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  1. Decent selections from me. well done to all still in it. Anybody taking bets on the semis 🤣
  2. Imagine that in a local derby.. levels.
  3. Yes. Multiple times. Braehead had momentum and had they won on Sat they may have carried that on to this week. Just feel they have had the wind knocked out their sails. Going out the majors back to back is not uncommon. Fallin are a better side and have more big game experience over the last couple seasons.
  4. Fallin -2 good to see that its all Central Region teams left In the cup.
  5. Some of the support on the sideline were completely away with it (drinking, grappling with players taking throw ins etc) and would be interested if the ref reported any of the handbags at FT in his match report. At the very least he should have assistants. There will be red card(s) in the replay.
  6. My selections this week are. Sandys (good luck to the ref) EKYM Wishaw Semi line up. EKYM Shortlees Fintry (after replay) Eastfield
  7. Good luck to all teams tomorrow. Draw (braehead/Sandys) Shortlees Eastfield Fintry Draw (gartcosh/EKYM) Tollcross Drum Wishaw
  8. Referees are quick to use the old “check the rule book” shout when they are justifying their decisions during a game. as rob roy says, if they aren't aware of protocol, they shouldn't be doing the job.
  9. Spanner and works spring to mind 😂😂
  10. If it was mentioned at ht then the ref should stop game until they sort it. Especially at 0each its an easy call to make. maybe they just appealed it so they can get another big breakfast at Nonnas..
  11. Some cracking ties this weekend in the last 32. I'm surprised not to see more Saturday morning teams left in, given their good results earlier in the season. Tie of the round for me is the Castlemilk v Shortless game. Home win for me. Good luck to all left in.
  12. Todays result was never in doubt. This is the time of year that mick and his players will be licking their lips at. Tick the big games off one at a time and see where they end up. Mick and the squad will will have played in more big games than the players they are coming up against in the league and scottish cup, with the exception of one or two teams. they will be very happy with where he is at this stage of the season.
  13. Stucafu


    StPats manager away after Saturdays defeat? one poor major result too many..
  14. League would suggest otherwise.
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