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  1. West Region Premiership - relegation

    Not necessarily as KRR have Auchinleck, Hurlford and Clydebank left to play.
  2. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

  3. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Great to see neutrals taking an interest in Glencairn hopefully you will be back, would be great if the people of Rutherglen would get out in numbers for last few home games and maybe help push the Glens over the line for promotion and hope fully on to winning the league COME ONE RUTHERGLEN GET BEHIND THE GLENS IN THEIR FINAL PUSH
  4. Ardagh Group West Of Scotland Cup

    Hope Carluke have enough committee members to man the gates and do a body count
  5. West Region Games On -16th March

  6. West Region Games On -16th March

    Is this game being played at East Kilbride low lands park
  7. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Home Away Home Home
  8. Friendly fixture required

    Afraid the rules do not allow two teams in same division to play friendlies
  9. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Making Mr Darvels job very easy everyone being a scout for him at the moment hear in the grape vine they have already tapped up two Glencairn players don t know if true just heard through the grape vine as I have said
  10. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    Def not Arta Newman as even to play as a trialist he would have to be re-instated from the seniors and there certainly would not be enough time for that to happen
  11. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    I`m pretty sure the Numan they are talking about will be Neil Numan who played for Cambuslang a few years ago
  12. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    Can’t all be trialists as team must have 7 signed players on park at all times
  13. Cambuslang Rangers And Manager Part Ways

    In stead of everyone having a go we should all encourage Cambuslang minded people to get along find the answers to questions and then decide about helping a famous old club as we do not want to see any Junior clubs going to the wall. All the best and good luck from your friends down the road at Glencairn.
  14. How's the grounds looking?

    I assume that all parties involved are happy enough with the time period between games being called off ,this has happened for many years in the east so Kennie is to be applauded for allowing games to be rearranged in the event of call offs . Keep up the good work Kennie
  15. Auchinleck Talbot 2018/19

    Thought there looked more than that figure in my opinion looked around 350-450 at the game both enclosures were full and at least 100-120 in stand in my opinion