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  1. I think “that aged well” is the common parlance used in such situations 👀 🤭
  2. I fully expect a Big Dunc at Everton bounce for the Killie boys now Lord Alex Dyer has the reins for the next few games. What was looking an away cert, is now a home banker 😎
  3. We have a biter, but won’t need a bigger boat. Just a shrimp! 🤣
  4. Well done Rossco, stopping a very long and sustained rot there lads. Lucky you had the bottle merchants in town last night and they just went and Hibsed it, it seems. The honeymoon’s over, Jack Ross’ shagging days are behind him now (pardon the pun)!
  5. Either have Kris Boyd up front or ensure you play Falkirk in the relegation deciding game. Hope that helps. There is a third option. Make sure you play Hibs at Easter Rd right at the end of the season - safe in the knowledge they’ll ‘Hibs it’ as only they can 🤭😜
  6. Apologies mate. Where there’s life there’s hope though!
  7. That’s all accurate but bare stats don’t tell the full picture. We lost 2 goals to Motherwell away after having our only fit centre back red carded in 16 mins and still ran them close. Followed by a 3-0 doing at Pittodrie 3 days later, with no centre backs available. Having Bruce & del Fabro back makes a big difference. Not the paciest two but both read the game very well and get cover from Dicker to let the full backs attack.
  8. Sportsound is just AberdeenWatch & HeartsOpinion in recent years. Richard Gordon has morphed into fanboy when he used to be very good at presenting a range of Scottish football talking points. Miller & Preston are as relevant as Waldorf & Stadler without the humour. Stewart when appearing only has strong opinions on his club, Ferguson to be fair can just about string a coherent sentence together now. Pity it has deteriorated so far with a lack of fresh new pundits from across the spectrum of Scottish football.
  9. I’m confident we’ve got too much for a Saints side who look totally shot of belief. Has TW tried to integrate too many youngsters too quickly and moved away from the template that had you guys as perennial top 6 certs? Or is there something else the cause? You look doomed to be in the bottom 2 or at best 3, all season the way things are going.
  10. How you fluke your way to 3rd over the course of a season you’d need to explain to me. You finish where you deserve in the league, cup competitions are totally different, luck can come into that.
  11. There’s loads of decent young Scottish bands and they done need a video to be played at the end of the show. Just stick up some highlights from lower league football games with the band and song title stuck at bottom of screen.
  12. These Hibbees should be ecstatic we only turned up for the last 20 mins or it could have been a demolition. Imagine we’d played the full 90 like that? Lucky lucky lucky. I cant see any of the bottom 6 competing with us, even while we are short of strikers as one of your less enlightened fans said. Top 6 is more or less set and it’s just jostling for positions now.
  13. Trying too hard and failing. Yer beelin’. “We” seems to be just you m9
  14. Totally Hibsed it. Pleasing 🤣 natural order 🤐
  15. Most solid midfield outside the twisteds, Nico at left back as good as taylor has been for us and two Juve reserves playing every week in a miserly back 4 (plus keeper). Sow is the only weak link in there - but go with your nobodies shout. Robert Louis Stevenson would have a better chance halving Burkey, he’ll no get near him.
  16. Irony, he is a Killie fan therefore a bigot, from Selliks reserve outfit. 😴
  17. No, I didn't think we’d beat the likes of CQN, I thought we would actually beat them at home cos that’s who we were playing! There’s no doubt it was a shocker and set us back for the season ahead, and yet we’ve still been comfortably outperforming you lot in the league for months now and but for a few games we failed to score in where we dominated we’d be third again. And also did last season. What does that say about your mob? No I was on holiday at the time in Croatia. Thanks for asking.
  18. Iconic. Unlike poor Hubs with their cheap & instantly forgettable beer mat crest.
  19. Hibs and Scumdee very alike these days. Their fans think they’re “big clubs”, when in reality they’re yo-yo teams, with little to shout about. Generally play second fiddle in their respective cities, think they have a divine right to beat “the likes of Killie”, and react very badly when regularly put in their place by a wee diddy club like us. Pleasing to see the Rentons living up to type, your Scumdee cus’s will be well jealous of your entitlement. Not long til you swap places though surely?
  20. It’s almost as though some of these Hibbee lads have a special affinity with 5-1 cup finals........ 🥺 Remind us how the “Capital Cup Final” went for you ? 🤐
  21. How many places below us did Edinburgh’s less noteworthy team finish last season? At least Hertz joked about winning the league for a few weeks in September before crashing to mid table mediocrity. Is Jack Ross getting a tune out of the lazy b*****ds jogging about your midfield for the last year pretending they’re top players? We don’t tend to score many or concede many but nobody has an easy game against us so should be a close one. Our 12th man might just shade it for us. Clancy of course
  22. Hibs win a few games against the dross in the league and suddenly think they’ve become relevant again. It’ll be the hope that finally does for them, wee souls. 2-1 to Angelo’s boys with this Doidgey character firmly ensconced in Dario’s hip pocket.
  23. We also have single bed versions available so Gordon Sawers won’t feel left out!
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