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  1. Highlights for this week are done and will be up at midnight. See you at Clyde!
  2. The highlights are edited and will be up on the Rovers' website at midnight. We also had the luxury of extra camera angles for all of the goals today. Very entertaining game I thought. See you next week for some chocolately covered wafer action.
  3. Was greeted to a chorus of ‘Die, die, die ya bas**rd’ as he was getting treatment from some away supporters.
  4. https://youtu.be/uKS0C3xuMYI here are this week’s highlights
  5. Our highlights have been edited and will be up at midnight. Got everything crossed for Lewis that he can recover from today's injury. Next week's game is now surely unmissable for any Rovers fan that can make it. Hope to see you there.
  6. Highlights are edited and will be up at midnight. Looking like I might be back behind the camera next week at Forfar so hopefully I'll see a good away crowd there, and enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
  7. It does... they'll be up at midnight 😁
  8. Thanks, one of the guys did a great job in getting our old camera working again and we had a bit more numbers in the camera operator department so decided to put it to good use. Takes a bit longer to edit but will try to offer the extra angles when we can.
  9. Our highlights from today's game will be up on the Rovers' website at midnight.
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