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  1. Moyes is playing at Linlithgow Rose.
  2. Cheers, mate. Appreciate it. Bo'ness have been class so far.
  3. EK currently do not stream games. Just highlights on the club twitter and Youtube channel.
  4. Must have not seen the Gretna 2008 game last night. They were excellent. 😂
  5. I spoke strictly on a professional front in regards to his performance as a referee and he is known to me. Do we speak about every game he refs? Absolutely not. Criticism is not "targeting" and it's not personal. If that was the case, then I could accuse you and Gogsy of "targeting" me. I certainly don't feel that way. The notion is ridiculous. And it's fine to have a different opinion. I can only go with what I saw at the game like you can with the highlights.
  6. People might disagree but I don't think myself (even when I was working with Kelty) or Mozza at BSC ever overly done it with praise or lack of criticism. Try to be as balanced as possible but have to be honest imo.
  7. Hi, Morgan. Try Team Finder Scotland on Twitter. He'll help you out. https://twitter.com/TeamfinderScot1
  8. Was never asked by Spartans to do commentary for them. As far as I'm concerned, I was asked by Cameron and I'm doing him a favour. So I don't consider myself as a "representative of Spartans", even if others do. The red card decisions were what they were, but like I said on the podcast, it has no bearing whether it was Spartans or any other team, I would have still felt the same but there is highlights available so people can judge for themselves. And If I do indeed have any bias towards any club - it is in fact, Stirling Uni, like I also mentioned on the podcast.
  9. Unfortunately due to travel issues delaying me for an hour. I didn't have appropriate time to test things. Personally, disappointed at the stream but hopefully it was a better viewing in the 2nd half. To be honest, I think you're right. Mostly flat, certainly in the first half. Probably didn't miss much. Improved second half. I thought the Spartans keeper had a few decent saves but having Lewy, Kev and Liall back will be a boost.
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