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  1. This is excellent. Literally a shit haircut.
  2. We talking scalp, face, nose, armpit, baw or arse hair?
  3. Is an alice band the plastic thing? No, use a black headband.
  4. Positive words from him about his relationship with Martindale and his new team mates. Good to read that he's here to try and settle long term, so he's got every motivation to make a success of it at Livi.
  5. It was Omeonga, aye. First half, either Devlin would overlap wide of Nouble or Omeonga would run beyond him into an attacking right channel position. Omeonga's not a goal threat but he could provide assists if he gets into those positions. Produced one useful cut back from it today.
  6. Bitsindou, Cancar and Bahamboula all looked up to scratch today, I thought. Does anyone know why Mullin wasn't there today?
  7. He was last playing in Bangladesh where you can see from Youtube clips, he just dawdled about. He looked like a fat dad at 5-a-sides today. Hamilton is first reserve to Anderson currently with Nouble the other option. Isma showed today that he isn't an option yet but hopefully he can get fit in time and become one.
  8. Sure. He used the diminutive of nego, neguinho, to add extra dismissiveness.
  9. I don't think Turkey's main demands were controversial at all. I view Turkey as a menace to its own population (both Turks and Kurds), to northern Syria, to Armenia and to Kurdish emigrant populations in Europe. Sweden have been one of few dissenting voices against Turkey and that dissent will now end.
  10. I was called nego when in Brazil. Well, it was the plural form. I was walking shirtless in a park and the security guard at the entrance told me to put a top on. He addressed me and my partner as "negos". I'm ethnic Scot/Brit, I was with a Euro-Brazilian and the security guard looked mostly Euro with possibly some partial Afro heritage. Nego is a corruption of the word black. I've seen it reported in anglophone media that it's comparable to the US "nigga". That's not a great comparison because there isn't a Portuguese equivalent of the American N-word. Nego didn't come about the way nigga did in US. It's believed it was black Brazilians in Bahia (black-majority region) who began using nego but just in a similar way as the corruption of other words. It's not as a play on an N-word equivalent the way Black Americans have done with nigga. Although Nego/os/as/inho/inha/aõ/etc. are not racist in theory, they definitely can be in practice because Brazil is a racist society where the more African heritage an individual has, the lower down the socio-economic hierarchy they are likely to be. A good example was the trash TV show in recent times "Sexo e as Negas" ("Sex and the black women", a play on Sex in the City). It was for a wealthy, white Brazilian audience to have all their racist and sexist prejudices confirmed that poor black Brazilian women are simple and sex-crazed. So while you get innocuous usage of the word as with my experience of being called it, you also get really nasty racist usage of it when it's a Nelson Piquet-like Brazilian referring to black people.
  11. The type of thing Swedish Kurds can expect to start happening now. https://www.sacc.org.uk/news/2017/edinburgh-kurdish-families-raided-anti-terror-police
  12. Every Turkish demand fully conceded to them. Very disappointing. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jun/28/turkey-lifts-objections-to-finland-and-swedens-nato-bid
  13. Your Nationalism is riddled with racism. That's the point. On "anglophobia"; that term is normally used to describe the postconial sentiments of the Indians, Irish, etc. towards the British. Sentiments based on very valid grievances. That you instead use it as a term for intra-British quarrel is typically insular.
  14. The UK government tried to send a plane of Kurdish and Albanian asylum seekers to Rwanda last week.
  15. Aye, I don't see that link getting many clicks! The video explores a strand to the anglophone far left based in USA but with links to Russia. The Grayzone website's behaviour is highlighted. Especially its campaign against a popular Youtuber, Abigail Thorn, who the Grayzone claim is an MI5 agent. A US grassroots organisation - Centre for Political Innovation - is looked at. It's the official face to a mostly online movement, followers of which often call themselves "Patriotic Socialists". You can see how that name chimes somewhat with National Bolshevism. The anti-Paul McCartney Twitter user above seems to be a follower of this Patriotic Socialists movement. Luminaries of it have travelled to Russia and spoken at conferences alongside Dugin.
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