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  1. Thanks for the reply. It certainly wasn't intended to be a "woe me" post and posting on places I used to frequent a lot was actually the advice of the worker I was assigned. Your final point echoes mine though so that's exactly what I'm going to do. Cheers.
  2. Posted about this a bit in the Depression thread, but thought it best to clear up a few things on here. I deleted all my social media and such as its not the best place in the world to be when you're trying to fix yourself and get your shit together. I made this P&B account as a way of getting back online without the extra attention that I wasn't in the right place to deal with at the time. I understand if mods want to delete my account for this. The last few years had been pretty tough to get through. Without going into too much detail I really struggled accepting certain things that happened in my childhood. That led to me making plenty of stupid decisions, culminating in the one that's been pretty well discussed here and on Twitter. Mental health issues may explain certain decisions I made, but it certainly doesn't excuse them and the last thing I want to do is come here and make excuses. There are none, and only I'm to blame for the choices I made in terms of what happened as well as not getting the proper help that I clearly needed before I did. After everything that happened, my MH was at a pretty low ebb. I was then offered a place on a bartending and hospitality course run through Diageo as a way of making the first steps back into work or education. The course included multiple certificates to help you get into the trade, one of which was the Personal Licence certificate and subsequent local authority PL application which was rejected. As others stated, that doesn't impact my ability to get a job in the sector and I'm lucky to have found somewhere that is giving me a chance, but it simply stops me being named as a premises manager somewhere. I understand that the labels thrown at me are ones I have to accept and deal with, and that I have nobody but myself to blame. However, I don't want to be a waster and throw away my life - and I want to make a positive future for myself rather than the bleak one I was facing having not addressed my issues. Part of the supervision order is focused on accepting what I did was wrong and making steps in the right direction, and addressing what happened here is important for me to do as Twitter/P&B etc was a fairly big part of my daily life before. I know better than most that I could come across on the internet as a proper bellend at times, and lets face it - that will probably never change. Only a handful of folk on here will have ever met me IRL, and I like to think I'm not as much of a douche as you might think. To anyone I've hurt, upset or affected in any way that might be reading this - I'm sorry. Words are just words though, and it's my actions going forward that will be the true marker of whether I've changed, so that's what I'm off to work on some more. Peace.
  3. I wasn't actually having a go at Considine in my post, it was more of a case of defending Kirk Broadfoot.
  4. I used to be in the 'Kirk Broadfoot LOL' camp too, but since he joined Killie and having watched him weekly it's clear he's an excellent defender for this level - so much so that he'd stroll into the Aberdeen defence ahead of guys like Considine. He also keeps himself ridiculously fit, and is probably one of the fittest players at the club which will see him good for the next few seasons at least.
  5. For someone who's posted a lot about Killie fans losing their head, you've certainly lost yours a fair bit in this thread.
  6. You've not replied to my answer I gave earlier. You're breaking my heart here.
  7. I actually like Cosgrove, and think he could be excellent with a new co-host. He's excellent on the Media Review with Eamonn O'Neill e.g.
  8. I've had a shite few years, culminating in making some pretty poor choices that really impacted on myself and more importantly others. Feeling like I had to lie to people about how I was feeling and that just spread like wildfire into other aspects of my life. Ended up being given a years supervision and that has helped push me up the list with counselling and other MH support which is helping address the issues from my past that made me do some of the things I did. The best thing I've done though is delete all my social media whilst I tried to piece my head back together because it can be a pretty unforgiving place at times, so using P&B is my first tentative steps back into the big bad world of the internet now things are starting to look up. I used to come on here and read about others battles and even though I didn't post a lot of the stories and advice really helped make me feel less alone at the times I was feeling bleakest, so I wanted to say thank you and put a bit of my story out there too. Cheers.
  9. Are you a troll or just thick? We set out today to press the game higher up and engage early - something we do against 'weaker' teams. I'd have preferred we sat back and allowed Aberdeen more of the ball because I don't think they'd have enough to punish us outwith of set pieces. You seem to have a bee in your bonnet or too much whisky in your stomach so I'll leave it at that.
  10. There isn't one, particularly. When we're up against teams with a bigger budget we tend to be tight defensively, allowing the opposition possession and then pressing in the right areas followed by a swift counter attack either over the top or through pace on the wings. I'm guessing you think that's how Killie play every week because you've pretty much only seen us against Rangers and Celtic. Against teams we've a better chance of winning against, we actually play a really good style of football. It's certainly not tiki taka and we aren't afraid to play long balls at times, but when we get our full backs pushing on with Burke and others cutting inside and Mulumbu, Power and Dicker pulling the strings we're great to watch. My issue today is that he looked at Aberdeen's issues and felt we should play that way, rather than go for our typical 'Old Firm' setup which I think would have set us in better stead. It's hard to tell for sure because of the sendings off, but that's just my opinion.
  11. I love his sense of humour. The barely noticeable smirks when he said that McLean was "number one" or that his abilities are dwindling and maybe he's bitter because he's just been removed from the FIFA list was perfect.
  12. With Partick down in the play-offs
  13. You can't as Killie fans be precious about tactics to kill a game when we do the same thing against Rangers and Celtic. Niggly wee fouls everywhere, a solid shape, hard to break down and be up for the fight. Aberdeen did nothing wrong and if we'd been a bit smarter today then we would have had a better chance.
  14. Broadfoot (when we appeal) and Gary Dicker. And we'll still manage a draw at least against Lennon's lads.
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