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  1. Well said that man. I assume you were one of the collectors yesterday so a big Thanks to you and the other guys for helping out. Also a Thanks to the fans who gave a tenner.
  2. Don't honestly think this will benefit the Rovers. He's going to a team that was torn apart by Auchinleck in the cup. Don't see him coming back a better player as the standard is not that high. Only my opinion. Also it's only until January.
  3. Where's the money coming from ? Thought we were on the bones of our arse !!
  4. Don't expect Darren Young to be " The Laughing Gnome " at 5.00 on Saturday as the East Fife fans will be thinking that he's "The Man Who Sold The World ". It's been a long night.
  5. He'll put you " Under Pressure " cos he's one of our " Heroes" who'll shoot us to " Fame " and we'll be " Dancing in the Street".
  6. Just thought I'd throw this out there: Last season. Points This season. Points Stranraer away 1-1 1pt . Dumbarton away 0-1 3pt. Stenhousemuir home 2-0 4pt. Clyde home. 5-2 6pt East Fife. home. 2-2 . 5pt. Stranraer away. 3-2. 6pt Airdrie away 3-4 . 8pt Montrose home Forfar home 4-0 11pt. East Fife away The manager parts company with the Rovers after 5 league games and joint top. Wonder what will happen this season after 5 league games ?
  7. SV Hamburg BOD have said " Ich kann den Jungs nicht im Weg stehen "
  8. Not a fault. Just a comment as it would have been nice to see the redecoration. Sorry if it came across negatively.
  9. Thought they would have taken a new picture. Not the old one with someone no longer employed in it. Typical Rovers.
  10. Wonder if Eric will make a guest appearance in the Directors Box today and will he be warmly welcomed back by one and all ?
  11. The club is hoping for x amount, I doubt they are budgeting for that same amount. Anything we as fans do with this should be considered a bonus to the club I would imagine/ hope. IIRC at the AGM the club had factored an amount into the budget. How much tho I'm unsure. Have contributed to all the past fundraisers when "promises" of various incentives dissappeared quicker than snow of a dyke after a short period of time. The present Board have to get this right as it maybe the last chance to get the fans financial backing. As it's only the price of a couple of beers will be signing up next week.
  12. Two full timers. Thought surface was still being maintained by the installers as this was part of contract. Regarding surface being used 7 days a week. Should this not be SPP who control and manage this ? Bottom line is who do the two gents work for RRFC or SPP ? Sure someone ITK will keep us updated. Regarding Saturday a win is a good start for the boys. Plenty of positives to build on and some negatives to sort out. Hopefully this is our year.
  13. Surely he's no defected to Least End Park as well !!!!
  14. He was in Turkey last week. Galatassary anybody ?
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