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  1. Strange statement about the coaching were they not being coached by your current coach and I therefor assume you feel your new manager who I understand is a nice guy will be in charge of the coaching which I don`t see going down well with George Fatheringham just an outside observation and not intended as dig of any sort before anyone jumps on their high horse
  2. The club has tried engaging with this crowd as it is the same crowd doing the damage over and over again but no matter what they try they just keep coming back and doing more damage They just don’t want to listen they are there at night time drinking smoking hash and breaking bottles all over the face and I know they have also damaged fencing over and over again I ask the question how do you stop it if their parents don’t give a dam
  3. Glencairn had 14 games remaining 11 at home so we’re far from gone and all injured players were fully fit again ask Kilwinning if they felt we were already gone
  4. Can understand your frustration and agree that the three teams should be promoted but in all honesty the teams in the lower area of premier should not be disadvantaged as no relegation or promotion was mention when leagues were closed and officially the juniors no longer exist
  5. No that is only in the Senior professional contract in the Juniors which at the moment all teams are still a member of you can not officially note I did say officially talk to players until their contracts finish but as we all know tapping is a big part of the junior set up and every one does it may be that will be frowned upon in the WOSFL
  6. Not so the first agreement to go through the registration system at Hampden would be the valid one eg lets say that Team (A) sent their registration documents in at 8 am on the 21st of June but team B who the player had changed his mind and decided to join had registered their documents before 8 am then team B would be the team that the player was registered for
  7. Would find that strange as the contracts of players do not at best finish until the 3rd week in June therefor a bit oops a lot of TAPPING must have taken place NOT surprised
  8. Glencairns joint under 21s manager I heard Very Strange is he manager or just a front for the ex Glencairn coach time will tell all in all very strange situation if true only heard a rumour
  9. Dignity personified well done Mr Frame and good luck
  10. I do not have any knowledge of the workings of the SJFA or the league management set up but if the juniors all move on mass what becomes of any money accrued and sitting in the bank will this be shared by all clubs ??
  11. Someone at Arthurlie really needs to get a hold of who ever these ill informed people are they either did not understand what was said if my reading of Peters posts are correct or they are deliberately misleading their members
  12. If i was a betting man I would say it was Callum Mc Robbie
  13. It will be really interesting to hear what Mr Ronney has to say and how much of it will be bluster, it is my one sincere hope that the delegates who go tonight put him through the wringer and see through any smoke screen or even veiled threats that he may come up with.I for one hope that the WOSL becomes a reality as there has been no progress on or off the park, seems to many of the blazers are in it for themselves. A thought any of the teams who do move over will they drop the juniors tag and become, eg Pollock FC, Kilbirnie FC, Auchinleck FC, etc.
  14. Glencairn this season have had a horrendous run of injuries at one point 9 players who would be classified first choice starters yet at no time have asked for any games to be cancelled and because of that fact find themselves in a relegation dog fight, I can understand Talbot exerting their rights to ask for the game to be postponed in this uncertain climate of the Corona virus and the rules are their to be used , so if they have done all the correct procedures then I really dont see what they have done wrong IT IS AFTER ALL THE SCOTTISH CUP 1/4 final and I am sure that every other club would have done the same, but I would like to add the SJFA have really set themselves up if any other team comes calling for a cancellation not to worry as of next year its most unlikely that the powers at the SJFA will have any say in the matter .
  15. Think Arthurlie will have to break their pay budget as by all accounts he likes to be the highest paid at the club,the one thing is he would play every week as George will never leave him out of the team no matter if he is playing bad or not
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