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  1. Refs

    Absolutely Raymond...too many criticise but more than don’t understand the laws (Not rules Garfield) encase you get confused. Sadly refs at amateur for majority are learning their trade, don’t see many apprentices building houses on their own. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. SAFL

    Big Friday night news from the SAFL. Gutted we’re losing a quality side from the Stirlingshire but all the best. Hopefully the stepping stone they’re needing to convince the other “top” leagues to allow them to go compete. Best of luck lads but wishing you no success short term, see yous in a week. [emoji6] From The Committee @ The Ton!
  3. East of Scotland cup

    Congratulations to Pennies, Alan and Santa, a few of our committee we’re up watching yday and by all accounts was a cracking game. Best of luck in the next round. Good to see the SDAFA has some representation in a major this year.
  4. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Some of the rants on here are just as bad as the ones ye hear on Clyde 1. Total schoolboy pish. 🤣🤣 Well done Mick and Colville and the other teams that qualified this weekend but to those on here spouting accusations and personally slandering folk, have a look at yourselves cause the green monster is ripping out 99% of you.
  5. East of Scotland cup

    Anyone take up the £500 bet on Sandys not being beat Off Pennies? Well done Alan and Santa at Pennies, fly the flag lads!! best of luck on the next round.
  6. Scottish cup last 16 draw

    Cheers mate, thought it was but wasn’t sure.
  7. Scottish cup last 16 draw

    Daft question, are all Scottish Cup games played in the afternoon or do the Saturday Morning teams if home get to pick their 10am slot. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Would be good to catch the Tynecastle v Hurlford Th before our game if so. Some cracking ties in the big cup.
  8. East of Scotland cup

    Having played them at the start of the season (opening day to be exact) we ended up with a 1-1 draw at home in the league but since then they have picked up momentum and are way ahead of some us smaller clubs in the Stirling. Their runs in the Majors causing a fixture pileup League wise for them. A good side with players who have played together for a while and added some younger boys this year. Alan has them well drilled and will do well to go to Sandy’s with anything less than a win on their minds - would be good to take this one in if you can.
  9. Scores / reports 29-9

    3-2 win at home to Dunipace.