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  1. Episode 39, has an interview with Spartans midfielder David Greenhill and we learn more about his Spartans Teammates. We review and preview all the games from Civil, Edinburgh Uni and Spartans. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/id1421325812#episodeGuid=2ac1825b-3a2f-34b2-c0eb-402a611af0b7 https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/Its-Not-Unusual--Teammates---Ep-39--15th-April-e3od08
  2. Edinburgh City

    Episode 39, reviews the defeat to Clyde and we give our own take on what has gone wrong for the Citizens of late. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/Its-Not-Unusual--Teammates---Ep-39--15th-April-e3od08 https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/id1421325812#episodeGuid=2ac1825b-3a2f-34b2-c0eb-402a611af0b7
  3. ‘The Shot-Putter’ - Ep 38, discusses all the matters from the past week concerning our 3 Edinburgh sides, Civil, Edinburgh Uni and Spartans. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/id1421325812#episodeGuid=a1492fb2-2193-7ce9-4c9f-77bec0919a07 https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/The-Shot-Putter---Ep-38--10th-April-e3n0l0
  4. Edinburgh City

    ‘The Shot-Putter’ - Ep 38, reviews the disappointing 4-1 to Cowdenbeath and previews the massive game against Clyde this weekend where it’s 2nd v 3rd. Both teams with identitical stats this season.. 20 wins, 5 draws, 7 defeats. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/The-Shot-Putter---Ep-38--10th-April-e3n0l0 https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/id1421325812#episodeGuid=a1492fb2-2193-7ce9-4c9f-77bec0919a07
  5. Edinburgh City

    Ep 37, reviews the professional 2-0 victory over Berwick, and previews this weekends away trip to Cowdenbeath, made even bigger b6 the fact Peterhead face Clyde tomorrow. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/Easy-For-Me-Say--March-POTM---Ep-37--5th-April-e3lekd https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/id1421325812?mt=2
  6. Ep 37, reviews the north Edinburgh Derby between Civil and Spartans and the win for Edinburgh Uni over Gretna. Previews of Civils game against Kelty, top 5 discussions and Queens Park Sheild final review. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/id1421325812?mt=2 https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/Easy-For-Me-Say--March-POTM---Ep-37--5th-April-e3lekd
  7. This weeks episode reviews the Semi final between Spartans and Penicuik, Spartans trip to East Kilbride, Civil v Gala and Edinburgh Uni against Edusport. We also preview this weekends games where it’s a North Edinburgh derby, 3rd v 5th, Civil v Spartans. Also Edinburgh Uni v Gretna. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/Vogrie-Park-Slide---Ep-36--27th-March-e3ipdb
  8. Edinburgh City

    This weeks episode discusses the goalless draw with leaders Peterhead and previews this weekends match with Berwick Rangers. Last time City were down there they blew a 2 goal lead... let’s hope it’s 3 points! https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/Vogrie-Park-Slide---Ep-36--27th-March-e3ipdb
  9. Penicuik Athletic

    ‘A Dog and Frodo Feet’ Ep 35, features an interview with current Penicuik player Grinchy as he comes onto the podcast for a chat and to help preview the semi final against Spartans this weekend. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/A-Dog-And-Frodo-Feet---Ep-35--20th-March-e3gqpi
  10. ‘A Dog and Frodo Feet’ Ep 35, we are joined by current Spartan Subo and former Spartan Grinchy on the show to help preview the Semi final this Friday evening between Spartans and Penicuik, amongst a lot more. We also review and preview all the games from our Lowland League sides, Spartans, Civil and Edinburgh Uni. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/A-Dog-And-Frodo-Feet---Ep-35--20th-March-e3gqpi
  11. Edinburgh City

    ‘A Dog and Frodo Feet’ Ep 35, reviews the disappointing result against Annan last week however Berwick beating Peterhead has provided City with a lifeline. 1st v 2nd on Saturday and it’s a must win for city to hold any chance of a league win. Follow the below link to hear our thoughts: https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/A-Dog-And-Frodo-Feet---Ep-35--20th-March-e3gqpi
  12. ‘Not Pretty’ - Ep 34, reviews the Spartans victory over Kelty, Civils win against Stirling Uni, and Edinburgh Uni’s draw away to Cumbernauld. We also preview the following fixtures: East Stirling v Civil, Edinburgh Uni v Edusport and Stirling Uni v Spartans. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/Not-Pretty---Ep-34--13th-March-e3eu2u
  13. Edinburgh City

    ‘Not Pretty’ - EP 34, reviews the 2-0 home victory over Queens Park, while previewing the weekend fixture away to in form Annan. Interestingly, every game between the two this season has ended 2-1. Edinburgh City with 2 victories and Annan taking the 3 points last time out. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast/episodes/Not-Pretty---Ep-34--13th-March-e3eu2u
  14. Edinburgh City

    ‘Lazy Leg’ Ep 33, discusses the recent 1-0s featuring Edinburgh City with a loss and a win. We also look ahead to the weekend fixture against Queens Park and further congratulations to left back Robbie McIntyre who picked up our February Player of the Month. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast
  15. ‘Lazy Leg’ Ep, 33 includes new feature Teammates with Civil’s David Churchill. We also discuss the week past and preview this coming weekends games for Civil, Spartans and Edinburgh Uni. https://anchor.fm/the-edinburgh-football-podcast