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  1. Looking great guys, can’t wait to get up and take in a game or 2 when season starts.
  2. Well worth posting.. everyone delighted for you clearing that up. Away back under your rock now. Thanks in advance
  3. Rant over? Hopefully, as I can’t take much more of your pish talk.
  4. If he were to comment on everything negative towards Darvel then he would never be off of P&B / Twitter. If there’s nothing negative about Darvel then people will make something up, for whatever reason. Why can’t people not just let the guy get on with football rather than trying to slaughter him or his team at every opportunity.
  5. Wow, how embarrassing. If you really want to accuse a team of doing wrong, come out and do so from your own name rather than hind behind a profile. What an absolute load of nonsense.
  6. Good player is Kyle. Hopefully gets a chance at Kilbirnie
  7. Good to see Scott McLean signing for Darvel, always liked him as a youth player at Kilmarnock and always thought he would go on to make it with Killie. Good luck to him at Darvel.
  8. Correct Cunny. Superb result for Shortlees and hopefully can push on now.
  9. What was your teams score today?? Thought as much.. gies peace you absolute weapon. Darvel will comfortably beat your mob, that is for sure.
  10. This is nonsense. Wilson has been told he has a part to play this season.
  11. How long will it take Stevie G to mention the RP surface? In all seriousness I think this will be a walk in the park for them. Killie looking poor and disorganised.
  12. From what I’ve heard onthank will be lucky to start the season. Hope it’s not true
  13. Took in the game tonight, Talbot just looked hungrier and fitter. Looks like another season of Talbot dominance
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