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  1. Hendry shouldn't be at this level tbf he takes the piss at times, mighty mo's captain wizni taking being megged very graciously.
  2. Happy with Gullan, all round a far better player than Lewis Allan and can play in one of the wider positions aswel.
  3. After 4 cup games and 3 league games we have shipped 18 goals, at the end of last season and the start of this McGlynn said sorting the defending out was a priority and hes failed at it. The pressure is on him to sort out the defence/defending otherwise theres very little chance of promotion which will surely be his remit. Do you not think the defending is a major problem for the Rovers ? A do and a think most fans and folk in the board room will be the same, Hence the pressure.
  4. McGlynn makes a tit of him self and some r saying don't post the interview in full ? So after someone was an utter dick to you, the guys at RaithTV should waste more time making him look good!? The interview would have been pointless if that was the case. Manager is in the wrong here not the folks at RaithTV all credit to them and thanks for what you all do for us and the club we're lucky to have them!!! McGlynn should be coming out and say sorry, if any player did it he would make them come out and apologise for having a reekin attitude.
  5. What's everyones view on McGylnns post match interview? All credit to the interviewer for keeping a cool calm head and trying to continue with his interview, I get the frustration with this result but no need to speak to anyone never mind someone who gives up his time to give us a fantastic covarge of the Rovers.
  6. No one wants McGlynn to fail, all anyone whats is him to fix whats been glaringly obvious for the past 12-16 months n thats the inability to defend properly. Davo and Bene can't play well together with the latter being a total week link can't win a header panics when players run at him. We play some excellent stuff at times but then shoot our selfs in the foot by just not doing basics, getting goal side of a man, pressing,closing down just winning a clean header. We have only managed kept a clean sheet in the Dumbarton game but ad say that was more down to Dumbarton being poor than us being solid. 3 against Dundee 4 against Inverness 1 against Peterhead 3 against Cove 2 against Clyde 3 against Stranraer No way we can properly challange till its sorted out.
  7. This must be the only forum where grown men use the word "virgin" as an insult. Come on its no high school be a bit more creative than that.
  8. Apart from playing hide and seek the full season he was with us instead of football. He was universally forgotten about untill he started chattin shite on twitter despite playing in league two for annan he still thought he was billy big baws....
  9. A hope everyone can rally round and really give mr Christopher Johnstone a very warm welcome back, the only adult ball boy I've ever seen.
  10. Maybe u should just stop talking ur making a total tit of ur self.
  11. Even more convinced now that Hank Scorpio IS john mgylnn hes still so angry and taking it out on foreverarover
  12. He hasn't managed to sort it out in 9 months so wouldn't hold ma breath on him sorting it out in 7 days
  13. Its important not to over react but does anyone see an improvement in the side? Same defensive weekeness thats been there for a season now and its not gona change in 7 days. Play some good stuff at times but ultimately undone by being piss poor at the back and unable to win a contested header cleanly.
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