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  1. yeah I really liked it also. Brother thought that the Illyrians/colonists story line was promising but wasted and they did tie up v quickly and too neatly. But I don't have an issue with that - how many times did a good TNG episode get resolved through Trek science babble? The re-tooling of classic Trek ie stranded away team, ion storms, a virus on board a Captain-less Enterprise is all fine by me. I am very happy for past plots to be re-hashed in an episode of the week fashion as long as they are well written and well structured. Basically in judging a show do you look forward to the next episode when the previous episode just finishes? That is the true barometer. For SNW for me - absolutely, at three episodes in. Am not sure if I was saying that at ep 3 of Season 1 Discovery (though hadn't hated it by that point was just becoming indifferent). Certainly wasn't saying the same after S01E03 Picard.
  2. I didn't enjoy the second episode as much as the first. A lot resting on episode 3 !
  3. Liechtenstein often play with a 3-5-2 but I don't think they have qualified for many tournaments using that formation.
  4. thinking about this further (and forgive the faux pas of quoting self), was there not a scene in a Tarantino movie where this was highlighted and discussed? Maybe Jackie Brown??
  5. I think this is one of three Wayne movies (other two being Rio Bravo and Rio Lobo) which all share pretty much the same set-up - I need to double check but either all three movies have a besieged jailhouse set-up and/or have the trio of protagonists sharing the same characteristics......
  6. I would say that is not a factor at all within the current Labour Party. Their acceptance of Brexit is testament to that. I think generally across Scotland that is the perception - rightly or wrongly - but Labour would bend over backwards and happily shape policies accordingly to entice those Tory voters in the red wall "back".
  7. To the neutral observer/viewer, the orchestrated self perpetuating rolling coverage this week of the ferry "scandal" by GMS and associated BBC Scotland news segments would have seemed very odd. To those now familiar with Glenn Campbell's agenda, it was a clear unashamed attempt to try and influence sway voter intentions in the immediate run up to the local elections. They probably thought they would have landed more of an impact than just Arran - in their wash-up, they will probably remain perplexed as to why barely anyone now gives a flying f**k to anything BBC Scotland reports on in regard to Scottish politics. BBC Bias for this nonsense......
  8. "big" the key word for Laura there. And a rather subjective application of breakdown. Apart from that perfectly sums things up for Laura/BBC
  9. BBC piling on to the Tories following the disastrous local election showing in their own inimitable fashion:
  10. "Magnum on Ice" "Jessica comes to the assistance of Magnum when he is framed for two murders that occurred during her vacation in Hawaii"........
  11. the Tory farmer looks quite the character. Wonder what qualifies him as a QT guest....
  12. agreed. I thought it was great. Night and day from Discovery and Picard. For starters Pike is a great character and the looks of the show is that it is back to basics driven by new adventures every week through the planet they arrive at. At the same time I don't mind a small story arc of some sorts and the link to The Cage/The Menagerie, although covered a bit in Discovery, gives us that as well as a direct throwback to TOS. The brother appearing at the end was a nice touch - did anyone see the deleted scene in ST 2009 with him in it? All in all, really looking forward to this show and season now. I didn't think I would be saying that again about Star Trek with the current show runners in place.
  13. I'll need to check their Top Five Crossovers and see how it compares to mine. Whenever Scooby Doo popped up in a Blue Falcon & Dynamutt episode I would go nuts. Whereas Arnold appearing in Knight Rider - meh.....
  14. we are living through the final days once more. Another meltdown, followed by the inevitable ban, then the creation of a "witty" new profile a few days or weeks later - denying any previous presence. The sad circle of PnB life yet it remains irresistible to the troller, and both fascinating and tiresome in equal measure for the rest of the board having to watch this cycle play out with such inevitability each time. Message board performance art in its truest form.
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