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  1. CSAFL

    congrats to Mick and his team on another league win. st pats, bannockburn and eastfield have shown they can compete in one off games against them but the quality and depth of squad comes out on top yet again. Good luck to both mick and chris next week in the big one.
  2. CSAFL

    All three can still win it but StPats have it in their hands. Not quite helicopter Saturday but not far away.. brilliant to see. Both, the 1st div playoff and championship games tomorrow should be crackers with goals a plenty. Fancy Drum and Fallin to win by a couple.
  3. CSAFL

    Great ending to the best League. Im sure the CSAFL committee will be delighted how their season has panned out. Its a shame Eastfield aren't still up challenging as they will have the luxury of resting boys making a stpats win inevitable, therefore killing Bannockburn's hopes of the title.. Colville must win and hope for a favour of Bannockburn next week. Nice little battle up the high park tomorrow also as Campsie fight for survival, they seem to have the knack (or luck) for getting just enough to stay up.
  4. Refs

    I know a top ref in Scotland and he passed the same test that one of his full time English (UEFA) counterparts failed at the start of the season. Full time or not its about application and giving everything you have to be the best at your chosen activity.
  5. CSAFL

    Ref will want nothing to do with it as it was in changing area. Especially as it involved the top teams. League officials that seen it wont take anything to do with it. Good game though, Colville deserved more from the game.
  6. CSAFL

    Must win for Stpats or league is over for them. looking forward to the game.
  7. west cup

    Well deserved last night bannockburn. Cup football at its finest. Well done Jinky and his team.
  8. CSAFL

    I see Twitter is warming up ahead of the top of the table clash this weekend. Should be a cracker.
  9. west cup

    If Bannockburn are as clinical as they were in the semi, I think they should get the job done. Good luck to both teams, here's hoping for a high quality final.
  10. CSAFL

    I believe so mate. Its only my opinion. StPats seem to have struggled in the bigger games this season when they need to win..
  11. CSAFL

    I would agree with this Redondo. Two hard games after a tough final. If they come through this three unscathed it will be a two horse race between them and CP CP -2 against stpats this Saturday. Where is it being played btw? Could be worth watching.
  12. CSAFL

    I dont think he knows who he supports mick.
  13. CSAFL

    Most difficult league game StPats have had in a while tomorrow, knowing if they don't win CP can go top. different type of pressure, having been clear for so long. What a month May will be. Big games galore. Going to be a war of attrition I feel.
  14. Friendly opposition required

    You have a wee thing for that Demonref don't you Raymond. You jealous at the amount of work he gets?
  15. CSAFL

    They will crumble.