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  1. Here are two more interviews, one with the John McGlynn and one with Reghan
  2. What RaithTV is allowed to provide is determined at a national level. Unfortunately we haven’t had confirmation on the rules yet. Although we are preparing for many eventualities, ultimately we can’t commit to anything right now until more information on the rules and Pixellot streaming comes out.
  3. Sorry you are having trouble listening to the interview. The audio is captured at the correct level for the equipment we have available. If we were to turn the gain up further on our end, with the equipment we have available, the sound would be distorted, and capturing clean audio is a challenge as is outdoors on a windy day. A possibility is viewing the video through the YouTube app on a smart tv (search for RaithTV), as a tv should give you better volume than a phone or laptop.
  4. We've just put out an end of season interview from the 2008/09 season with John McGlynn and tomorrow we have a full match replay of the 2019 3-0 cup win against Dunfermline Athletic (also on our YouTube channel). We will be putting out the John McGlynn interview on our podcast channel soon as well if you would rather listen to it there.
  5. Doing another free replay this weekend, it is going to be the Stranraer game from November. It has some good goals in the game but it also is the game where Gregory Tade was our guest commentator in the booth. It'll be on the RaithTV YouTube channel at 3pm on Saturday.
  6. Here is a (socially distant) interview with John Baird. As it is an extended interview (53 minutes) we will also be putting it out as a podcast soon.
  7. We managed to get some footage of the 09/10 Aberdeen game so here's a highlights package
  8. We’ve managed to get full match footage of the 2010 Quarter Final game vs Dundee that we can use as a replay. It will go up on the RaithTV YouTube channel at 3pm Saturday.
  9. Big thanks to all the supporters who voted and sent in videos. If you missed the awards, you can watch it anytime on the RaithTV youtube channel.
  10. How is it going to work? Is it pre recorded etc We have compiled footage over a number of weeks and brought it together.
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