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  1. No game today so...Vale of Clyde v Ashfield
  2. Bobby Campbell - Chelsea Jimmy Connor - Sunderland Jimmy Lawrence - Newcastle Tom Sloan - Third Lanark James Stark - Rangers Robert Thomson - Celtic Frank McDougall - Aberdeen All capped for Scotland and played for Glasgow Perthshire
  3. Blantyre manager was sent off last week. He hopped the fence and stood with the fans behind the dugout. Now, referee did not insist that he went to the dressing room.
  4. The game was abandoned because of the injury which was confirmed by the match official. And the tackle was hard but certainly not one you dont see any other week at Junior level. To state that the game was abandoned due to the 'afters' and that 'trouble' follows Perthshire about is disrespectful to the club and fans. No one wants to see anyone badly injured but it does happen wither innocently or not and I pray the lad is ok. I will add a point. I was shocked that after paying £5 admission that Wishaw were asking for another £3 to enter The Hospitality Suite if you wanted a drink. Never seen that at any ground I've been too.
  5. Would that be the Wishaw manager walking on the pitch in a disgraceful manner receiving a 'red' card due to his inciteful behaviour!!!
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