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  1. Actually am sure a did see them after the game breaking all the seats.
  2. Exactly prove the “culprits “not just blame on a group. This is what’s doing ma head in about it. The same group is getting the blame for some fight that’s ment to have taken place as well as everything else. Individuals should take the blame if found guilty.
  3. It would seem not. really hope the young lads don’t knock it on the head, there only trying to give the Rovers an atmosphere. There may be things that’s causing issues but who really went away from firhill on fri night and there 1st thought was “a smoke bomb going off” it that was there your a complete cretin and a hope your lottery numbers never come up.
  4. bring on a the library atmosphere at home games and a can’t wait to go back to the away games where we all stand as far apart from one another as we can. With only the “boo’s” and “get the ball up the park “ cries to break up the silence.
  5. Wouldn't be the 1st story uve made up today tho would it?
  6. Am sure you can stop peddling pish... then again maybe not. Jackets fine by the way just a few buttons popped out that were holding the fluffy bit on ma hood. But at least me and the other boys done somthing insted of just being a P&B mouth peice.
  7. What a mental thread this has become! Uve got @Raith Against The Machine making up half storys. Fans turning agaisnt fans. 1 shitey wee incident wi a boy aff his meds. Ppl moaning about a song. This forum must be the worst for greetin pussed c***s wi some piss poor excuses to be up roar. But back to the important stuff. A good win against a tough opponent never the less and top by 3 points, plenty left to play for. Good luck to Airdrie untill the next time we play! Mon the Rovers!
  8. Considering this was me and it wasn't "my pal who ripped my jacket" it was some fucken arshole who came after id split it up ad say get ur fact strait. Or if not u know what i look like come speak to me next game.
  9. See all this panic, you guys realise the January transfer window doesn't really apply to much to the Rovers unless we are paying a fee for a player!? Free agents, loan signings can all still be made until February. Relax its far from over.
  10. Those two players were Sutherland and Hilson, who signed for ICT and Arboath
  11. This is just a theory, but... What if any potential deal involving Kieron Bowie and a possible loan back will involve garenteed playing time for the player? And if so has this maybe hampered any talks with a new centre forward with regards to not being able to give an idea on there playing time untill Bowies situation is resloved?
  12. Bowie to join my 5s side for the sunday league,undisclosed fee and immediate loan back.
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