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  1. One of our volunteers was kindly supplied with a copy of the match footage after the game last night so here is a highlights package...
  2. It’ll still be up tonight. EDIT: Should be up until the end of the week at least.
  3. We've just put up the extended version of the Brian Graham interview (with John Baird surprising him around ten minutes in). Well worth a watch or listen, I thought this was one of the best extended interviews RaithTV has done so far. Also available on Podcast here - https://anchor.fm/raithtv/episodes/Brian-Graham-Interview-with-John-Baird-etm9bd)
  4. Here are this week's highlights...
  5. Anyone interested in tomorrow's stream can purchase it now. Here are the details...
  6. Ayr passed RaithTV match footage after the game, so here is our highlights package
  7. The highlights had Tumilty put it on a plate for Gozie, put a cross in that nearly resulted in an own goal and also a cross that was blocked with a penalty shout. Thought he had a good game personally.
  8. Took a while to convert the footage we got to work with our editing program. Here are the highlights...
  9. Here is an extended version of the Jock McStay interview from last night. RaithTV have done quite a few of these interviews this season (like Colin Cameron, Greig Spence, Grant Anderson, Keith Wright, Craig Brewster, Jason Thomson, etc.) and we hope to get some more in before the season ends.
  10. It is 7pm, also meant to be 7pm for the home game against Inverness next Tuesday.
  11. RaithTV have done home video coverage for a number of seasons for fans outside the UK.
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