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  1. Aye, my initial comment was a bit shite. Got his position wrong and describing his passing as limited is harsh too. Lawson never became a proper regular for us. He was in and out the team and moved positions. That makes it impossible for a player to fully show what they can do. Of the current squad, McMillan is penalised by this, which makes his strong performances this season all the more impressive. Back to Lawson, similar to Odoffin in that he was definitely good enough for Livi but competition for places ultimately squeezed him out. Should do well for Hamilton.
  2. I think this is correct. I should've put that I was describing how he was most often used at Livi rather than how he's best used. He was always an attacking right back in his career prior to Livi.
  3. If you remember Ramires, the Brazilian who used to play for Chelsea, that's Lawson's best position. So I suppose a "box to box" midfielder but balanced more to the defensive side and where his running is his main asset. Lawson's passing is limited but fine. He dribbles very well. Occasional goal threat from long shots. Defensively good. Can also play full back. Given his running is so important to his effectiveness, his fitness level might be key to how well he can do for you.
  4. Indeed and not just for sentimentality. Successful teams always have a "backbone" of long-serving players in their squad. Pittman and Jacobs are well established as "backbone" members to the Livi squad. Devlin has recently joined them. Sibbald and McMillan are on the cusp of it if they now commit long term. Then I have hopes Penrice can grow into it before long too.
  5. Jacobs could still do a job as back up to Holt, you'd have thought. As for Sibbald, I'm a huge fan. He's the best passer in the squad, he so rarely gives the ball away, his defensive work is solid and he offers a goal threat.
  6. Forrest has taken a risk in rejecting St Johnstone. The arrivals of Chukwuemeka and Nouble have increased the competition he now faces for the left attacker role. He'll need to play regularly and play well in these closing months of the season to get his offers. For his sake and ours, I hope he can.
  7. It has been done twice at Livi matches this season and both times the applause began at a natural break in play and the ref waited until it ended to resume. So I think refs are made aware before the match that it's going to happen.
  8. My guess would be it's at best conjecture given Daily Mail is the only source. Here's Martindale commenting on it, anyway. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/jack-fitzwater-to-newcastle-livingston-boss-has-say-on-speculation-get-their-chequebooks-3540022
  9. Gary Holt kept Livi up in 18/19 when us fans were all expecting a 12th placed finish. The following season he again kept us up despite having lost key players. He finished in the top 6 and oversaw Lyndon Dykes transformation into an international player, which got the club a huge and vital transfer fee. In his third season, though, he felt things were starting to go tits up. Rather than run the risk of contributing to the club's relegation, he resigned *before* things were fucked rather than *after* they had been. His last act there, putting aside personal ego for the good of the club, further consolidated his legend status at Livi. So there's a counter perspective. Yours makes perfect sense too, though, of course. The problem of struggling-manager-who-has-previous-excelled is a very difficult one and doesn't have a universal solution. Case by case as each scenario differs so much.
  10. Forrest is a left inverted winger/inside forward so would be ideal in the 3-4-3/5-4-1 Davidson sometimes plays. I think 5-3-2 is the preference, though, and in that Forrest would play left centre forward. He has sometimes played there for Livi and he'd drift wide left or into the left channel but stay high rather than drop deep. He doesn't do back to goal, link-up play but rather always looks for space to take the ball on the half turn and dribble forward. He'd provide Booth a good outlet. He dribbles, finishes and presses very well. So there's my shitey scout report. If you get him off us this window, he won't fire the team back into form by himself but will definitely contribute to a resurgence.
  11. Guilty. I need to fix that habit. Especially with not being a Twitter user and given the evidence here that BBC's Livi reporting is useless.
  12. BBC also included him in a "pick your out of contract Scottish Premiership XI" interactive article thing they did recently too. Incidentally, Fitzwater, McMillan, Sibbald and Forrest were the other Livi players in it. He has, aye. Here's hoping he has it correct and not BBC!
  13. About Jason "Mascherano" Holt, BBC reported his contract ends this season but others have said end of next season. Anyone here know definitively?
  14. Martindale seems to be more philosophical than most managers about players moving on so if Forrest really wants to go to St Johnstone now, I'd expect it to happen. The key word there, though, is "if" because Forrest might prefer to wait for pre-contract offers at the season's end.
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