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  1. I said a lot of people ALSO don't like her because of the other reasons I list. I suggest there are a host of reasons for people's positive and negative views on her (including those views you list) and I have my own which are certainly nothing to do with her background or ethnicity. I also dislike hundreds of other MPs due to their hypocrisy, arrogance and stupidity - "trailblazers" or otherwise - Keith Vaz (if he is till an MP), Theresa May, Alistair Carmichael for example and the def ex MPs Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy. Your sweeping attempt to paint any criticism of her as solely down to her ethnicity and gender smacks of desperate virtue-signalling.
  2. a lot of people also don't like her or hold her in very high regard because of her stupidity, hypocrisy and arrogance.
  3. think they moved to Australia but come back here for the lucrative Panto season each year. Neither the father or son are fans of the SNP from what I can gather.
  4. I am quite open minded on the existence of Bigfoot and in all the accounts and reports of sightings I have read, I have found this to be the most plausible explanation: When Bigfoot later attacks the team's base camp Steve pursues and fights with the beast unaware that he is being monitored by aliens who are living in a nearby mountain. During the fight one of Bigfoot's arms becomes detached revealing that it is not an animal but some form of robot. Bigfoot flees (complete with the removed arm!) and Steve follows it into a cave. This turns out to be inside the mountain occupied by the aliens and Steve is soon rendered unconscious, captured and analysed by them. When he awakes, Steve learns from Shalon - a female alien - that Bigfoot was built and controlled by the aliens to protect them. The earthquake sensor team had been attacked as they had identified a volcanic vent that powered the alien colony. Meanwhile Oscar learns that a major earthquake is predicted along the main San Medrian fault line within the next few hours which jeopardises all the Californian west coast cities. Only a controlled underground nuclear explosion to trigger a smaller man made earthquake along a smaller tributary fault line will prevent the main earthquake from happening. Oscar authorises this knowing that Steve and Marlene are still missing in the area concerned and will be at serious risk from the explosion and subsequent earthquake.
  5. Kuenssberg and Peston's questions were probing at the DC conference but unbelievably tame - almost a reluctance to be asking such as questions (as someone mentioned on here). Noticeable difference from Beth Rigby at Sky who was third up. She got tore right in.
  6. if this is the deoth of his feeling why did he not go on Radio Scotland to discuss at their second or third invitation?
  7. was it confirmed that Joss Whedon came in and finished the shoot or was that just speculation? I see ZS name is still down as Director on IMDb.....
  8. the Kelvingrove Brewdog is pretty decent and actually has quite an eclectic bunch of folks that frequent it - "pub" locals, students, hipsters, those coming in from the park, tourists and a few folks who alternate between Brewdog, Gallus and Inn Deep (I recognise them from their dugs). It's airy and open with a great view of the art gallery and an outside seating area. oh, and very dug friendly and personally I like the beer. So ticks most boxes for me but if I had to make the choice between Inn Deep under Kelvin Bridge and Brewdog, would opt for Inn Deep with their range of Williams products.
  9. so there should only be charities that deal with "major" issues
  10. yeah - hugely disappointing to see the Green (and Labour) amendments batted away like this. It came across as very arrogant and it should give a left leaning*/social democratic party pause for thought that the Tories are their main backers in support of a legislative proposal., particularly on an issue such as housing. *subject to your own view
  11. I thought Starmer was a little off yesterday. He kept having to correct himself and seemed to struggle with the technical side of his argument - also Johnson was right in that all his responses seemed rehearsed and nothing flowed from Johnson's garbled responses. Instead of going on to each pre-rehearsed question he should go back to the previous question and ask it again when such a contradictory muddled response is received - case in point being the 2 June care home testing issue. That would have landed a much bigger hit and had resonance beyond the normal reporting with the PM being pinned down against his own quite frankly ridiculous evasive response. it would use up his allotted questions on perhaps one issue but that would really be holding Johnson to account. More and more I get the impression that folks' political views are entrenched in this country - little is going to make them change their voting intentions as for a growing number of people it is based on a cultural, class or belief system that defines who they are (and not just within the prism of football).
  12. And that's the crux of it. I consider that it essentially comes down to the BBC's obsession with ex-pros and even at that, ex-pros well past their sell by date (Willie Miller, Pat Bonner etc) offering opinions from their own tired perspective and myopic understanding. Same to an extent for other BBC football shows like Match of the Day etc. There seems to be a reluctance to use too many journalists as the feeling is perhaps your average punter wouldn't relate to them as they "have never played the game". That is why there is no comparison in level and intricacy of debate between podcasts like Football Weekly and Totally Football and the likes of Sportsound - the former offering informed interesting opinion and debate, whereas the latter offers a cycle of cliche and tired tabloid headline generated arguments. Within that company and with the bar set so low, English stands out as one of the better contributors.
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