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  1. Is the correct answer... Keeps interest at every level (especially in the middle), no home/away imbalance, and the broadcasters get their precious four The Rangers* v Sellick games (assuming the pair actually earn them)... Have you been on the phone to Mrs Budge yet?
  2. I liked McHugh, although he frustrated more often than he delivered... but he needs his head looked for going there.
  3. Sly Stone, Beach Boys for definite; Belle and Sebastian for maybe.
  4. Saying this not only because you delivered a green dot precisely 1 year and 3 days (is that some kinda record?) after a post about the Pistols, above, but that is spot on; Nirvana were proof that almost nothing was happening in that period, one of the most over-rated bands of all time... [Edited to say I thought at first you were responding to a post on Joni Mitchell... Sex Pistols... Joni Mitchell... aye.]
  5. Encouraged to see that the Thistle lads are taking their relegation so well and that ‘Dele’ definitely isn’t ‘cowering’..
  6. Yeah, but some of those positions are reasonable in the circumstances; others are not. The very least you could expect from the Chief Exec of Hearts at this stage is to keep her fkn mouth firmly shut... dismal behaviour.
  7. If it stops, it will be average points over fixtures completed. Hardly affects our league, which is good.
  8. Plenty on here would love to see this happen and it would be a grand irony if it took a virus to bring it about, as opposed to rational planning... but I can't see it. The interests of clubs as far down the European football food-chain as Hearts, ICT, Ayr, Thistle (not to mention Stranraer or Brechin) will have no bearing on the higher-level decisions taken. And our 'top clubs' will no doubt oppose it out of self-interest in any case.
  9. Denial is not a river in Egypt, ma wee Jaggy-supporting friend. 99% certain the music has stopped and yer doon. There's a far, far bigger picture here than what teams are in what leagues next season. Just accept you've been unfortunate and hope you turn out to be one of the more fortunate in the medium term.
  10. Is this the point at which to acknowledge that MCT has turned out to be an inspired idea, for reasons no one could have anticipated?
  11. Hearts, Thistle, Stranraer, and Brechin are down, barring a miracle. Deal with it. If the football resumes in time for play-offs to go ahead, all well and good; if not, a few other clubs will also have to accept their fate -- good or bad -- when the clock stopped, Deal wi that n'all.
  12. If the table has to stand as it currently is -- which looks more and more likely with each passing day -- that will be as close to a 'just' solution as we can possibly get in the circumstances. Quick glance suggests that's true also for the Premiership, League 1, and League 2.
  13. Still take him... (banishes image of Ramsbottom and McGinty in the same team...).
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