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  1. Never been told to omit anything in terms of a decision that I can recall. Try to make the highlights cover the most important moments and in this case that was all we had to work with. Just blowing up the stream feed is too low res and we actually can’t get a copy until a bit after the match anyway. In another scenario, when we are putting a penalty shout that is not given in the highlights it isn’t RaithTV saying this should have been a penalty by putting it in, it’s simply in there for folk to make their own mind up.
  2. No. The highlights are not intentionally biased, and never have been in my time. The cameras behind the goal up the top of the stand only save the the previous 30 seconds or so of footage when we hit a trigger during the stream after a goal goes in. Therefore, the main camera angle was the only saved footage we had.
  3. New extended interview with Jamie MacDonald discussing his career so far - Podcast version here - https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/dAmjm4drOxb
  4. You won’t need subtitles… you can hear a lot of it in the highlights which should be done around lunchtime as it is using the BBC footage without commentary. It is great stuff.
  5. Correct. Meant to be getting footage, which is a league requirement.
  6. Steven had a chat with RaithTV last night. Also available in podcast form - Steven MacDonald Interview by RaithTV (anchor.fm)
  7. EDIT: Can also listen in podcast form if that is preferred - https://anchor.fm/raithtv/episodes/John-Sim-Extended-Interview-e1tcp80
  8. Highlights package using footage supplied by Arbroath FC TV.
  9. It isn’t unusual to provide the service, quite a lot of SPFL clubs provide audio commentary at away games to their subscribers. Arbroath allowed Partick Thistle to do it in September when they visited.
  10. Just been informed there will be no live RaithTV audio tonight, .
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