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  1. I appear to be in the minority in that I like Dubai/the UAE. The Marina and around that area are great places to stay. I love the extreme heat. I also love the Sunday champagne brunches the 5star hotels do and when stuffed/pished, come out and straight onto the beach and into the warm water.......
  2. someone has the "erroneously charged porn movie man" as their avatar and it makes me chuckle every time I see it. I don't think it is from this shot, it is one where he is slightly in the background looking a little sheepish but not blatantly so that would give the jig up to his missus.
  3. look at all those anti-SNP and anti-Sturgeon comments in the latest Herald comments section. If the famed pro-Indy Herald readers are now severely critical of her, anyone with their finger firmly on the pulse of Scottish politics will concede this is sure evidence that the tide is well and truly turning against the SNP and Sturgeon. https://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/19459282.douglas-ross-will-next-first-minister-scotland-says-liz-truss/
  4. how many is that now in the House of Lords whose sole purpose is to reform it?
  5. aye - was about to post the very same thing. It was Tam who felt the urge to phone her and apologise....
  6. not sure considered premium but beer tends to be quite stronger in Italy and of course drank in less volume. You get some absolutely lovely 8% and 9% beers on tap and I do wonder whether the sweet gut rot that is Tennents Super is in any way altered when offered on tap in Italy. I haven't been brave enough to bring myself to order a pint of it. Anyway, I don't think Tennents own the Tennents Super brand anymore - doesn't fit with their streamlined marketing approach...
  7. villagers/farmers get taught the basics in fire-arms by the gun for hire hero(s) ahead of the next assault on the village. Training tends to be more focused on laying traps and using pitchforks more effectively, but certainly some get some shooting training and become quite accomplished.
  8. The thing that seems to trigger him the most is the Queensferry Crossing. If it has to close for whatever reason he goes mental on twitter, aligning the closure to what he considers to be a massive SNP failure. With that type of analysis and connection, you do wonder how he navigates through the day.....
  9. Mowbray was very good imho - Jenas on the other hand was like a fan with a mike. I used to quite like Jenas as a co-commentator and pundit prior to the Euros. But he was insufferable - I have no idea if he was coached into becoming cheerleader but he really was trawling the barrels of propaganda-like assessments. No English player had a weakness in his view, their strengths had to be highlighted at every opportunity - obviously to suggest a dive was out of the question and whenever the position was playing well and had England on the back foot, it was simply down to England backing off and taking a breather. I suppose you have to step back admire the exhausting and exhaustive spin he placed on England at every game he covered. But I always think to what end?
  10. I don't understand what has happened there - can someone explain? The image is from Ian Wright meeting one of his teachers?
  11. did Moonraker not just substitute the submarines of TSWLM with space shuttles? In saying that most of them all bend into one. Try and separate out any of the Pierce Brosnan movies.
  12. aye, I didn't include it in my list as I haven't seen it for years and no idea if it still stands up. I imagine it would if his other films seem to, Maybe not Conspiracy Theory though....
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