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  1. The Club is changing, let them do what they are comfortable with, not what's imposed on them.
  2. Huddled together with curry pies, that sounds a recipe for disaster!
  3. That is a decision for the Club. For me I would give players a contract and you can always give who you want to keep 18 month ones so they are tied down now for next season.
  4. The Club approved professionalism in November. The Club can sign professional players from then.
  5. When planning how best to take the club forward would you not firstly sort out your coaching side before turning attention to the playing side? Now that the coaching side has been sorted I imagine that the playing side will be addressed pretty quickly as the transfer window closes at the end of the month. I can't imagine any club having a complete squad overhaul in January so I imagine it will be strengthened by adding some players. Ray McKinnon said as much in his Sky interview. To help integration I hope every player is looked after.
  6. Jamieson was not suspended, he failed a fitness test before the game.
  7. We're coming for you!!! Football is changing and we're changing with it. Looking forward to seeing where our respective clubs are in 5 years time.
  8. No idea what all this has to do with the game but I hope when we are lining up to thrash Real Madrid in the 2030 Champions League final we rename the stadium The Sir Willie Haughey Stadium.
  9. Are you sure he didn't want to leave Morton as there was interference in his team selections. Something that has continued after he left! Sort your own house out!
  10. No I said Pochetinno still available which I believe is true.
  11. Double standards at Cove. Manager can make obscene gestures to opposition fans at Hampden during game he was representing Cove but a player can't at a game that has nothing to do with Cove!
  12. Always a tough game at Galabank. First goal could be crucial.
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