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  1. I pitched this thesis to some friends after the Champions League final, but they weren't interested. I think it fell down on Hibs = Man City.
  2. Very difficult to argue it the other way. Fingers crossed they're all OK and available for the final.
  3. Out of Bryson and Conway, I doubt many would have picked the thrice-capped former Derby ace as the one to get the new deal. Not until a few weeks ago, anyway. I still feel his lack of acceleration gets shown up at times (eg on one occasion yesterday when he let the ball run across him in midfield), but he's neat and tidy with the ball and I don't begrudge him another year. Melamed's influence has waned recently, but he offers something different and I'd love him to stay. Still feel he can be a regular chance-getter and goalscorer – particularly against the diddy teams.
  4. Pleased with that lineup, and at least we have some good attacking options on the bench. Big role for Bryson today in Craig's absence. No idea how much the players will be affected by a week of disruption, but that XI is near enough our strongest. Main worry would be certain players having to go longer than they normally would - particularly if it goes beyond the 90.
  5. At his best, O'Halloran looked like an adult playing against kids. That doesn't really happen any more. However, he's still quick, and I'd be happy to have him around if it made sense for Saints financially.
  6. Mannus was solid. Did he produce the moments of wonder we saw from the mercurial Enckelman? No. Did he chuck the ball in the net? Not really. He knew his strengths and limitations, and has to be up there with our best ever keepers based in large part on his consistency and reliability (and physique). I'll always have more of a soft spot for the likes of Enckelman and 90s Main, though.
  7. This was the only bit that raised an eyebrow from my perspective. I see where you're coming from regarding backing your own team, but I doubt David Martindale would turn his nose up at Ali McCann, for example.
  8. Enjoyed listening to that (and not simply to revel in others' misery).
  9. It must be pretty gutting not to get a single minute of the semi-final or final after being such a big part of the team's recent upturn in league form. (That's not a dig at Davidson, as clearly his decisions paid off big time.) I'd like to see Melamed stick around – I enjoy watching him and he offers something different from our other forwards.
  10. I'd echo the other comments. Don't like it but not surprised by it and happy to put faith in the manager after it came off against Hibs (albeit after a watch-through-your-fingers first 30).
  11. Quite right. Maybe if Callum has a few drinks he'll be persuaded to stick Melamed on the teamsheet.
  12. Having just said the opposite, you may have convinced me otherwise already!
  13. A couple of weeks ago (even after the win against Livi), I'd have leaned towards Davidson going with the 5-2-3 in the final. Now I think he'll stick with the Kane-Melamed partnership. There doesn't seem any great need to bring Murray Davidson back into the starting XI, although I'd be tempted to go with Tanser if he's definitively fit, as I think he offers a bit more than Booth. The 2014 final felt like a genuine 50/50 to me (even if it didn't feel that way to the players and manager), and this one has the same vibe - although I imagine we're all feeling dangerously encouraged by our recent performances. Getting nervous now.
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