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  1. No training at the moment but once it resumes it will be at Lesser.
  2. Sorry, didn't mean you personally, I meant Stranraer.
  3. As has been said before, we have a Head Coach who has lost just1 league game. Ray has earned the right to build his team. He hasn't even assembled half his squad yet and we have people criticising. I'm happy to wait and see the full squad that is assembled and also judge it when we have played a few games!
  4. Nice shirt, pity you can't wear it at Hampden.
  5. Thank you for that constructive and well thought out insight.
  6. Great to see Sal sign for Livingston. If you are successful for Queen's Park then you can progress to the Premiership.
  7. We have given 5 youth players professional contracts, 1 full-time. These have to be earned and given on merit. We are not running our Youth system to develop players capable of playing in the Lowland League. We are doing it to retain those that are good enough to sign for Premier League teams.
  8. Certainly wouldn't hate to have him back, has the transfer window shifted in length considering when our league are starting back or is it still shutting at the end of August/September 1st? It's not officially open yet as the SFA asked FIFA for a delay from it opening on 10th June. When it does officially open it is normally open for 12 weeks.
  9. Total farce. It's just a popularity contest! No Fyvie or Megginson, the 2 standout players in the division last season. No David Galt, Queen's best player last season. Utter nonsense!!!
  10. It's not the stands or terracing that are the problem, it's the shared entry, exits, toilets etc.
  11. He went on a 2 game emergency loan to Rossvale last season. Saved a pen and was man of the match in the first game.
  12. Delighted. The main reason I voted to go professional.
  13. It is the wrong time for restructuring. It should be done in the best interests of Scottish football, not to save 3 Clubs from relegation. Hearts really, really annoy me! They are apparently being relegated through no fault of their own. They had the 3rd largest wage bill in the division and it was significantly higher than Livingston and Hamilton's. They were bottom of the league and poor all season. They took too long to replace their manager and then brought in someone with no experience of the Scottish game. Total mismanagement from start to finish of the season but they were relegated through no fault of their own. Come on!!! I have sympathy for Stranraer who have done magnificently in the past few seasons. If Hearts or Thistle used their greater resources in the same manner as you guys then they wouldn't be getting relegated!!! Professional football is a harsh and cruel environment. There are winners and losers. I think your magnificent run outside the bottom league was a great achievement and I sincerely hope you survive the current situation and look forward to many hard games against you in the future!😊
  14. If Championship is starting in October then League 1 and 2 should start then too. The Premiership is different for TV money but everyone else should be the same. Makes it easier for League and Scottish Cup. Scrap the challenge cup.
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