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  1. I don't think you can fairly disconnect Paw Broon's tenure. I know we are looking at his performance from 2000 onward but given what he achieved before, in no way should he be behind Levein, Strachan, McLeish or even Smith on a subjective list ie not one assessed by win ratios.
  2. Hibernian manager Lee Johnson says Ryan Porteous' first Scotland cap will "alert suitors" just as his club are looking to negotiate a new contract.
  3. it's not really that simple. it is a step up perhaps in the overall standard of league opposition. It is not necessarily a step up in terms of stadium, home attendance, training facilities and European experience and European game time. It will though give him a higher salary.
  4. Nonsense. Strachan is an archetypal wee man obsessed with height and looks at the world through the insecure prism of being wee. The genetic comments were from 2017. This is him a year earlier trying to justify why he considered Griffiths was too small to lead the line and therefore preferred Martin: The national team boss, speaking to several Sunday newspapers, replied after he was asked whether Griffiths would have to accept he would only be used as a substitute: “No, I wouldn’t say that. In the 51 games in the Euro Championships the first 19 goals were scored from set plays. “That means you have to have a certain amount of height to defend corner kicks. I’ll give you an example. The team was a lot smaller at 2-0 than it was at 0-0 (in Slovakia) and the first corner kick we get after that, they score with a header. Does that help you with the certain amount of height that you have to have in my team? There’s absolutely no doubt about it. “People can argue that toss and debate it. But that is fact. You need to have a certain amount of height in international football teams to defend set plays." Strachan is of course all over the place in saying that someone may be great leading the line and can score you goals but if that same striker can't defend set plays because of his lack of stature then he is of no use - and seemingly this comment disregards how tall the defence or the midfielders that have been selected are - which regularly included Barry Bannan. But height and the lack-of, is again his focus here.
  5. BoE considered the mini-budget posed a material risk to UK financial stability? the IMF urged the UK to abandon plan to cut taxes and increase borrowing? Pah - they are just talking this country down!
  6. Strachan would still have gone to the English Championship as his preferred source - McBurnie would be at Hall of Fame level cap numbers with Matt Phillips not far behind him.
  7. not seen much of him since probably a couple of games at RC but seems to be doing alright at Tranmere. But they are what English 1st or 2nd Division just now?
  8. surprisingly (for me anyway), I read that 45% of the squad (inc call-ups) were Scottish Premiership players (matching the same percentage for English Premier League). 2 players from Championship (McLean and Dykes - I think!) and two from overseas (Hendry and Doig). Would be good to see more from overseas (and would have added to that tally last season with Hickey), and I suppose Gauld and Morgan from time to time have a case to make. As does Russell I suppose. I do though find it warming that more SP players are included at the expense of English Championship players and I think a lot of that is down to Clarke who appreciates the game throughout the whole league up here rather than say Strachan (who has had a battering on this section of late) who was very southern/Championship centric - until he eventually bowed to pressure to play in-form Celtic players.
  9. I don't. It is completely the opposite of what I posted. I didn't mention anything re any gilt edged chance being from edge of the box. Nor did I include anything Gordon saved as gilt edged. Both Maloney and McCann on the highlights show and earlier McFadden referred to Jack's chance as a great opportunity. But never mind as you haven't read or understood my post and seem quite fixated for some bizarre reason on Ukraine having only one good chance
  10. Ukraine had their best chance in the first 10 mins where the captain (I think) blazed it over the bar with only a scrambling Gordon to beat. Then the above VAR/1-on-1 which looked onside. At about 35 mins they had a free header that the guy put past the post, unchallenged, from close range. Then about the 60th min mark there was a McFadden-Italy-esque slide in (less of a stretch in this case) but he caught it on the bounce and put it over when easier to hit the target and probably score. Then maybe about the 80th minute a volley of a dropping ball inside the penalty area that whisked past Gordon's left hand post. Gordon had two good saves that I have not included (in addition to the VAR one on one chance) but he is of a standard you would expect him to make them or would have been disappointed if he hadn't, and have therefore not included those as Ukraine gilt edged. Scotland's 2 gilt edged were Adams in first minute and then Jack leaning back putting over the bar. So I would say 5:2 in terms of gilt edged chances in Ukraine's favour.
  11. I think he was being serious. As your archetypal "wee man" he sees everything through the prism of height and had real hang ups about it. We could have had a team of players who would have been the same height as the Serbs but Strachan picked players that he favoured (who tended to be slighter). His post match comments on genetics was an attempt at deflection whilst returning to a topic that he was obsessed by.
  12. McLean - he is one of the weakest members of the squad but hats off to him for continually turning up. Hopefully he won't be needed for any future squads. Jack - not the force or presence he was last season but not been playing much. Porteous - many suspected he would be rash and reckless in the build-up. he turned out to be immense only once (maybe twice) losing his man at a corner. Other than that he was fully focused for the whole game and some of his reading/interceptions were top class. Gordon and McGregor - immense. Untouchable - any balanced criticism would have been about dips in form of the latter (perhaps - and even then only through tiredness) and the former's kicking which let's face it, is rank. However we are very lucky to have him. Easy enough to be balanced (or as some folk would say have a dig) when talking about the team without being all happy clappy.
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