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  1. Think Arthurlie will have to break their pay budget as by all accounts he likes to be the highest paid at the club,the one thing is he would play every week as George will never leave him out of the team no matter if he is playing bad or not
  2. Why do I find that so very very hard to believe especially if you are who I believe you to be 😎
  3. This is a tremendous statement a lot of people could learn from this well done Glencairn
  4. Or could possibly be they did not have a permit 😎😎
  5. If you know Peter the one thing you will know is he does not LIE
  6. A clue to who it may have been great response if you know who it was I’m sure the Glencairn committee would be over the moon for you to come forward and identify the culprit so they could deal with them if you are not willing to stand up and be counted then I’m afraid you are as bad as the person in question 😑😑
  7. Well said the person who wrote about the pitch has probably nevever helped repair a water logged pitch in his life well done to your hard working grounds man pitch looked perfect at start of game hopefully the glens have turned the corner great to see wee Mckay back he could be the difference πŸ‘
  8. No quandary as I see it Willie Harvey has seen that the second choice keeper is not good enough for the long haul ( My opinion only ) and has went and strengthened the position like any experienced manager would good piece of business the boy Hay is a class act goalkeeper, and Garry may find himself in a dog fight for the gloves when he comes back.
  9. Heard Garry Whyte our with broken hand for 6 weeks any truth in this 😞
  10. Thought the Glens looked more like themselves today great to see Harry and Rhys back goals we lost well what can you say that happens to GK sometime felt sorry for the boy πŸ˜”
  11. That is a disgrace how does the club sustain this financially?
  12. Totally agree it’s all about opinions and this is why we all love football good thing is unlike some topics on pie and bovril we are discussing it as mature adults hopefully we can all stay respectful when discussing our team through out the season and most of all keep getting right behind them πŸ‘πŸ‘
  13. strange how people who never seemed to have a lot to say when team was doing well all of a sudden have a very strong opinion on how the game should be played .I don`t know if you were at the game or not but Glencairn normal shape is 4-2-3-1but on Saturday played a 4-4-1-1 so don`t see your point WHYTE ANDERSON ( VERY GOOD GAME FOR AN 18 YEAR OLD ) MILLER- MCGREGOR- KERR //// FRASER- KRYSTAL-GEBBIE-MAKIE //// MC ROBBIE //// GORMLY KERR-NOT FIT GEBBIE NOT FIT ( PLAYING OUT OF POSITION ) FRASER-NOT FIT MC ROBBIE HAD BEEN ILL ALL WEEK KRYSTAL PLAYING OUT OFF POSITION ( ALSO BRUISED RIBS) GEBBIE PLAYING OUT OF POSITION I have said earlier in this post in 2-4 weeks the teams who played Glencairn already will be over the moon that they have . So get behind the team the players are giving everything they have at the moment and some really need a rest. Players to come back --- McGuire, Donoldson, Laydon, Mitchell, Smith, McKay,Simeon
  14. As I said when all players are fit again is the time to judge πŸ‘
  15. Tells a story and if you look at the games against Beith and Clydebank it was towards end of game when legs gave out also heard that Soaby hasn’t trained for last two weeks which could explain why he was dead on his feet and could hardly jump half way through second half I’m sure once played like Mitchell Donoldson Smith and Gebbie are fully fit the Glens will be a different proposition and the teams who got them early doors will be over the moon
  16. This is a financial disaster no club out with Auchinleck or Pollok can get through these fixtures this has to be addressed club has to make an official complaint in my opinion
  17. Think it will a day of artificial pitch football tomorrow 😞
  18. Having spoken to Willie he has pointed out he knows were the problems are and has tried for a few experienced players but some haven't been available and some are just asking for crazy money , he as normal doesn't make a song and dance about injuries and says all we can do is learn from our mistakes and I m sure the boys will. I would like to congratulate Kilwinning on their never say die attitude and thought the real problem for the Glens was the superb delivery from the Kilwinning players
  19. Totally agree should be ashamed of themselves they really need to put people on the gates that know how to count IF YOU KNOW WHAT EVERYONE MEANS 😑😑
  20. Glens having to get to Lanark for a 6:45 kick off on a work night how are players expected to make these games also no excuses but I do know of 3 players playing with injuries tonight so all in all a good victory also think Cambuslang will do ok this year if they work as hard as that every week
  21. Can’t believe this weather also the forecast Pitt our game today was against Largs and had to be called early as I’m sure wee Eddie would have had pitch ready 😞😞
  22. I`m afraid this seems to be happening at every club as i know Glencairn are continually fighting against the on slot of vandals and are for ever having to repair their perimeter fence . The police have to do something about these little cretins .
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