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  1. Good to see Ross Forbes proving once again that an Actual Football Player can be towing a caravan and still make the difference.
  2. What bit of 'rules in place before the season starts that are the same for every team' don't you like?
  3. We still don't know what division we're in next season, but either way, I think it would be unrealistic to think that we'll see a total clear-out of the squad (no idea, tbh, what will happen with the manager). A number of us have said, quite rightly, that the likes of Nesbitt (to take maybe the most commonly discussed example) has flattered to deceive and should get a 'thanks and goodbye'... along with the vast majority of the other unsigned players. Two problems with that: a. we don't know what any individual player earns; b. we can judge what we see... but there's no way to 'judge' the player we might sign to replace him (see also a. money). If it was a case of 'would you rather player x than Nesbitt', you can make a judgement; but 'bin Nesbitt and see what we get' is too easy. MCT (and whoever is manager) won't be making moral judgements ('he deserves to be punted'), but practical assessments of what we can get. And they'll be doing that to a very tight time-scale. So I'd be looking to retain maybe eight of the current squad immediately after the play-off final, regardless of which way it goes... then trying to sign another eight who are better than what we have (then adding a couple of loans and integrating two or three boys). Easier said than done, of course, if we go down... In addition to Strapp and Lyon (who have signed, although Strapp might disappear), the other six for me would be: McAdams (obvs), Ledger, Fjortoft, Jacobs (c), Nesbitt, McGuffie. I'd pause over Oliver and Colville if we're in League One, but that's it.
  4. Mixture of desperation and taking account of the condition of players/extra-time... he deserves credit for the second part of that: having the courage to pick a team for the latter stages while you're behind in the tie takes some nerve (and desperation...). (Still think a number of the players on the bench weren't 100% fit, btw.) Looking forward to the absolute meltdown when he brings McGinty back in next week... Overall, I think we might see the same pattern again: a more 'predictable' team for the first leg (although Airdrie play a back three...), then two or three held back on the bench for the second leg. The tie overall is even money... but we're still here. [p.s. to say anybody saying McGuffie's goal was a fluke should get a two-week ban. Unacceptable behaviour.]
  5. Aye, cos randomers buying tickets in a public sale is the same as selling your arse to Celtic...
  6. Quite clearly deliberately chipped the keeper (having megged the full-back)... We don’t get much of that (who does?); let us enjoy it...
  7. He didn’t appear completely deranged there... but he basically admitted he’s run out of ideas. Truly desperate stuff.
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