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  1. Thanks for all your responses so far - it is really great to hear the positives and the negatives from across the country. I appreciate that some people just want to watch a football match, but we so often hear of complaints about value for money (in addition to the playing side of things) and it is important to make fans want to enjoy what they are paying money for, especially if the football doesn't allow them to do that! It is also important to continue to attract new supporters to games and with the changes in social interests and technology etc. the clubs need to think of new ideas to remain as appealing as possible. Keep the comments coming!
  2. Hi All, I am new to the forum and was hoping to tap into the readers / posters to gather some market research data on the subject of catering facilities at football stadiums in Scotland. I want to hear about your experiences if possible - both good and bad. It would be good to hear about issues such as the following: Quality of food Time spent queuing at stadium kiosks Availability of menu offerings Pricing What could be done on the whole to improve match-day catering in Scotland? If you are happy to provide an answer and share your experiences, please can you include which team you support and which ground you had your good/bad experience at (if different to your home team). Many thanks in advance
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