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  1. When the Burgh lose, this thread becomes quite comical with strange visitors! Thanks for the contribution... Casey, thanks for the match summary - seems like the cookie are justifying their favourites tag for the conference in quite some style. They are certainly dishing out some pasting's this season (shame we've been on the end of two of them!). They have aspirations of winning the conference, ours are top 5 and that shows. On to the next one, another tough game on the road!
  2. I'm glad I'm not losing it - thanks Casey! Fair play to him going and trying something else, even more so for realising he wanted to come back. Bit of a Burgh legend with that number of games - I'll bet he's bagged a fair few goals for the club as well. Seems a little bit of excitement in the town about the team. I've convinced a few to take the short trip to Easthouses Lily on the 20th!
  3. That's some number of games Mathu has racked up for the Burgh. Did he not leave for a period as well? I might be making that up! I'm sure it was around the time Jordyn Sheerin was hammering in goals for fun before moving?
  4. Thanks for the info. They are a weaker side but the job needs to be done over sides that you are expected to beat. Plus, it was a requirement with Saturday's game in mind against the conference favourites. MTB.
  5. Some result last night away to Hawick RA. The score reads as a comfortable victory for the Burgh, anyone on the forums there last night to give an account of how the lads played?
  6. The number of away games has been pretty incredible actually and I see we've drawn Hill of Beath Hawthorn away having dispatched of Gala a few weeks back. It feels like they never play at Olivebank! Hopefully the Burgh pick up the points on the road tonight before a real difficult challenge on Saturday.
  7. Good to hear. Struggling to get to games myself just now but I've got some free weekends coming up. top 5 in the Conference is the goal I'd imagine and looking ok early doors. Penicuik appear very strong for this group!
  8. Yeah, it is a cup tie according to the fixture list. Penicuik in the league on 6th October... We play them twice in quite quick succession.
  9. Good to hear that overall the result was merited. Looks like some of the folk that went down on the train had a great day out! Penicuik will be a tough test - but at least we go through there with the tails up.
  10. Tongue and cheek banter from the Jaggywaggy lot I'm guessing - understandably so after the Burgh performance that day - hopefully the clichéd 'bad day at the office'! Good result last weekend though and an interesting game coming up on Saturday in the cup.
  11. Hopefully get some video highlights up after a good win.... In the event of Gala Fairydean Rovers winning, I'm sure they will upload their own and I'll duly not bother watching... ;-)
  12. I noticed on social media, £9.40 day return from Newcraighall, 45 mins roughly on the train and then a few pubs en route - sounds like a brilliant day out actually. Do you think think we can get a result with them being a LL side?
  13. I might do that actually - although with other commitments I'll likely not be able to get to a game until 20th October which is away to Easthouses Lily - although it's not exactly far from home that one!
  14. Do the club run buses to most away games? I assume you just need to check the social media channels to see if there is any availability to hop aboard?
  15. Enjoyable day at the game yesterday with a solid 3-1 win. I actually thought Dunbar had a good couple of spells in the game, particularly in the first 15 minutes but didn't really carve out any opportunities . The game fizzled out in the last 15 minutes which suited Musselburgh at that point. That first goal was a lovely move as well, 13 or 14 passes and a lovely finish low past the keeper. Musslburgh's third was a tidy finish too! The attendance was healthy, guestimate would be around 350-400. I'll not be able to make the next few away games... but I'll be back for the next home game and continue to try and drag some locals down with me! Moan the Burgh.
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