You can't have watched much football to have arrived at your assessment.
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