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  1. 66. ‘Jammy Doidger’. Review of the disappointing 2-1 defeat at the National Stadium and a look ahead to the mouth watering clash with Cove this weekend. Listen from 28.06. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/66--Jammy-Doidger-e9bcmb
  2. Here’s our take from 28.06. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/66--Jammy-Doidger-e9bcmb
  3. 66. ‘Jammy Doidger’ previews all the upcoming weekend fixtures from East Stirling v Spartans (34.39), Civil v Cumbernauld (39.08) and Caley Braves v Edinburgh Uni (44.19). https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/66--Jammy-Doidger-e9bcmb
  4. 65. ‘LMA Manager’ reviews the 4-3 win over Annan in their Scottish cup thriller. We discuss their draw in the next round against Hamilton and we preview this weekends trip to Hampden to face Queens Park. Listen from 46.12. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/65--LMA-Manager-e97oor
  5. 65. ‘LMA Manager’. Reviews of the 5-1 win for Spartans and 3-0 for Civil over Vale and Dalbeattie last weekend. Also a preview of spartans away game against Stirling Uni this weekend. Spartans yet to beat Stirling Uni in their last 3 attempts dating back to 2017-18 season. Spartans from 38.37, Civil from 45.12, and Edinburgh Uni from 48.48. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/65--LMA-Manager-e97oor
  6. 63. ‘Chillax’ Review of the 1-1 draw at home to Elgin, aswell as previewing this weekends fixture with Albion Rovers. Listen from 22.36. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/63--Chillax-e8vsoa
  7. 63. ‘Chillax’. Reviews Spartans win over Berwick, and a look ahead to their Friday night clash with Bonnyrigg Rose. Also previews of Bsc v Civil and Kelty v Edinburgh Uni. Spartans - 29.49, Civil - 40.15 and Edinburgh Uni - 45.16. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/63--Chillax-e8vsoa
  8. 62. ‘You Dinny Have To Duck’. Review of the away win over Brechin and a look ahead to the weekends home fixture against inform Elgin. Listen from 36.23. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/62--You-Dinny-Have-To-Duck-e8rnfe
  9. 62. ‘You Dinny Have To Duck’. Review of wins for civil and spartans on the road, and an unfortunate defeat for Edinburgh Uni v Gala. Also look ahead to Spartans v Berwick on Friday night. Civil - 42.22, Spartans - 47.03 and Edinburgh Uni - 50.49. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/62--You-Dinny-Have-To-Duck-e8rnfe
  10. 60. ‘Brolly’, reviews the Scottish cup victory over Banks O’ Dee and the preview of Stenny at home next Tuesday. Listen from 1:10. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/60--Brolly-e815sf
  11. 60. ‘Brolly’. Reviews the Scottish cup defeat to Queens Park, and previewing this weekends fixtures: Spartans v East Stirling, Civil v Caley Braves and Cumbernauld v Edinburgh Uni. Spartans - 11:54, Civil - 24:54 and Edinburgh Uni - 29:48. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/60--Brolly-e815sf
  12. 58. ‘Thunder Strike’. Review of last weekends games and a look ahead to fixtures this weekend, Civil v Kelty and Spartans v Stirling uni in the South Challenge Cup. Tune into Edinburgh Uni - 33.48, Civil - 42.00 and Spartans - 49.08. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/58--Thunder-strike-e6eov7
  13. 58. ‘Thunder Strike’. Review of the defeat to Cowdenbeath and a general discussion with a free week this weekend. Tune in from 27.41. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/58--Thunder-strike-e6eov7
  14. 57. ‘Flash In The Pan’ reviews the fantastic Scottish Cup victory for Spartans while looking ahead to the weekend fixture v Caley braves. Civil and their win over Edinburgh Uni and previewing the tough run of Cumbernauld and Shire away. Edinburgh uni and their defeats to civil and Bonnyrigg and looking ahead to their massive game at home to bottom side Gretna this weekend. Spartans 36.02, Civil 44.40 and Edinburgh Uni 48.52. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/57--Flash-In-The-Pan-e5p7cs
  15. 57. ‘Flash in the pan’ covers the victory over Queens Park and looks ahead to mouthwatering weekend match away to inform Cowdenbeath. Listen from 25.46. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/57--Flash-In-The-Pan-e5p7cs
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