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  1. Junior football was always seen as the tier below senior. Still seems to be the case on the park.
  2. ..................For those that have money. Sums up Scottish football.
  3. Not everyone has a sugar daddy, or have access to aid because they are in a built up area with a number of clubs competing for the same funding. Used to be a working man's game with everyone having the same opportunities.
  4. So you agree there is much of a muchness in terms of team's abilities. Being a member of a prestigious golf club doesn't mean your a better golfer......but guaranteed doors will be opened for you. Pretty much sums up the state of Scottish football.
  5. I never said there wasn't. Some are not as good and there will be some who are better, a bit like the teams in both leagues, which was the crux of my point. Higher status doesn't necessarily mean better teams on the park.
  6. Yes, and without being disrespectful there are players now playing in the lowland league that were struggling to play in the West region Premier league. Based on a team's ability alone the Premier league would surely be on a par with most teams in the current pyramid system. I cant change the blazers but can only judge what I see on the park.
  7. Give me the WOS Juniors over some ghost league that is full of nomads, boys clubs and uni's all day long. Irrespective of statuses its what happens on the park that really counts. The EOS seems to be a place to play when players can no longer cut the top end of the Juniors.
  8. U21 football is disappearing for a few reasons, the first one being that there will be a number of boys already playing in the development league that you mention and because of the lack of money in the junior game their squads are littered with younger boys who would have been playing 21's, although if your good enough then your old enough. It also doesn't help that the 21's also play on a Saturday afternoon. The development league is a great opportunity for clubs to ensure that they are capturing good boys coming through, however meeting the criteria may be difficult for a lot of clubs wanting to go down this route.
  9. Good result, although referee more than made up for the 9 players who left. Worst I've ever seen.
  10. The 2nd was a foul on the goalkeeper, the 3rd was a very soft penalty and the wrong man got the red card it should have been the talbot player for shoving. Other than that it looked a one way street.
  11. Pretty fair assessment it was definitely a good defensive display in the second half by Larkhall and in particular the goalkeeper however felt had the right choices been made in the final third by larkhall in the first half the game would have been over as a contest by half time.
  12. At no point have I said anything is acceptable. I am only stating the fact that there was an incident prior to the alleged cheap shot and it was not a clash of heads. The picture you paint might be slightly different from what actually happened.
  13. The cut head came before the alleged cheap shot. Hope both boys are ok but no point in stating only half a story..
  14. Larkhall player took a cheap shot punch at the Carluke player off the ball when the young guy wasn't looking....coward Would that be the Larkhall player who is off to hospital to get a number of stitches in the back of his head that happened when he wasnt looking
  15. Maybe was other side from me but so should have Larkhall player in the first half but there can be no argument the better team won on the night Disappointed as I thought Larkhall tried to play a bit more football, however St Rochs were more direct and looked more threatening in the final third and the striker took both his chances well. Been the same story so many times in the 2nd half of the season.
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