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  1. Took in the game tonight. Didn’t think there was much between the sides and still think it’ll be between these 2 to win the league.. all be it Killie amateurs have catching up to do. I’ve praised Fras Gall a lot recently but tonight he didn’t do enough for a player of his ability. Started the game well but then fell out it and the big boy for United kept him quiet. If they can get him back to his best they’ll do better. I’ll still stick with the Ams to win the league with United a close 2nd.
  2. Correct Cunny. Superb result for Shortlees and hopefully can push on now.
  3. Killie ams against killie United tomorrow night. Not sure where the games being played? But should be a good 1. What’s the predictions?
  4. What was your teams score today?? Thought as much.. gies peace you absolute weapon. Darvel will comfortably beat your mob, that is for sure.
  5. This is nonsense. Wilson has been told he has a part to play this season.
  6. How long will it take Stevie G to mention the RP surface? In all seriousness I think this will be a walk in the park for them. Killie looking poor and disorganised.
  7. From what I’ve heard onthank will be lucky to start the season. Hope it’s not true
  8. Took in the game tonight, Talbot just looked hungrier and fitter. Looks like another season of Talbot dominance
  9. Great result for you tonight. Shaping up to be a good season for Whitletts.
  10. Great result for Darvel tonight. There are some bitter people out there regarding Darvel.. I think it’s a breath of fresh air in the Juniors I’m sure everyone has 1 eye on their results. Good luck for the season guys hope it’s a successful one.
  11. Someone take this guys phone off him. Fenwick are below average and will be bottom 5 and there are many better keepers out there than Newfarms Goalkeeper. Stop spouting pure shite.
  12. Hat trick for Gall for Killie amateur today, said it the other night watching the new farm game he shouldn’t be playing in bottom league, maybe has lack of ambition which we see in a lot of amateur players noo a days.
  13. Premier - 1st Glenburn 2nd Thistle 3rd Ardeer bottom 2 - Mossblown Tarbolton 1st Div - 1st Crosshouse 2nd Galston That’s my predictions for the new season with Killie Utd and Mauchline to win the bottom leagues. All the very best to all teams hope it’s an exciting season in the Ayrshire Ammies.
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