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  1. For me, Ambrose excels on the right of a back three so I think he's a good signing. Interesting to read the more critical opinions of him here, though, so maybe I've judged wrongly.
  2. He's been commanding and composed. Good positioning, good aerially, decent distribution. Central midfield is a strong area for the team meaning Omeonga can be phased in over time. He's made two substitute appearances so let's wait until we have a larger sample size before we judge. The midfield was worse without him against Hibs. He's crucial. In his recent substitute appearances, the team has been playing in a stretched 5-3-2 and he's had to make do with low quality, long passes towards him often from the centre backs.
  3. Kelly defends with his arms and not his legs. He has no interest in tackling his opponent, instead just grabbing at their torso constantly and trying to barge into them.
  4. They're definitely both very good players. By "contribute little" I wasn't meaning they're incapable of contribution but rather that they might not get much opportunity to. It's possible the current squad has an over-saturation in both their preferred positions. Most likely I'm spouting crap with this, though, as much more knowledgeable people than me signed them. So good chance their roles will become clearer in time and both will prove important for us.
  5. Could really have done without these two as they look set to contribute little and get in the way of the contracted players. (I hope I'm proven completely wrong on this, of course).
  6. The 11 match unbeaten run from Martindale taking over which began with a win at home to Dundee Utd and ended with a win away to Aberdeen (the next match was a home defeat to St Johnstone). Those are the matches I was considering. Mullin and Forrest did both start as high, wide attacking midfielders for some of it but then Forrest was dropped for a more conservative choice of Holt, Sibbald or Serrano for some of it. A similar thing happened at full back where the very attacking choice of both Serrano and Devlin played initially but Serrano was then replaced by the more conservative Brown or Longridge. So the more attacking selection and the more conservative "lop-sided" one were both utilised. I agree. The midfield trio has played as a flat three. A staggered set up would be better with a central holder behind centre right and centre left midfielders. The wide attackers would then adjust their starting positions deeper.
  7. "We'll support you, home and away". I think that was the wording on the banner unfurled at half time. Just a simple and positive message, I really liked it. It was done right as the Motherwell players ran out and they instinctively all looked over to the Motherwell fans, will've seen the banner and got a wee boost. Motherwell fans joining in the applause for Stephen Carrie too. While none of you will've known who he was, acknowledging his significance to Livi was class. Great away support, haste ye back to the Spaghettihad!
  8. My random idiot's take on current tactics: While complaints about individual player errors in the last few matches all have merit, these are secondary to the main problem which has been the tactics. I don't like the 4-3-3. It gives us an attack-defence balance which tilts us one player too many towards attack. In our winning run last season, we played a lop-sided 4-2-3-1 where the left attacking midfielder (Sibbald or Holt) played deeper and narrower, while the right attacking midfielder (Mullin) pushed up high and wide. This effectively meant two outright attackers. The 4-3-3 we've been playing this season has given us three outright attackers; Anderson, Forrest and a right winger (Bailey for last two matches). We're not good enough to play with this extra attacker compared to last season's set up. So drop the right winger and return to the lop-sided 4-2-3-1 with Forrest as a high, attacking left midfielder and the right midfielder - Shinnie or Sibbald - deeper and narrower. We're expansive in possession with the 4-3-3 and again this doesn't play to our strengths as it shifts our attacking focus down the flanks rather than more central play. In the last three seasons, short passing moves in central areas always involving Pittman or sometimes longer passes to a central target to chase has been our common goal route. Flank play and crossing has featured, of course, but not commonly. The 4-3-3 sees our wingers pin to wide starting positions and spreads out our central midfielders. The wider and deeper starting positions for the central midfielders makes it hard for them to get in the box and attack the crosses which later arrive. The 4-3-3 sees the "number 10" space left vacant, a particular crime for us given Pittman's excellent ability to operate there. Compared to the 4-2-3-1, the 4-3-3 not only causes greater spacing between players when in possession but also when in defensive formation. In the 4-3-3, our midfield trio have been having to run like mad men to plug all the gaps left by the wingers remaining higher. The compact 4-2-3-1 was much more solid defensively as only one wide player was remaining high rather than two. The 4-2-3-1 also gave the option to play an outright destroyer as one of the holding midfield duo (Bartley for the last two seasons) and two holders provide more insurance for the attacking runs of Longridge and especially Devlin. As for the switching to 5-3-2/5-3-1-1 after an hour, this in itself isn't a problem if it suits the match. It can simultaneously give more defensive cover as well as more forward presence. That can be a smart move if the game has become "end to end" with the midfield being bypassed and patient build up being replaced by direct counter attacking. The problem here is player selection not tactics. We commonly switched to a back 5 to see out matches in both the previous two seasons but often Ciaron Brown was the central defender being brought on. Brown was a presser, a stopper-type who attacks the ball. Kelly is the opposite, he exclusively defends by covering, by dropping off. Brown's aggressive positioning meant our back line remained high whereas Kelly's introduction in the last three games have dropped our defensive line back, inviting the opposition onto us. Conlcuding sentence; the 4-3-3 doesn't suit us and a return to the lop-sided 4-2-3-1 of the previous two seasons is needed.
  9. LASK have had strong Europa League showings in the previous 3 seasons and they have a significantly larger budget than St J. This is another brilliant performance (and hopefully result) from St Johnstone.
  10. Why does Kyle McAllister not start? Obviously I've only seen him playing against Livi which is a tiny sample size but he's always impressed me.
  11. It's the same man. He started the financial trouble stuff a couple of months ago using Livi Del Boy as his main sock and he did the Brian Mwila stuff this time using j. domingo sock.
  12. @Livi Del Boy @J.domingo Hope you get ip banned, ya weirdo.
  13. You're the same p***k who made all the sock accounts trying to troll about financial trouble recently.
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