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  1. Todd would be a great signing for us... so therefore don't expect we'll get him.
  2. Punt three or four of these wage thieves, sign a right-back and a mobile forward. Start Cadden, Nesbitt, and Lyon every week. Finish 5th.
  3. Cadden, Nesbitt, and Lyon all start... if we get beat today, we’ll all just shut up.
  4. Baird looks to me like a decent Championship player, no more than that... ... but then Franco Baresi would struggle in the current Morton defence, so really difficult to be sure.
  5. Supporters should have been told to wait for the outcome of an inspection, which should have been arranged for 11 a.m. We’re basically rubbish at all aspects of this ‘professional football’ lark.
  6. A heaving Cappielow is a beautiful thing... ... wonder when (if?) we’ll see it like that again...
  7. Amusing to see one or two struggling to agree with our Viking brother when he makes an absolutely incontestable point... the general standard of football/player in this league is atrocious. Yesterday merely drew attention to what most folk watching already know.
  8. Out-run, out-fought by a clearly better organised Highland League outfit (just let that sink in), who at times looked happier passing the ball than we did... it would be unbelievable if it wasn’t already totally predictable. Starting Salkeld in front of Nesbitt so we could hit long diagonals to him is straightforward sacking territory... when Nesbitt was on the left or, briefly, off McShug when Cadden came on, I thought we’d eventually win it; buggering that up by then sticking Sutton on was utterly fuckin depresssing to watch. The Great Right-Back Saga continues, this time with Jacobs shunted out there for a total nightmare; guy looked like he wanted to stab somebody by the end... add in Strapp having one of his poorest games for us (that’s not having a go at him... he’s 19 and plays every week... it’ll happen) and you can see why their sensible strategy of congesting the central areas and pressing when it went wide worked perfectly. Oh, and as every single Morton supporter knows by now, Millar and McAlister shouldn’t be starting together (see Jacobs, above). Biggest concern, though, is that the Morton players looked so unbelievably unhappy; sick of their manager already? Worrying times. McShug should have won it at the death, but that would have been a travesty. Brora fully deserved the replay (and could even have nicked the win).
  9. The bold Rudolph’s effort, above, is the P&B equivalent of Corbyn on Brexit... there are ways to miss an open goal, but Jesus may actually have wept...
  10. Some might say that some of the following content shouldn't be on the Morton thread, but I beg to differ... The Gods of Fitba have rammed the bold Raymondo's career right up his ersehole... Taxi for McKinnon... no, really.
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