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  1. How can you choose what subs you want when the game hasn’t even started[emoji23][emoji23], you base subs on the way players are playing during the game and who can have an impact coming off the bench depending on the score line and the type of game it is.
  2. We were better team imo and should’ve won the game but fair play to shankland he’s payed loads for a reason and that’s why, wasn’t in the game at all but scored 2 goals, that’s what good strikers do. Still think we should’ve had a definite penalty when we were 1-0 up but the ref gave a free kick to them for some reason, ref was awful all day. If that’s the best team in the league tho we have nothing to fear playing the rest of the teams.
  3. Morton 0-2 Thistle Alloa 1-2 Arbroath Ayr 2-0 QoS Dundee 4-1 ICT Dunfermline 2-2 Dundee United
  4. Dundee United Inverness Patrick Dunfermline Dundee Ayr Morton Alloa Arbroath Queen of the South
  5. Can’t see any of them being linked tbh. Moffat and Nesbit are both full time and can’t see them taking the step down to part time level. Henderson I personally don’t think is good enough for the championship even tho he has had a terrific season for Edinburgh city and McGuigan signed a new deal with stenny recently so we’d need to pay a fair not of money for him.
  6. Think you’re forgetting a certain bobby linn.
  7. Consistently good, because we are a good team. You need to be a good team to be consistently good. Just a stupid comment from you tbh.
  8. Jamieson Thomson Little TOB Eckersley Thomas Reilly Turner Linn Nesbit McGuigan Probably being a bit biased, but Jamieson just ahead of McCallum for me, he has won so many points for us this season and is such a huge improvement on Hutton from last season. Thomson, little and TOB quite an easy decision, not seen anyone else in the league who I’d have over them and Eckersley has been very good the times he has played against us this season and from the highlights I watch he seems to stand out. Thomas- has been a real standout for Dumbarton this season and is the main reason why they have stayed in the division, would take him at Arbroath next season. Reilly- looks a real good player and is good on the ball, seems to control the midfield every time I watch him live or from the highlights. Turner- has been a major help in Stranraer staying up this season, he has that dig in midfield, can protect the back 4 and do all the dirty work but can also get forward and has chipped in with a few goals this season, we seemed to struggle against Stranraer this season and he’s the main reason why. Linn- Had an amazing season and will hands down win POTY and deservedly so, he’s won so many games for us this season and has took his game to another level, he’s always had it in his locker but has been so consistent this season compared to previous ones. Nesbit- Top goal scorer in the league and the only real positive for Raith this season so far, without him god knows where they’d be, scored a few goals against us this season and always seems a threat. McGuigan- If Stenny stay up this season then he’s been a huge factor in it scoring nearly half of stenny’s goals this season, a huge presence up top and a handful for any defender to deal with, had to put him in there.
  9. We were outstanding today, every single player put in a good shift. Montrose are absolutely terrible, how they are where they are in the table I do not know, can’t remember DJ having to make a save. Great win and set it up perfectly for next weeks title party.
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