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  1. Also worth pointing out that Killie last night were willing to play the game with the 6 positive tests isolating and filling the squad with youths, but it has been taken out football’s hands by the health authorities.
  2. The game had to be postponed and thankfully NHS have stepped in to take the lead. Imagine the fall out if Doncaster and his gang forced it played and next week a whole load of Motherwell & Scotland squad players tested positive? That would be a shambles! There’s a lot more scope for midweek re-arrangements further down the line, other than the two still involved in the Europa league.
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see same back four, midfield 3, the ageless and peerless Burkey wide right, Haunstrop wide left after a good debut & Kabamba running amok up front. Brophy needs to earn his place now. That should see us grind out 1-1 in an entertaining game. PS a wee bit pressure on Rogers to have a confident, mistake-free 90mins.
  4. What’s the reasoning for this being played at 7:45pm since it’s not on Sky and there’s no crowd?
  5. We need competition for him, especially with Findlay only a year from being a free agent.
  6. Only on one occasion though in a match. As soon as the re-run is altered due to prior knowledge, the rest of the game is also altered as it has never happened before. The old Space Time Continuim problem Marty my boy!
  7. She can come up with 100 different proposals, but at least half the Premier teams aren’t going to vote for anything that increases their own chances of relegation in 12 months time. Time to move on and enjoy the ***-lite rasslin about with Queens, Alloa, A*r, and the like.
  8. Guilty of overexposure recently - probably due to our current situation, but also has become too entrenched in his own opinion. As an outsider he has been balanced previously, and seen things from that perspective but has gone off the deep end and ended up as Succulent Tam to many now. He’s not Traynor though yet!
  9. So your argument fails as Killie would have gone through if they’d kept their normal counter attacking style instead of pushing for a goal they didn’t need in the home leg. Or if we looked dumbfounded at the silky Welsh play, then you’re acknowledging they were better than first thought since Sevco have never managed to look silky against us in recent seasons? If Alessio was implementing a culture of beautiful and expansive football, then you definitely never saw Killie during his tenure. If anything he was too defensive with 3 sitting centre mids home or away, and Brophy isolated with no support within 30 yards in most games. The football was brutal to watch 95% of the time. It’s no surprise he’s been so much more effective since Alessio left.
  10. I think “that aged well” is the common parlance used in such situations 👀 🤭
  11. I fully expect a Big Dunc at Everton bounce for the Killie boys now Lord Alex Dyer has the reins for the next few games. What was looking an away cert, is now a home banker 😎
  12. We have a biter, but won’t need a bigger boat. Just a shrimp! 🤣
  13. Well done Rossco, stopping a very long and sustained rot there lads. Lucky you had the bottle merchants in town last night and they just went and Hibsed it, it seems. The honeymoon’s over, Jack Ross’ shagging days are behind him now (pardon the pun)!
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