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  1. A scream for a pen if someone heads the ball, but asking for one and one actually being a foul are two diffrent things. That's never a pen, if your a livi player laughing at getting that one.
  2. Away ya slaver, it was a totally unintentional handball a very harsh call! The current rules are a total farce. Theres a high chance of Gullan coming back, hibs are trying to re sign McNulty on loan but to do so they need to ship boys off the wage bill (permanent moves) if they can get McNulty in there willing to let Gullan back out on loan so a Hibee tells me.
  3. Gon give it a rest, uve said your point move on. Moaning over pie and bovirl isn't going to solve anything.
  4. Naaaando Meeeendy He drinks the vodka He drinks the jäger He loves a Haggis Supper Really don't see what all the uproar is about?
  5. Seen someone say on Twitter he's pulled up in training today .... really hoping this is just twitter bullshit ?
  6. Has anyone else heard about this Hendry injury??
  7. An Arbroath fan moaning about robust challanges... have u no shame sir?
  8. A don't understand why ur so pissy, Rovers being on the backpage after a 4-0 win so people who support the Rovers can read about it, would make no sence to put anything east fife related on the back page 90% of mefful minks can't read
  9. Well that was fun ... Steven Anderson what a pler!
  10. Can't believe they've taken this off twitter my word 😂
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