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  1. Gala Fairydean Rovers / Netherdale blog

    The only reason I see it as being that way is the chairman is waiting to issue a statement, Debi is usually fantastic with keeping everyone up to date. It's got to be coming from higher ups to keep quiet just now. I really like GFR as a club but sacking Dean and management team after another fantastic season under difficult circumstances, especially with injuries. was a shocker. I wish the new management team well when they come in but I've lost a bit of respect for the higher ups at Gala. The decent thing to do would at least thank Dean and the boys for all their hard work, Whether the decision was right or wrong, time will tell.
  2. Gala Fairydean Rovers / Netherdale blog

  3. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Apologies. That was my mistake! Sorry, bud. Edit - Just so used to seeing the topic brought up on this forum so much, comments regarding finance are usually along the same lines...
  4. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    The first comment you made... Great for the LL, however you have to wonder at the spending levels and sustainability in relation to the level Kelty are at? Fair play to them though, I just think it’s got the potential to go wrong. It seems you are in fact taking an issue with it with statements like "Those are very clearly not the reasons Kelty would be able to afford some of the players they're rumoured to be in for" Whether true or not.
  5. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Who's pretending it isn't happening? It's well known. I really don't see any issues in Kelty spending money in achieving their goals. Would be silly not to. You seem to be concerned if the risk pays off or not, which I'm saying whether it does or doesn't. Kelty are still in a good place from things I've previously mentioned. It's really up to the club on what they pay their players but the attraction imo is more than money. Highly ambitious club with arguably one of the best set ups in Scottish football at this level.
  6. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    In terms of sustainability, the club is well run. It's well known they have a backer also, but they are smart with sponsors and as mentioned, decent attendances for this level. They are certainly going for it next season, but it's not next season or bust, imo. Although many criticise Kelty are spending the money, for lack of a better term, people need to remember the club is building for the long term also, new stand, ground improvements, youth team etc.
  7. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    Tough league next season, other teams will be bringing league players into their squads, so Kelty are doing their best to try and be the top team to get into league football. On average attendances last season, Kelty had 350-400+ at games. That's more than some league sides. It's a big season for the club and the gaffer, with a lot of the old guard leaving but with the talent they are bringing in, definitely going for it.
  8. Lowland League Catch Up

    https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/lowland-league-catchup/id1430116250 Find us here - https://twitter.com/OfficialCatchup https://www.facebook.com/LowlandLeagueCatchup/ http://https://officialcatchup.wordpress.com/
  9. East & Lowland U20s Thread

    Congratulations to Kelty Hearts on winning Conference A tonight with brilliant 5-0 victory over Nitten Star and also to Spartans who clinched Conference B. League decider will be some game.
  10. Lowland League Catch Up

    ▶️https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/lowland-league-catchup/id1430116250 Find us here - https://twitter.com/OfficialCatchup https://www.facebook.com/LowlandLeagueCatchup/ http://https://officialcatchup.wordpress.com/
  11. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    All the best tomorrow from the lads at the Lowland League Catchup.
  12. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    I agree. 2nd behind Jamie Barclay I would put Carswell of Spartans, and Marshall of BSC ahead of Barclay. THEY BOTH HOWEVER WERE BOTH PLAYING WITH A DECENT DEFENCE IN FRONT UNLIKE JAMIE B`Y! Based on this season, It's close with Christie, Carswell and Barclay. Marshall isn't in the coversation due to playing less than half of BSC's league games.
  13. Lowland League Catch Up

    https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/lowland-league-catchup/id1430116250?mt=2 Find us here - https://twitter.com/OfficialCatchup https://www.facebook.com/LowlandLeagueCatchup/ http://https://officialcatchup.wordpress.com/
  14. East & Lowland U20s Thread

    Agreed @gogsy I was very impressed with Dunipace. Well organised side. Both keepers pulling off fantastic saves to keep it 1-1 from set pieces. I thought Kelty played a lot of long balls towards the end, in a bid to win it, but Pace defence stood firm.
  15. Lewis Hunter

    Blair Lyon do a job for Montrose? Absolutely. One of the best young players this season in the SLFL (might have made my team of the year) Wide player but with good height. Again - good feet and technique. League 1 is obviously a big step up but should do a job, if given the chance.