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  1. CSAFL

    Uddingston all but home in 1a. Fallin wont need much more to get it done in 1B (if any), as all the teams behind them have to play each other. Both will be great additions to the Premier. StPats are scraping by the now in the league but have a hefty lead. not easy for the chasing pack to churn out results when doing it Saturday, Wednesday but I'm sure Colville and Bannockburn will be up for the challenge. All teams in with a shout are still left in one of the majors so may slightly distract them from league business. Makes for an interesting couple of months.
  2. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    This guy is absolutely wired. I'm sure Mick will find out who he is though.
  3. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Great draw for CSAFL Eastfield -2 and Colville will have too much for Hurlford or Southside.
  4. CSAFL

    Big one in 1b this weekend. Must win for Third Lanark. 1a still too close to call, next couple of weeks will interesting here. Prem should start to take shape over the next few weeks with more games taking place. Steins may be too far adrift now having lost a massive game to Greenock on Sat. bottom three all but confirmed I think.
  5. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Shat the bed more like. Powers above have nothing to do with the public forum.
  6. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    If it was a Scottish tie then it will have nothing to do with League, so don't think that is an issue. Poor show from them if they have done so, but they will get fired out on Saturday from Hurlford and all will be forgotten. Would be interesting to hear Southsides version of events. Alba, Eastfield, Colville and Hurlford. If draw is kind to them, then I'm going for an all CSAFL final.
  7. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    I cant remember a west cup so difficult to predict at this stage for a long time. A few teams have a good chance of winning it. I will go- StPats, Cambria, Shortlees and Bannockburn for the Semis.
  8. The Fallout

    Tattie could also be someone who will be linked with it and be interested in it. im sure Colville will be just fine. Would be good to see them back playing at CP also.
  9. Managment

    All the best to mick and his team. he has given the amateur game everything he can and has taken everything he would have wanted aswell. Him and his teams have set the bar for all clubs looking to be successful and im sure he will want to go out wih the big one in his hands.
  10. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Some cracking ties, as you would expect at this stage of the competition. Bannockburn, Shortlees, Goldenhill (aet), St Pats (aet), Southside, Dumbarton, Oban Saints. Glasgow Uni to see off Irvine next week. Good luck to all teams involved.
  11. East of Scotland cup

    Well done to all teams getting to semis, fallin played the better football but just ran out of steam in et. hearing there was 3 reds down at cambusbarron, any match report?
  12. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    what alot of pish this thread has turned into. Two typical cup ties over the last couple of weeks and i had a feeling it would end 1 a piece. well done to Colville, all the best in 1/4s. Bannockburn still have plenty to play for so need to dust themselves down and go again.
  13. Scottish cup last 16 draw

    Are any of these games scheduled to be on grass tomorrow? Any fell victim to the weather yet?
  14. Cali Cup Final

    3 nil EK
  15. CSAFL

    The clipper's wifi bill must be through the roof this week. Funny how they come out the woodwork when the first sign of their bottle crashing appears on Saturday against harestanes. It will be even worse id imagine when they pap you lot out the west next week. Take cover Mick :):)