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  1. Robbie Muirhead's Luxurious Left Peg... utterly fuckin hilarious...
  2. Good to see McEntee still with us, but a bit surprised he hasn't put him straight in, given the amount of pace in that Motherwell front line. McLean and Lithgow have been better since Imrie came in, but neither of them are going to win any races.
  3. Suggestion was you'd offered him more... no idea if that's right, but wild if so.
  4. Serious question: does anyone know how much Ayr are paying him for his, eh, services?
  5. Dougie Imrie: 7 points from 3 games. Wee Handsome Gav: 3 goals in 2 games. Let's fuckin go.
  6. It's very much the home team's prerogative: you're staging the game, not us. If I was Ayr's chairman and Morton went public on wanting to shift the game, I'd tell them to go f**k themselves. And we'll never know whether anyone at Morton asked privately about shifting it (I'd guess not, cos people from Greenock are dead polite and respectful).
  7. Home team's prerogative. If Morton were to ask, they'd have to ask privately, otherwise it could be construed as meddling/embarrassing Ayr. Bottom line is that Ayr weren't fussed (and I'm sure compensation plays some role in that), so the game stays where it is.
  8. That would be a perfectly fair point if it was Morton's home game. Morton aren't choosing to lock anyone out here and don't stand to gain financially from a re-schedule. If it had been at Cappielow and they hadn't at least asked Ayr and the SPFL, they would have had to justify their actions to the supporters. As it is, they don't.
  9. Morton won’t be giving a f**k whether it’s Saturday or Monday and Ayr will just take the compensation. Was never going to be moved.
  10. Touch wood, but he generally looked excellent; must be on about his fifth renaissance by now. He seems to be the only one of the central defenders we have who's confident and/or experienced enough to play on the left side; think we might be seeing more of him than we'd have though a few weeks back.
  11. Agree with this. For all we totally battered them, the keeper managed to concede three out of the five goals over his head. Shouldn't happen. Edited to add: watched the highlights again and Fon Williams has my sympathies; he must be looking forward to playing behind the boy Donaldson every week. An utterly howling performance, the kind you don't see most decades; looked like he'd won the shirt in a raffle.
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