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  1. I was thinking Rogers McAllister - Grant - Baird Cadden - Strapp/Livingstone Jacobs - Colville/Lyon Nesbitt Sutton and Mchugh. But you are probably on to a better system having Cadden and Nesbitt either side of a striker is better going forward, but I would have Sutton in ahead of McHugh even though Bob has been putting in a shift.
  2. Can sort of see the players he has assembled fitting that bill. One that jumps out is McAllister playing CB to carry the ball. The Sutton up top with McHugh
  3. Must have jinxed it cause looks like a deal for a CB has fell through and thats it for now
  4. Morton signed Adam Livingstone from Motherwell and are hoping to secure one more deal before the window SLAMS shut at midnight
  5. 46 goals in Morton's opening 8 games. That's box office viewing.
  6. Two Friday nights in a row for the Ton which suits me as I play football on Saturdays. If we lose both though then its the worst thing to ever happen and its killing football
  7. I heard from a Brechin fan that he wasn't offered a new deal because they were unable to afford a suitable package. Can't tell you if this is accurate or not
  8. Why would it rattle us that Tidser is playing in League 1? Would save us from having to play against him! Any Morton fan who expects Tidser to stay is aff their heed (still, fingers crossed)
  9. If we play 3/5 at the back again the McAllister showed that he can very capably play as one of the three and, in the past, as a RWB. TBH, he was our best CB at the tail-end of the season
  10. Kyle Jacobs signs from QotS and Robert Thomson is confirmed as leaving.
  11. Not 100%, saw someone say it on twitter but he hasn't confirmed anything
  12. Iredale already signed for Carlisle and don't see Oliver going PT. Gaston though, if he is still wanting to do his Time Capsule job then Dumbarton would surely be perfect
  13. They have still to accept the extensions offered, so they could still leave if offered better elsewhere.
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