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  1. Ryan Shanley on a season long loan to City from Hibs
  2. Don't apologise mate, we all go through frustrations with our team at times - especially given the major surgery the side are going through just now. It does make you feel a little uneasy. Hope you can get to Ainslie Park/Meadowbank regularly when things are back up and running. The club needs as much support as possible to grow. I'll be dragging a few neutral mates to the Hoppy for a couple before some home games next season to try and see if they get the City bug.
  3. Ryan Shanley in on loan from the Hibees. Good potential as an attacking player so fingers crossed he is as impactful as Porteous and Campbell have been in recent times.
  4. Any decent boozers around the ground in Kelty for a pint when we visit next season?
  5. Second would be a great finish next season, that said, we cannot chuck the towel in just yet. I'd like to think given the structure of the club, that we can add a few more names and they have some options. Time will tell. Try not to let your enthusiasm be dampened, it's the way the food chain is for us at the moment. We are back at Meadownbank (albeit, a bit later than I'd like) and have a vision for the future to try and progress as outlined by the board a few weeks/months back. Positive vibes! City assembled the team we appreciated last season, I'm sure Naysmith and Murray have ideas to keep us progressing with players we can enjoy again this season.
  6. Yeah, it's quite a bad break that's for sure! It is what it is though, and we must press on and assemble a squad that can compete, which I'm sure that we will. I don't actually mind this division. It always has a fresh feel due to the turn over of sides in recent years. Still, I think City are ambitious enough to press forward.
  7. It appears he signed the extension of a 1 year deal but there was a release clause in the contract that QP activated. This one feels like a ball shot for the club to be honest. Always a risk of losing the lad, but I was delighted a few weeks back when he was retained. I'm starting to feel a little less excited for the season, depending on what players are coming in, especially given what Kelty appear to building already. Hopefully there's a couple of aces up the sleeve...
  8. James Hilton to Edinburgh City from Stranraer.
  9. Thanks for sharing this little gem of a video. Seems like a nice lad. Do you think he will do well at City?
  10. Just seen the group stage of the League Cup draw as well. City, Hamilton Accies, Ayr Utd, Falkirk and Albion Rovers.
  11. This is a pretty good assessment to be honest. I agree entirely. I'm sure the coaching staff will have an idea of who they want to bring in and it's a game of wait and see now. Hopefully they can put together a good side that can achieve top 4 minimum and possibly, push for the title.
  12. Out of interest, who are the names you are disappointed with who are leaving the club? I'd have liked to see Antell and Laird stay, but not sure about the rest.
  13. Yeah, I seen this earlier today and Liam Brown remaining is excellent news and as you correctly point out, a sign of ambition going into the new season. Hopefully the club are close to announcing something regarding Liam Henderson considering they've been so open about ongoing negotiations. I would like to get Josh Campbell back for next season as well, although Hibs have the link with Stenny, so not sure how that plays out going forward? Naysmith has a bit of a rebuild on his hands but retaining Crane, See, McIntyre, Jardine, Handling and Blair Henderson is a start.
  14. I've seen Dumbarton play once this season, against Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup earlier in the year. I thought they looked a decent that day and was quite surprised they've found themselves in the play off for potential relegation. Not sure what to expect when the sides meet next week. City will need to be better than they were last night though as defensively, we can count ourselves lucky Elgin never progressed.
  15. Fair assessment this. I thought we had a fair few lapses in concentration defensively and only due to poor finishing, weren't punished further. Elgin's second goal was scored whilst one of theirs was off the park getting treatment - just didn't feel very organised at the back. The long balls, especially in the first half, were quite frustrating. Ironically, when the conditions went mental with the rain, we appeared to play our best stuff. As you say, there may have been a few factors at play which helped with that.
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