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  1. I never go anywhere without my pepper spray!😁
  2. Ray McKinnon has lost 1 league game. That was away to Cove Rangers, who are a pretty decent side! In the far future, when we look back on his tenure as Head Coach, I'm sure we will see a league record that will be the most successful of any manager we have ever had. We are building something great here. Next up is our first home game in over 7 months. On a big, decent pitch, with the whole week to prepare, I'm sure we will see the real Queen's Park.
  3. The same thing applies to salaries. People asking "how much are we paying him?". I'm sure most people would be outraged if their salary details were made public but they seem to expect to be told what footballers are earning!
  4. I believe that will be young Max. I remember seeing his dad play a few times. Hopefully Max will play in the Premier League but with Queen's 😁
  5. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/pathway-to-professional-football-for-qp-youth-academy/
  6. By my reckoning, of the 19 players we have on professional contracts, 5 are 18 or younger. That number will expand in the coming years. In a totally unrelated matter, really looking forward to our trip to Cappielow 😁
  7. That's why he's signed McHugh and Murray to play up front, together, so we can draw every game. Can't wait to see who we are going to sign when he wants to win!
  8. I've not had that in ages. Would be good to see bottles of that, Irn Bru and American Cream Soda distributed at a drinks break!
  9. I can confirm I don't have 2.5 million in the bank.
  10. No training at the moment but once it resumes it will be at Lesser.
  11. Sorry, didn't mean you personally, I meant Stranraer.
  12. As has been said before, we have a Head Coach who has lost just1 league game. Ray has earned the right to build his team. He hasn't even assembled half his squad yet and we have people criticising. I'm happy to wait and see the full squad that is assembled and also judge it when we have played a few games!
  13. Nice shirt, pity you can't wear it at Hampden.
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