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  1. Ha ha ha ! You got a point there cant argue with that. I'm on a soap box mate heard a few lies. Ticket fiasco, Oran sacked , These are facts that can be proved. Money wasted can only be proved when the new accounts come out. Like you I'm a life long buddie more than 50 years. If I'm wrong will take the abuse and hold my hand up to say I was wrong . Until that point will not change my mind. I'm a buddie right or wrong on this . I want the best for the club.. Funnily enough I get some abuse from time to time, quite enjoy it actually because usually I am NEVER wrong, handy that. Mind you.......................... roll on the fitba again, please.
  2. Like all of us we dont really know the bottom line until the accounts are published. I dont believe we are in debt. I have a feeling after hearing rumblings that 2 million brought in on transfers has been mostly used up. Heard true or false Oran leaving had nothing to do with travel or moving over full time to Scotland. Weeks later Oran went public telling Gordon to stop telling lies as to why he left the club that it had nothing to do with commuting. If it did not stop he would take it further legally. That's quite a statement. Of course it could be Gordon did not like the direction Oran wanted to take the club. Or a personality clash. Can I ask you a question? If two million has been used up that was brought in by transfers would you be surprised ? If we are doing well in the league and two million has been blown when the accounts are published I think it will no big deal with fans. So no debt but a lot of money wasted maybe. Stones be thrown I hate Gordon very untrue. I want the club to be run correctly dont we all. The ticket online system is not fit for purpose. Gordon said it would be fixed for this season. You go out and tell hundreds of fans this will all be fixed for next season. It's still the same system . You could just have said I dont believe we are in debt. which of course you did and then rambled on in your usual manner, did you ever think that in a previous life you may well have been one of those hellfire preachers? šŸ˜Ž
  3. The Bundesliga in Germany are considering a move to have all clubs playing on the same artificial surfaces. Not moving with technology is what is amateurish. It's an opinion, no more nor less valid than my own.
  4. This is an absolutely valid point and I agree and support it wholeheartedly..................... but NOT in the premier league, makes us look like a bunch of amateurs.
  5. How would taking away 25% of the prize money from every club in the league encourage this? I think the point is you only receive 75% IF you have a plastic pitch. it's not a bad idea either,
  6. I'm following it, I think the Irish lad left because the rain goes upwards in Paisley due to armaggedon, which the chairman told lies about. Is that it? At last ...................... someone who understands! Just don't sit on the stand roof or you will get wet and probably blown away as well on Sunday. šŸ˜Ž
  7. #ANNOUNCEHLADKYCONTRACT #ANNOUNCEPOPESCU #ANNOUNCEISMA Not sure what yer drinking but Ill ave sum. šŸ˜ƒ
  8. That being the case, Iā€™d like to see us sign a centre half and a striker! Ok, but what about the other player?
  9. How the hell wid you no carting all that bloody ironware aboot. . šŸ˜ƒ
  10. Do Kilmarnock, Hamilton and Livingston rent them out? Is it really professional approach? Our pitch is owned by the West Lothian Youth Foundation and is used for a lot of things within the local community. It is used for our 1st team and reserve team training, 1st team and reserve games too. It's used by a number of local teams too. After our game against Berwick Rangers there was an amateur game on an hour after the final whistle. Not only is it great and a sustainable option for Livingston, it's a huge benefit to the local community too. We don't live in a fantasy money land, the alternative of grass isn't just that. With grass comes 3-5 cancelled games a season, which you'd be the first to moan about, our alternative is not just to hire groundsmen (which we can barely afford). To further hammer it home, it's not even our choice, we don't own the stadium and we certainly don't have training facilities beyond the stadium. So if Celtic want to so graciously stump up the money, I'm sure Livingston will be 100% happy to put down a grass pitch if all other costs are met as well. Shouldn't be too much to find each season for a club about to sell a player for 25m, incidentally more than Livingston has turned over in every year of our existence (1995) combined. Another very valid argument and well put, I wish I had an answer, I can see financially it makes sense, one solution would be to have a grass pitch for league games and a plastic one for 'other uses' the crux of coarse being the cost and some on-going maintenance for the grass pitch. I just think league games should be on grass and everybody playing on the same type of surface.
  11. I do take your point but if we want to be regarded as a 'proper footballing nation' they have to go. Football should be played on grass, not plastic or a combination of plastic and grass, but grass.
  12. Thought Div had said he 'traveled' with derby?
  13. These matches .........................yes should have been fairly easily won, but hey we are st mirren, we do not do things normally we are excellent in dragging defeat from the jaws of victory we are great at losing games we should win, I remember a Raith Rovers game, god knows how long ago, first game of the season in Kirkcaldy, 7.0 if I remember right; in tears I was as I have been many a time watching our lot, but isn't it just loverly when things click šŸ˜„. Yes we were rubbish but JG was always going to take his time to get the players he needs to do what we want and if truth be told it takes a few weeks to get it together so bloody what......... tighten up those pampers and COYS
  14. Stelios was rotten. Fully expect Kyle McAllister to jet in this week. We are very close on a number of deals. Let the good times roll. How dare you insult my hero, might have to challenge you to fisticuffs................ please don't accept though šŸ˜„
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