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  1. Correction - 3rd from left at the top looks more like the maestro himself ( and Dougie Imrie hater ) Gerry McCabe. There are 2 decent teams in that line up - throw in Mark Fulton and you have the team who knocked Rangers out the Cup in 1987... and then got relegated. Jim Liddle wasn't the best, mind ;-)
  2. Alex Hamill, Tommy O'Neil, Gerry Collins,Willie Jamieson , Jim Liddle , Ally Brazil , Kevin McKee, Alex Taylor , Adrian Sprott, Charlie Speirs, Rikki ferguson < Dave McKellar, Willie Watters, Stevie Clarke, Joe Reid, Jimmy Sinclair, Graeme Mitchell, Gerry Philips, John Pelosi , John Brogan, Derek Walker plus maybe Albert Craig top left
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