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  1. It's not exactly a leak if it's on P&B from people that have spoke to club committee members confirming it. Half the time we are just confirming what people already know, so again, what's the issue?
  2. Also this ^^^ We've not revealed a massive secret or anything.
  3. We've covered the league for years now and frequently get messages from coaches/players/fans asking for information. If we have something to say then we'll say it.
  4. It was literally out in the press around half an hour later? So, what's the issue? Lowland League set to declare champions on points per game method - Daily Record
  5. Official Catchup - Should Football Continue? by Official Catchup (soundcloud.com)
  6. How many defenders you needing at EK? That been said. Should be a quality signing. Another solid CB with plenty of experience.
  7. #84 - The Benji Bump by Official Catchup (soundcloud.com)
  8. Moyes is playing at Linlithgow Rose.
  9. Cheers, mate. Appreciate it. Bo'ness have been class so far.
  10. EK currently do not stream games. Just highlights on the club twitter and Youtube channel.
  11. Must have not seen the Gretna 2008 game last night. They were excellent. 😂
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