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  1. Let’s hope the £14 becomes a standard price for all the games... that’s right on the limit, and charging different prices to different sets of away supporters would be an absolute beamer.
  2. I’ve felt that QoS’s time has come since before the season started; seen nothing since to change that view.
  3. Might be the best chance we get all year actually to predict what team Hopkin will put out... He looks wedded to the three at the back, so: --------------McAdams------------- ---Fjortoft---McLean---McGinty--- Salkeld-Jacobs-McAlister-Strapp --------Nesbitt----McPake--------- ----------------Orsi------------------- Ledger might come into the picture and Orsi did nothing on Saturday to keep his place, but that must be getting pretty close to our strongest line-up. Hope I'm not tempting fate, but McLean already looks more steady this year than he did last year... another year older; maybe the lockdown break was good for him. 1-1.
  4. You know you're in trouble when 'Morton were dealt a huge blow when Robbie Muirhead was sent off' isn't even the daftest part of the article... As said before the game, Dundee have obvious weaknesses, but we weren't good enough to expose them. A point would have been a nicked point... and we'd have been delighted with it.
  5. What standard of player do you think we have or are likely to sign? Definite role to play in this team and could have nicked us a point today.
  6. 'Sarcastic applause' seconds after getting booked... He was murder for 70 minutes until the ref put us all out of our misery; we were actually better after that with 10. As much Hopkin's fault as it is Muirhead's, but we've seen enough.
  7. True, but there was nothing there (or last week) to suggest that Dundee have much hope of getting out of this league... and there's plenty to suggest that Dunfermline, ICT, and Ayr will give them problems.
  8. Header cleared off the line, Fjortoft had another header wide when he should have done better, plus Nesbitt's shot. Salkeld also put a cross on a plate that Orsi and McAlister ignored, McAlister made a mess of a chance from about eight yards, and there were three occasions when anybody but Cameron Blues might have buried it. Plenty of chances for a team that never actually created much. Not saying we deserved anything, because we didn't, but you should have put us away long before the last twenty and didn't really look like doing so.
  9. We were poor, but could easily have nicked a draw, even (or especially) with ten men and not just in the last five minutes. At least three clear chances from the point when McPake decided to shore it up and settle for the 1-0. Not much for either side to be happy about, tbh.
  10. We are very good at defensive heading. Beyond that, Hopkin needs to start making the right choices a bit more consistently. Fjortoft and Salkeld good, too many of the rest invisible. Blues and, increasingly, McAlister getting right on my tits. And imagine Nesbitt having to sit on the bench watching that for an hour... As for Muirhead, pay up half his contract and punt him to Kelty or Queen's Park as soon as possible; never want to see him in a Morton strip again.
  11. McAlister complaining about Salkeld’s cross there a fkn joke...
  12. Hopkin doing a training video for the coaching courses here: 'what shape are they now?' We should really go to a back four in the second half and maybe get Nesbitt and Maciver (and/or Wallace or Omar) on fairly soon. Although if Strapp's on the bench, maybe he's got 45 minutes in him and we can bury the Muirhead experiment forever. Alternative is to think 'och, we're still in this' and leave it... until the second and third go in and confirm a tame defeat.
  13. It’s clearly not that, but it doesn’t matter if we’re going to let you stroll down the right-hand side all day.
  14. McDaid up against Muirhead... long afternoon it is...
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