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  1. evs gonna fold.medowbank same.saughton star are doing nowt tae
  2. toll will do nowt.bottle jobs.mid field no gid enuf. no1 fae tolly stars for ur sandies.k2k
  3. u talk way 2 much.handren is best gaffa in leefa.phil gid at sellin fitba cards tae give singing fees.
  4. mare than too.we just need tae turn up and we win league.
  5. sandies make it 5 eazy. new guyz are ballers. dandurhal will be klass. evs lozing players and new people r poor.medowbank getting scottie fae ferny and too guys fae mussie. tolly are singing jackson and swanny fae edinburg star and the stuart twins fae pafhead.muryston gettin few young guys.
  6. sandies will skoosh it all this seeson.nae team will touch us
  7. raker and doodzy best in teem
  8. sneaky getting robo fae us
  9. hez left away tae tiny
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