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  1. That has to be the worry now – that even a swift change with time left in the transfer window leaves the replacement in an incredibly difficult position, let alone if it goes on until the autumn or winter. (Will happily eat humble pie if we're sitting comfortably at Christmas, but can't see it.)
  2. Technically we've won the battle of the banter clubs as we are still a banter club.
  3. Great to have Gowser on board. Plenty of experience, has played at a World Cup, proven winner, was very good when he came through at Hearts, can play in a number of positions. COYS.
  4. Strong Richard Keys vibes. I'm now imagining being mocked by younger office colleagues in 25 years' time, thinking: "That'll teach me for criticising the signing of Jamie Murphy..."
  5. If it's strictly the past 15 years (ie Main's second spell) then I'd move Main down a fair bit. Clark above Enckelman for longevity, although Enckelman was spectacular on his day.
  6. Would have preferred something more faithful to the original design, but credit to the club for taking up the challenge. Will have to see if I can scrape together the pennies.
  7. It's an indictment of St Johnstone fans that they consistently call for the teal and magenta but rarely agitate for this one:
  8. I've quite enjoyed Davidson's magical mystery tour of players who were excellent in 2014. Preferable to those who've never played a game of professional football, or couldn't get a game for St Mirren.
  9. Cracking shot. I was on Skomer earlier this week but didn't get any in-flight shots. Plenty of portraits, though.
  10. Was surprised he didn't get a bit more stick for this last night - made up Yarmolenko's mind for him. (Appreciate he kept us in the game with his reaction saves, so hats off for that.)
  11. While I do think there's a very good chance we'd have taken it to extra time if McGinn's header had gone in, over the piece we were well and truly Czech Republic-ed and Croatia-ed. Disappointing.
  12. Fourteenth consecutive season in the top division. Some achievement, and one not many of us would have predicted (presumably) when we came back up. Plenty of work to do over the summer if we're to make it 15, though.
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