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  1. Good one very original but expected from you looking at your previous posts......
  2. Hearing stories Galston utd are struggling big time and have lost some key players...... surely not the latest big ametuer club following the likes of tiber and clarkdrive to fold?? Remember playing against Galston years ago at the park by the river was always a tough place to go.
  3. Been following the darvel story for a year or two now and really hope they can get the right man in to get them where they want to go. Some passionate fans and a cracking committee.. the least they deserve is for things to be put right on the park. Good luck to you Darvel.
  4. Talbot Park is better surface than you’ll find at any pro club in Scotland .. magnificent pitch
  5. Kilsyth will do fine this season imo, some great young talent from what I’ve seen
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