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  1. phil is big weesal aboot.payin players
  2. did he aye.rod petrie.sandies will play when we want.
  3. we dinny need it.best team in amature.k2k.4inarow.thanks
  4. get are 4th the mora. leefa and every1 no gid enuf to mach the sandies. uz are aw scared.k2k
  5. leefa shood just hurry up and gee us the league.best team and rest are guff.k2k.4stars.thanks.sandiesafc
  6. phil wots the hamden with lothianvale. gogz goin tae tiny wae connan and wee Jordan goin to us or tolly
  7. Disney who u taken fae ammies?
  8. uz shouldnay be in semi. it wood av been sandies if not cheeted
  9. sandies better get given oor title.best teem in leefa and amateur fitba
  10. sandies getting tittle next week.evs foldin.toly lozing yule 2 tiny east o scotland.
  11. sandies gettin title.fildo singing every1.disney leavin leefa.dandurhal shood fold
  12. sumer fitba isnny happen.
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