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  1. I’m already exhausted from the shaggin, Baxter old boy... But you enjoy that sweaty right (left?) palm...
  2. That’s more like it... come on, froth it out like the Falkirk lads... We should have a joint Zoom symposium dedicated solely to Duffy v Lennon at Easter Road... as entertaining as Scottish football gets (and maybe the only interesting thing that wee Ludo guy ever posted...).
  3. Genuine respect to diegomarahenry, tirso, git-intae-them, detournement, and stormzy (apologies to anybody I missed) for managing to watch the game surrounded by a gang of absolute fuckin idiots, who still don’t know anything about what they were watching.
  4. I realise this is (allegedly) a politics thread, but there is one important late result:
  5. Thought you’d blocked me, fool? Block me, block me... please fuckin block me.
  6. I’ll offer you a deal: you stop undermining any possibility there might be (remote, I grant you) of you saying anything useful by insisting, over and over again, that the key analytical issue in all of this... is your judgement of Salmond’s motivation/ego/thirst for revenge! ... and I’ll try to get over my initial astonishment that anybody could be so wilfully blind and/or stupid before I reply. Deal? I’ll start... So, having got over my initial astonishment that anybody could be so stupid as to write something like ‘Nicola hasn’t had a chance to respond’, I’ll just say, without any personal abuse, that Sturgeon has been smearing Salmond wall-to-wall since October last year, culminating in that car-crash ‘Covid briefing’ yesterday, when she actually questioned a verdict in a criminal trial (see below in response to P&B’s resident legal expert). Her government has also obstructed the inquiry on over fifty occasions. And the Crown Office waited until she’d left a four-nation Covid meeting early to smear him again on both BBC and ITV before yet another last-ditch attempt to spike his evidence. Witch-hunt! You’re out of your mind, mate... By the way, the ‘Covid briefing’ was what the second of the questions was about... you haven’t answered any of them. Welcome to a gathering crowd of people who won’t admit they don’t have the answers to straightforward questions... but are really good at deflection. As for Stormzy... the fact that a Unionist and, in your words, a ‘raging fantasist’ (which looks just a wee bit like personal abuse to me tbh) is consistently handing you your arse should give you pause for thought. Remember when Unionists used to say to independence supporters ‘it’s a cult’, ‘yer a indoctrinated’, ‘faith over reason’, and independence supporters looked back and thought ‘cute, is that all you’ve got’? Well, you and the Sturgeon loyal are turning that - the pishiest line of attack, ever - into the truth. Just let that sink in, as they say. Aye, and idiots like Alistair Bonnington, Robert Black, Lord Hope, and Roddy Dunlop say idiots like me are, eh, spot on (in slightly more parliamentary language, as you would expect). Imagine the actual Faculty of Advocates having to remind an actual FM about the importance of not undermining the impartiality of juries and courts. Just imagine. Idiots like you, on the other hand, are supported by idiots like Murray Foote. Wonder how he made his name? Granny, granny, granny... which MSPs (mind the apostrophe) do you have in mind? Tom Arthur? Alyn ‘Arsehole’ Smith? Idiots like me know all we need to know for now, thank you very much (although I am very much looking forwarding to knowing more tomorrow and over the next couple of weeks...). Idiots like you should find out something or other or stop posting. £100 charity bet that you won’t, though...
  7. What he said. Come on, there’s still time (at least another season) to disgrace yourselves...
  8. Apologies, I thought you just wanted to talk about boys, toilets, and willies for no apparent reason (I didn’t really; I knew it was just lent deflection). Now you do - or don’t - want to talk about the ‘wrong side of history’. I don’t. Are there actually mods, btw?
  9. Last go at getting this back onto Salmond/Sturgeon.... Three questions for those still defending Sturgeon: 1. Even if we restrict it to the ministerial code (i.e. best case scenario for Sturgeon, no wider conspiracy etc.), has she broken the ministerial code or not? 2. Was her performance at a Covid briefing yesterday, where she openly and explicitly questioned a court verdict, acceptable for any leader of any government? 3. Regardless of what we know or don’t know about events in 2017 and 2018, do you accept that there is clear evidence of a cover-up?
  10. Deflect away. What does that have to do with anything being discussed?
  11. Look, you’ve made yourself very clear: you’ve learned that racism and homophobia are bad; well done. But you really don’t give much of a f**k about (or understand) misogyny... and you’re not alone. The only thing I’ll give you is that you were at least willing to engage.
  12. Don’t like multi-quoting unless everybody’s talking about the same thing, thanks. Glad you think women are making a ‘fairly blatant attempt to claim victim status’. That’s even more misogynist than your first attempt... and the sad thing is you clearly have no idea why.
  13. Hey, at least let the boy deflect for himself...
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